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September 17, 2003



Keep praying. Keep praying. Keep praying.


October 15 is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila. Perhaps we should pray to St. Teresa for Terri's protection. (Perhaps it is also significant that "Terri" is possibly a nickname for Teresa/Theresa, which might be Terri's official name.)


Indeed her name is Theresa.


If They are Intent on Killing Her

Wouldn't it be more humane to just shoot her?

Or would that be too obvious?

julie woolfolk

We recently had to "put down" a dear companion of 17 years. Molly was slowly starving and in pain and we felt we could no longer allow her to suffer in such a way. It was a horrible decision to make, I can't even write about it without weeping…I miss her so much, but in the end the it was the humane one.

For the last few days every few hours I’ve taken a syringe full of pedialyte and squirted it into the mouth of two ungrateful, but sick kitties, who would become dehydrated and die. I would hate for that to happen as I have become very fond of said ungrateful animals and it would not be a kind death. Nor would it be humane since I know what to do to stop it from happening.

Most folks treat their pets better then those who are willing to allow this woman to STARVE. I just cannot fathom how one can consider her life so worthless that they would deny her the things one would be willing to give a pet. Since legally a fast and painless death is not allowed it would seem the only course left is to continue to make sure she lives and maybe even get better. Silly me.

I have to admit that I am just depressed this morning to read that the Judge is still ordering Terri’s feeding tube removed. I want to physically go down there and stop them. I’m so angry about all the wasted years without therapy. I feel helpless, but I know we are not. I’ll pray. Pray to St. Theresa, who is my patron Saint, and hope that others will do the same.


If this doesn't demonstrate how immoral removing nutrition and hydration is, I don't know what will--they won't even let them attempt to let her eat on her own! Clearly the intent is to mitigate pain, or "burden" through death, not through the removal of treatment.

BTW PVS is always a crock. When did people get a "vegetative soul?"

ita o'byrne

Poor Teri. I can't believe so many people are being complicit in her MURDER (for I feel it is one). Has this judge, any of the lawyers, or the health care professionals any consicence? Do they see what they're doing to this woman which is so obvious to (most) everyone else? What about the Florida newspapers and TV stations. Why do they seem to be AWOL on this? There's nothing like bad publicity in the right paper to get weasley politicians interested.

Fr. Rob Johansen

I think, if further legal efforts fail, that Civil Disobedience may be the only course left.

I comment on this and make some suggestions on my own blog,

Fr. Rob Johansen

Sorry, don't know what happend in my previous post.

My blog is ThrownBack.

Donald R. Mcclarey

Too bad the poor woman isn't a convicted murderer sentenced to death, then the court would have been much more protective of her right to life.

Rebecca Hardy

Spoon feeding should be allowed. and if she can eat she can live without this tube. It should be taken to the highest court to have spoon feeding allowed. Then with therapy maybe her life will be meanful enough for others to see this for what it is. Legalized murder. Any out there that can help this family please come to their assisstance.

He wants to let her go and he can do it without killing her. Does he proffit from her death? He should look inside himself and ask why. Is this what's best for him or her?


i need a soul mate
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Juan Schoch

Key: ,. = etc.

The Terri Schindler Life Ribbon Campaign acts as a beacon pointing to Terri's plight. It also acts as lighthouse and gateway to others who already Realize and stand as Witness to Terri's inherent right to life and rehabilitation,. It is apparent that Michael Schiavo, George Felos, Deborah Bushnell and Co. must be bound by laws in order to be forced out of Terri's life. Let us continue to spread the word and take actions,. for Terri.

Juan Schoch
e-mail: pc93@bellsouth.net

Help Us Protect And Ensure Life
And Liberty For Terri Schindler!
Become a Life Ribbon Site

You are encouraged to place a Life Ribbon Campaign banner on your servers and web pages to support/participate in the campaign described on this page at


Questions to: pc93@bellsouth.net

Also looking for co-ordinators for Terri Life Ribbon Meet-ups in their particular states.

Juan Schoch

Please sign and if you have others who would care to sign please forward to them.

What we are asking for here is a geometrical progression.

Send to 10 or more caring people in your circle of friends who will do the same and so on.


Carefully read the Florida Bar petition online before signing, requesting the Florida Bar bring described formal action involving attorneys George Felos and Deborah Bushnell, for reasons described in the petition.

FLORIDIANS AND NON-FLORIDIANS accepted. This is going straight to the Florida Bar. Count is around 131 at this time. Please send this to as many caring individuals as you can with the message to others to take the same actions.



You can view the police report, concluded May 14, 2004 here: http://zimp.org/pr/. By clicking the thumbnails, you can view a full-size scan of each page. Additionally, you can download the entire package for offline viewing (requires Winzip) here: http://zimp.org/pr/pr.zip.

The above report not only indicates that absolutely nothing suspicious was found as the result of this exhaustive investigation, but also that the 'marks' and 'needle cap' (which turned out to part of an irrigation kit) were found PRIOR to Terri's parents visiting that day.

Additionally, I encourage you to read the press release issued by Mr. Felos the night of the alleged incident here: http://zimp.org/documents/felospr032904.pdf in which he states that a forensic team was investigating the matter. In speaking personally with the Clearwater Police Department, I have learned that they don't even have a forensic team.

Be creative, do take action.

\"Petition for State protective custody for Terri\" (please get the petition information out to as many peoples as possible)

\"Saving Terri Schiavo\"

Laws being broken:

Connect the Dots ... for Terri



From Bobby Schindler (Terri's brother)in response to
Michael Masinter on disability-civil-rights yahoo

>"On February 25, 1990, . . . Theresa, age 27, suffered a cardiac arrest as
>a result of a potassium imbalance. Michael called 911, and Theresa was
>rushed to the hospital. She never regained consciousness.

Juan, the Appellate judges got it wrong right from the get go. It was
never proven Terri had a cardiac arrest because of a potassium imbalance,
and also, Michael ONLY called 911 after my father instructed him to. Michael
called my father first to tell him that Terri collapsed. I guess it wasn't
important for the judges to mention that Michael knew CPR but didn't use it
on Terri that night.

>Since 1990, Theresa has lived in nursing homes with constant care. She is
>fed and hydrated by tubes. The staff changes her diapers regularly. She
>has had numerous health problems, but none have been life threatening.

Funny how they forgot to mention that there was a health problem that WAS
life threatening, when Michael instructed his doctor in 1993 not to treat
Terri for an infection she had that would have resulted in her death -- by
sepsis. And it's incredible that it is hardly ever mentioned that Michael
would have collected over 700 hundred thousand dollars, if he would have
succeeded to kill Terri back then. But I guess that wasn't important.
Amazing how everyone just glosses over this fact.

>Over the span of this last decade, Theresa's brain has deteriorated because
>of the lack of oxygen it suffered at the time of the heart attack.

Terri DID NOT have a heart attack. This has been proven over and over again,
but just like so much in this case, it keeps on being ignored.

>By mid 1996, the CAT scans of her brain showed a severely abnormal
>structure. At this point, much of her cerebral cortex is simply gone and
>has been replaced by cerebral spinal fluid.

Again, something that continually is ignored is Dr. Maxfield's testimony
is completely contrary to this, as well as a dozen doctors that have all
stated that Terri can be helped if given the chance. Do any of these people
read the testimony of the doctors that testified regarding Terri's chances
to improve? Why do they only want to hear from one side in this case, and
refuse to accept the fact that there are more doctors that say Terri can
improve than doctors that say she can't.

>Medicine cannot cure this condition. Unless an act of God, a true miracle,
>were to recreate her brain, Theresa will always remain in an unconscious,
>reflexive state, totally dependent upon others to feed her and care for her

>private needs."

To have the audacity to mention God. Once again, I will repeat myself, why
do they only want to hear from one side in this case, and as far as the
judges saying that Terri will be totally dependent upon others to care for
her the rest of her life -- I say emphatically -- so what! That is what her
family is here for and has been asking -- no, begging -- to do since 1990.
Incredibly, the judges use this as the REASON why we should kill Terri,
because she is dependent on others. This absolutely makes me sick.

>"Although the physicians are not in complete agreement concerning the
>extent of Mrs. Schiavo's brain damage, they all agree that the brain scans
>show extensive permanent damage to her brain. The only debate between the
>doctors is whether she has a small amount of isolated living tissue in her
>cerebral cortex or whether she has no living tissue in her cerebral

I repeat myself, shouldn't this be an argument on reasons why we should let
those that love her take care of her, NOT to simply starve my sister to
death because she has become an inconvenience in the eyes of her husband and
a few arrogant judges.

Terri is not a problem, she is a person, and she is my family, our family.


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