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September 04, 2003


Mike Benz

What a racket the press would make if these motions were granted by the US District Court! I fervently hope they will be. However, as a lawyer, I know that the odds are slim. Very slim. It's very hard to set aside a judgment after the passage of so much time. In fact, it's nearly impossible. In addition, the issue before the Court will not be abortion itself but the "procedural" question of whether the Court can set aside the original judgments. Although the press is guilty of bias--no question about it--it needs to be considered whether, in this instance, the extremely remote possibility of success isn't also affecting the press' reporting (or lack thereof).


Cano’s legal motion is frivolous and has no chance of being granted. McCorvey’s similar motion was dismissed back in June. If there’s a newsworthy story here, it is simply the fact that these two women have now become pro-lifers, which is ironic but not particularly meaningful in terms of the abortion debate itself. And it’s not true that the media have ignored the story. The McCorvey motion was covered by CBS News and other “liberal” national media.

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