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September 04, 2003



I'm always so sorry when a good product fails. My prime example was the dandy clothing, Blue Fish, scads of happy customers, went belly-up. I'd like to know more about 'cash flow problems.' Wish we could offer more upfront planning resources and do something about apparent naivete among those who apparently skip across the playground and say, Hey Gang, let's start a business.
LP Piccolapesce, attorney

Jane Wangersky

Yes, it's too bad -- *I* like their videos,as well as my kids.

Interesting that Phil Vischer says he thought God wanted them to keep expanding, but realizes now it was just his own idea. It's hard to take the time for discernment when you're working on something you love.

Donald R. McClarey

Another case of Christians in business remembering the phrase "innocent as doves" and forgetting all about the conjoined "wily as serpents".

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