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October 24, 2003


Trish J

As someone who was a member of another Marist parish for 13 years, and who has met Fr. Steik, I am so glad to read of this meeting. His healing words and actions should be a lesson to Catholic leaders and their lawyers if they think that victims are only after money and lots of it.

Paul Pfaffenberger

This approach would have worked in my sister's case and for probably 90% of the hundreds of victims I've spoken with. A sincere and heartfelt apology with some restitution, offered freely, graciously and expiditiously, is the right way to go.

If a victim has already been to the church and been shunned, its too late. Turning away victims, rejecting and discrediting them in their time of greatest need is, IMHO, the greatest failure of the church in this mess. Thank God for those who respond first with compassion, and pray for more of them.

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