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October 20, 2003



The Orlando 10 pm news briefly mentioned that James King is trying to get permission for the governor to restore Terri's feeding tube....her husband is against it....


The house voted 68 to 32 to replace the tube!
Orlando News 10:30pm! Photo of Terri shown.


Link to the legislative news story:



Can we call it food and water, not nutrition and hydration?

Can we call it dying of thirst, which is what it is?


Steve, to do so would also be misleading. I would guess with near certainty that Terri is not being given "food and water" as you and I understand that term. She is being given medical preparations that are approved by the FDA and that would make you and me gag if we ingested them through our mouths. I just don't think it's right to obfuscate. Clearly, Terry has serious medical needs, even if she is not in danger of imminent death.

Robin Rau

Are you serious, Barbara? "Obfuscating"? No one is confused that maybe Terri should be getting cheeseburgers and Perrier. Steve's point is that, regardless of what it "looks" like or tastes like (baby food, fast food, IV slush, or 4-star entree), Terri is being deprived of FOOD & WATER: the basic sustenance of life.

If hubby Mikey were allowed to put a plastic bag over her head, you might technically want to call it "oxygen deprivation" but normal folks would just say she was being deprived of AIR. Same freakin' difference, from a moral standpoint.

If there is any obfuscation going on, it's in the haughty use of sterile, medico-jargon words like "nutrition and hydration." Sounds so clinical, so ooh-the-experts-are-in-charge-and-THEY-wouldn't-do-anything-wrong, doesn't it?

Beware of euphemisms, ESPECIALLY when life issues are involved. The Culture of Death just loves them (see, e.g., "pro-choice").



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