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October 14, 2003


Kevin Miller

Above all, I think, one needs to pray, for her and her family, and for America.

Fr. Rob Johansen

Not only is Terri Schiavo going to be put to death, but she's being refused pastoral care of a priest. That's even more monstrous. As a priest I can't imagine standing for that. I say it's time for civil disobedience, as I've mentioned on my blog.

I wish I lived in Florida, and could do something more tangible about this. We must pray.

Mark Shea

If men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?


Good points all, esp. Mark. Up until now, I'm not sure I'd ever really seen hardness of heart, but to refuse a dying woman pastoral care is very revealing. Death row inmates are allowed pastoral care up to the very last moment, this is barbaric. What a cross for her family. My prayers continue for them all. I especially pray right now for the intercession of Mother Teresa to warm the heart of Terri's husband that he stop this action. And for us all, mercy from our Lord!!!


I am praying that God, the God of healing, will some how, some way, give Terri the ability to swallow and save her own life.

I am also praying that God, the God of mercy, will have mercy on Terri and spare her life.

That God, the God of foregiveness, will forgive those in this case that have absolutely no idea what they are doing or the precedent this case will set.

and that lastly God, the God of justice, will give it to those of us who have seen this case for what is and have been repeatedly denied even the smallest crumbs of justice from our so-called "justice system."

Romans 12:19
Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,"[ 12:19 Deut. 32:35] says the Lord.

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness. for they shall be filled"


This is absolute insanity--and monstrous, as another commenter said. What kind of men (I think the judges have been men, as well as the evil husband, his lawyers and hired guns) can these be who pursue her death as if it is like any other case where they could turn out to be wrong? They cannot revisit a wrong decision here! There is no second chance! What has happened to judicial prudence in such weighty matters? There is so much room for error in this case--you could drive a truck through it--why not weigh in on the side of life and mercy, for goodness sake? I think of the recent readings a couple of Sundays ago in which Jesus told the Pharisees that Moses PERMITTED divorce because some men were so darned hard-hearted about it all. A divorce document was some sort of protection to the wife in such an instance. The heart of this husband is so cold and hardened that he even refuses pastoral care for this woman...can't let no miracle accidentally occur from the visit of a priest, I guess. This would seem to be a civil rights violation, I'd think, too.

Thank goodness some folks are physically present with her family to protest and hold them as they cry--they must be in tears today! A miracle is needed now more than ever. O please St. Teresa of Avila and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, intercede on behalf of this helpless woman and those who love her and have valiantly fought for her life!

ita o'byrne

The press has already picked a side - even on Hannity & Colmes last night Hannity (who should know better) didn't ask about Schiavo's present girlfriend or the children they have together. They just let the Shiavo's mouthpiece lawyer do the talking which they also did on MSNBC this morning repeating according to Shiavo's shyster that Terri's "in a vegatative state and all the best medical authorities agree" and that Terri wants this (although they only have the so-called husband's word on this). Then the unctuous MSNBC anchors announced a poll "Is Mercy Killing Wrong?" as if this was a mercy killing (for Terri's benefit of course) instead of outright slow and painful murder.

The poor woman. This whole things makes me ill. I pray for her soul. I still can't believe so many people are so callous and want this woman dead? Except for Schiavo and his lawyer whats in it for the rest of them? We are indeed living (as the Pope says) in a "culture of death".


This may sound strange, but it's not as much that she will die that bothers me. It's that she will be allowed to slowly starve to death. How can people be so cruel?

I saw her family on TV this morning. They said that they have been barred from seeing her. Their daughter is about to be left for dead and they cannot even visit.


"I saw her family on TV this morning. They said that they have been barred from seeing her. Their daughter is about to be left for dead and they cannot even visit."

The inhumanity is staggering. A rosary today for this woman, her courageous and loving family - and her husband who needs it most of all. I don't know how he can live with himself and I don't know how any woman can live with him, knowing exactly what he is.


They won't let the family see her!!!!!!!!

I'm just not going to comment on that, 'cause I'll just be nasty if I do.



Lynne Doyle on CN8 (Phila.) has presented two hour-long discussions devoted to Terri Schiavo's case - the first a few weeks ago, the second last night. Interviewed Terri's brother and the brother of Michael Schiavo as well as lawyers debating both sides. It disgusts me and makes me sick at heart that there is ANY debate necessary at all. I fear our justice system - when it comes to an innocent life, the usual outcome is in favor of death. Years ago in New Jersey, I remember when Karen Ann Quinlan's parents successfully sued to have their comatose daughter's ventilator removed - great debate at that time. Karen to the surprise of everyone, breathed on her own for another 8 or 9 years before she died. She was never denied sustenance. In contrast to Terri Schiavo, she was not responsive to stimuli AT ALL. How far down into the depths of depravity can a so- called civilized nation go? Ultimately, Terri is safe in God's Hands - His Will be done in all things. The rest of us had better make sure we trust in the good moral judgment of whoever might need to make medical decisions on our behalf.

Julie W in AR

I'm with you Amy, I can't really belive something like this is happening. It just does not seem real. But from what I've been reading this type of death happens a lot....to think I once supported "mercy killing"...God forgive me.

I spent my Holy Hour last night praying for Terry and her family...it seems from the reports of the various news stories/commentaries I should have also prayed for our Country.

Marilyn Heller

Please, please everybody call Bishop Lynch's office in St. Petersburg at 727-344-1611. They will put you through to a lovely woman in the communications office who says she will convey the messages to the bishop. Bishop Lynch needs to go down to the hospice and make a clear and visible stand against this horrific action.

Also, you can call the apostolic nuncio at 202-333-7121. The phone will ring for a while, then you will be able to leave a message for the nuncio. The Church leadership needs to speak out strongly and clearly.


What kind of people have we become? Are we really a nation with such a deep-rooted death-wish that we could allow this? I will go to Mass today to pray that my fears are unfounded and that Terry, her family and all of us are spared.


I share the horror of everyone here regarding what is happening to Terri Schiavo, and I am praying for a miracle.

I do, however, want to correct one fact. The husband's lawyer said this morning on TV that the parents could visit, provided that they were in the presence of someone representing the husband. He said that the parents had visited with Terri alone yesterday, had made a videotape of her, and had shared it with the media in violation of a court order, and that therefore, someone would have to be present with them when they visited Terri in the future. I persoanly don't see anything wrong with what the parents did, but the story is a little more complicated than the parents suggested.


God in heaven!

I'm ringing the bell in my parts as best I can (emailing friends and family, my blog www.xanga.com/rocketagent , calling the FL Governor, etc.). I'm from Florida, but now I'm in Taiwan teaching. I'm with you Father Rob: If only I could do something tangible too! I feel sick and enraged at the same time. It's so disgusting. The only antidote is fasting and prayer.

God in heaven! Miserere!


My pre-conversion reaction to the Pope calling ours a culture of death was that it was overdramatic.

No more. His phrase rings more true every day.


I'm still in shock. My sensibilities told me that somone would have intervened weeks ago in this. I never imagined that in our society we would be even this close to the zero hour. But again...

Gregg the obscure

What's going on with Terri is unspeakably tragic. This is an inevitable development both of popular ideas regarding the disabled and of our society's treatment of the very young and the very old.

I pray that Michael realizes the seriousness of what he's doing before it's too late.



I think you are mistaken about Hannity on Hannity and Combs. I watched that last night and I thought Hannity did a good job of trying to nail Attorney Felos on the accusation by Mr. Schindler that Terri's husband beat and/or choked her into this condition in the first place. He also tried to nail him on the medical records being sealed for 10 years and Felos never really responded to that. Hannity has also been talking about this case on his radio program, one of the few who is.


c matt

Off the court website (www.jud6.org), their email is courts@jud6.org (can't verify beyond that)

Can't hurt to let them know what you think - elected judges are very susceptible to public pressure.


Amy et al,

Have a look at James 2:14-26. Then you can stop commenting, examine your collective consciences, and realize that talking and begging are a waste of time here. Talk isn't works...

If my daughter was to be killed by her husband via 'Pilate', I'd soon be a fugitive with her in Costa Rica with a boatload of medical supplies funded by the liquidation of my cozy suburban home.

The Schiavos want it both ways. They want the 401K and house and car and their daughter. Sometimes, you have to choose...

Gregg the obscure

Ian, as heroic as it sounds for Terri's family to abduct her and care for her themselves, it probably isn't even possible at this point. You'd do as well asking Batman to coerce Michael Schiavo into doing the right thing.


Ian - pretty presumptuous of you isn't it. Get off your high horse and on your knees. Pray for your sister-in-Christ Terri.

Rod Dreher

Somebody tell Bishop Lynch there's a hunky triathlete down at the hospital. That'll get him off his episcopal duff.

Sorry to be so nasty, but this is agonizing. Fr. Rob Johansen, on his blog, is suggesting civil disobedience, particularly re: giving pastoral care to the dying woman. I told him I'm willing to donate $100 if he wants to fly down and do what he can. Anybody have any similar ideas?


Rod - count me in on $100. You have my e-mail address. If you can pull it together, I will donate.


Even a non-Christian (Jefferson) knew the words for this occasion: "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that his justice cannot sleep forever."


Reply I just received from Gov. Bush's office after sending two e-mails:

"Thank you for writing to Governor Bush and expressing interest in the
well-being of Terri Schindler Schiavo. He has asked me to respond on his
behalf. The Governor is very concerned about Terri, and his thoughts and
prayers are with the Schindler family.

The Governor, more than any other state official, has a responsibility to
ensure that the laws be faithfully executed and to give a voice to the
citizens of the state. It is because of these dual responsibilities that
the Governor felt compelled to write a letter to the circuit court judge
expressing an opinion on this difficult matter and to file an amicus brief
to accompany the Schindlers' federal lawsuit. The Governor is disappointed
by the decisions made by the state and federal courts in these cases.

However, the Florida Constitution prevents the Governor from acting further.
Florida law gives the courts, not the Governor, authority over
guardianships. For that reason, despite his great concern for Terri's life,
the Governor has no power to intervene further.

Thank you again for writing."

I can't understand why the husband isn't being brought back to court on charges of contempt since he was only awarded the big bucks after promising they would be used solely for Terri's rehab which she has not received. It appears (which the court has a responsibility to look in to) that the husband's lawyers have been paid off with these funds. Reading also that there may be a motion for a divorce due to this guy's adultery.

Don't fall down and bump your head at Disney World...you may not get out of Florida alive.


Rod -- if Fr. Rob or someone else will go, I'm in for $100.


I did just find this from AP re: Terri's parents' meeting with Gov. Bush:

"But Wednesday morning, the couple met with the governor, and he said afterward that he has ordered his legal team to try to find a way to intervene in the case. He had already filed court papers siding with the parents but not formally intervening.

"We are going to seek whatever legal alternatives are available and seek the best minds to find another avenue to submit to the courts," Bush said at an appearance in Dover."

Mark Shea


Count me in for $100.


BTW, this is "Respect Life" month for us Catholics.


They've started killing her.



Julie W in AR

I've been watching CNN/Fox/MSNBC today and I'm amazed how much time has been spent talking about the Kobe Bryant case (it never ends) and the Cruse of the Cubs fan (not that this is not an important story since it has replaced the very serious Goat Curse) compared to a living human being slowly being starved to death in Florida. You'd think the story would be grusome enough for the media outlets to want to cover minute by minute.

Of course there has also been tons of stories about the Pope too, good but I was just informed that only 14% of American Catholics follow the Pope's leadership on moral issues. Sheesh...no wonder Terry's life is being sacrificed to the Culture of Death.

c matt

How come he's not in jail "since he was only awarded the big bucks after promising they would be used solely for Terri's rehab which she has not received."

First - I am totally appalled at that scumbag for what he's doing, but, from a legal point of view, he has not broken any court order based on what I've heard so far. He may have argued to a jury that he needed $X for future care and it may have been awarded to him based upon that evidence. But once awarded, the money can be used as he sees fit unless it was placed in a trust or another guardian appointed. I would argue that the money is essentially in a constructive trust for Terri, and if this is not averted, as her parents I would sue her husband for breach of fiduciary responsiblities. I'm not familiar with Florida's laws, but in Texas, that sob would get strung up by a jury.


The St. Pete Times, in the same edition in which it tells of the feeding tube being removed, has an article about how a bunch of people moved heaven and earth to rescue a kitten from an electrical box.

Gregg the obscure

Rod - If Mark Shea can put up $100, I certainly can too. Mark - no offense meant.


I would like to know...."WHERE IS THE BISHOP?" Anybody know?

Brian Lester

Looks like this group is generous enough to get Fr. Rob his plane ticket, but I wonder if his bishop might frown on him leaving the parish for several days with a few hours notice? Just a thought.

I echo Marilyn. Bishop Lynch should have a physical presence at the hospice and the faithful of his diocese to join him. He should seek a meeting with Mr. Schiavo and his attorneys. He should intercede on behalf of Msgr. Milanowski to be able to see her. He should offer his own pastoral care to Terri if Msgr continues to be barred. He should get all their refusals and belligerence on tape.

He should do SOMETHING other than boast of a rather weak position paper calling for "restraint" that is now over a month old.

Sandra Miesel

You expect a bishop to do something that might draw frowns from Important People? Something that might expose him to media criticism? We could also chip in to send Bishop Lynch a basin , pitcher, and towel, so he can wash his hands of the matter in traditional style.

John McG

This comment thread is more proof that there is no problem too large or too small for which Catholics can't band together and blame the bishops.

Listen, I think Bishop Lynch ought to be doing more, too, but this is problem is the secular world. And whose job is it to witness and proclaim the Gospel to the secular world? That's right, the laity's! That means me. And most of you.

We have failed to adequately witness to the value of life, and we have failed to become and elect civic leaders who will defend it.

Admitting this isn't as fun as making snide comments about bishops and triathletes, but I don't think now is the time for fun.

I think it's a time to first, pray for Teri and her family, to act for her if we're in a position to do so, and to look deep inside us to think about what we can do to turn the tide against the culture of death.

Or we can sit around and complain and wait for the bishops. I think we have more important work to do.


This may sound strange, but it's not as much that she will die that bothers me. It's that she will be allowed to slowly starve to death. How can people be so cruel?

If it matters, she will die of a potassium imbalance caused by dehydration within a couple of days, if not sooner.


Michael Schiavo will not let her parents sign a release and take her because they can't sign a pardon for attempted murder. And if Terri ever revived to the point where she could say what happened, that is probably what he would face. So he has to follow through with the murder; what other explanation could there be?

At one time I really thought O.J. Simpson was a low point in American justice. How naive of me. Despicable. There are no words.


Tell me where to send a $100 to Fr. Rob if he can go.


Terri was off the feeding tube once before for 60 hours until the courts rescued her then. I'm afraid it will be a long cruel death rather than anything short as some might assume. I had to fight to keep the feeding tube in my mother when she was unable to swallow. Her mouth dried up and without some constant dabbing of moisture and care she would have had no hydration and she longed for a drink. Really pitiful. Such separation from suffering we have today in our nursing care. Where are the nurses, good women, protesting what they KNOW will put this person in misery?? They see it more than the doctors who would rather rely on wishful thinking. Padre Pio please guard Terri with the same compassion you had when you started the hospital at San Giovanni's.


John McG,
I understand what you're saying, but you know what? There are a lot of us down in the trenches doing the work of getting the message out about the culture of life and working very hard against the culture of death in this country. It would just be nice once in a while to have the bishops stick their necks out. I worked on a case in New York where a different Bishop Lynch, Bishop George Lynch was arrested for praying the Rosary outside an abortion clinic in Westchester County. This Bishop Lynch was over 80 years old and was arrested and put into jail. Thank God for shepherds like him. He was arrested along with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and a young Friar of the Renewal. Many lay people pray and witness every day outside of abortion clinics in the New York City area and throughout the country. Many lawyers work pro bono on cases defending people who get arrested for speaking out or providing a witness to the truth. However, when a bishop does not take a strong stand, especially in a case as vile as the one in St. Petersburg, it is discouraging. The courageous witness of one bishop in a case as controversial as this would provide an incredible impact to the public, the media and the secular world.


I'll book Fr. Rob an e-ticket immediately if he can go, no need to take time for a collection. Is he available/did he volunteer? From what airport, to what airport, what departure and arrival dates/windows, and what e-mail address for confirmation? e-mail zippy507[delete this part no spam]@aol.com

If its already done the other way, where to send my c-note?

John McG

I may have been projecting a bit, since I know I do not do enough. There are many who have emptied their hearts and wallets and time to defend life, and I salute them. I am ashamed that I am not one of them.

It's discouraging to me when faced with an injustice of this magnitude, people think the best thing to do is to complain about their bishops.

Maybe it shouldn't be so discouraging. Maybe it's a sign that people do still respect their bishops and look to them for leadership.

I guess my point is: what would be more meaningful -- for Bishop Lynch to show up at the hospice, or for thousands of lay Catholics to show up at the hospice and pray? Which would be the more effective witness? Which would generate more attention from the secular media?

I realize these two things are not mutually exclusive, and indeed, one may lead to the other.

But we in the laity have an important mission as well, and cases like this demonstrate that we're doing a lousy job of it. Stronger leadership from the bishops would be helpful, but is not neccesary.

Mark Shea

Fr. Rob has blogged on this. He's game for the trip, but has to do a couple of things, including clear it with his bishop. I will blog more on CAEI, when I hear more.


The divorce is a good idea. I'm not a lawyer, but is it possible that all they have to do is get SOME judge to say yes, not a particular judge in a particular jurisdiction? This is a quickie Vegas divorce that all Catholics can get behind!

Sandra Miesel

Looking ahead to end game, a man who would deny Terri pastoral care is also capable of denying her a Catholic funeral. With ashes scattered after a quick cremation, the grieving parents wouldn't even get a grave to mourn over. Or maybe he'll be have the funeral but deny the parents entry. I don't think I'm being too far-fetched in these scenarios.


abt the pastoral care question:

She's not allowed any pastoral care by any priest under any circumstances? Or she's not allowed visits from one particular priest? Or she's not allowed visits from that one particular priest w/o someone there to keep an eye on him?

I'm not defending the restrictions, I'm just trying to get clear on what they are.

Rod Dreher

I'll go over to Fr. Rob's blog and see if he's going to be able to go. Zippy, if you can book the ticket, Fr. Rob will still need money to cover his expenses while he's down there. I'm still willing to donate my $100. I think we've got at least $400 pledged on this little thread alone. Let's watch this closely, and see if he's willing to accept the money, and where we should send our checks. As far as I'm concerned, anything he doesn't use on his trip can be donated to the Church -- as long as it's not in Lynch's diocese.


Yep, at this point just waiting to hear from Fr. Rob, have already exchanged e-mail with him on it. It looks like financial support isn't likely to be a problem; if Fr. Rob can't go is there another priest in the house that can attempt to take the sacraments and pastoral care to Terri, and lobby for more help from the locals to keep Terri from being Lynched?


Ah, just saw the update over there, Terri's priest has been let back in apparently. Maybe we can channel funds into a commando mission. Where are those boys who rescued Jessica Lynch?


100 from me too. Please e-mail me at kathleen.a.jerabek@saic.com if I need to send funds. I can have them deducted directly from my checking account.


Today I heard that song, "I'm proud to be an American because at least I know I'm free." Wow! It hit me.....we are no longer free! And right now, with what our legal system is allowing to happen to Terri, I'm not proud to be an American either! But, I am proud to be a Christian! We Christians must pray our hearts our because evil has invaded our Country! Let's please pray for our Country to once again embrace Christianity, and for a miracle for poor Terri!


How can this happen? May the Holy Spirit triumph over the culture of death in Florida. I pray that Terri will have her parents and a priest with her. Even people on death row are allowed that.

God bless you, Fr Rob, for being willing to go to Florida to offer pastoral care. My prayers are with you. Why won't one of Florida' bishops or priests insist on visiting her?

Lord, please be with Terri and her family; deliver us from evil.


The judges of this world are merciless, I cry out now to the One Judge who cares and whose mercy endures forever. Please let Terri rise up completely healed. Let her be a voice for life in this nation. Let her declare "I did know everything that was happening" And let her disclose the circumstances around her mysterious injury. I ask You Lord to appoint righteous men and women to our nations leadership and remove evryone who sides with evil.




I listened to Alex Jones today on alternative radio. He is a wonderful Christian Patriot from here in Austin, Texas. His radio station is heard by millions of people. Terri was the topic, again, today. It is my understanding that when she heard what was going to happen to her, she struggled to get out of her wheelchair. She is now strapped to her bed with only her Mother-in-Law in her room to watch her painfully die. I have been praying for this sweet girl and crying about this since I first heard about her. I volunteer at Nursing Homes and pray with and over people who are a lot worse off than Terri. There is a lot of hope for her - if it is not too late. I think her husband should be arrested. I think he knows he's guilty as sin and wants to be sure no one finds the truth out. GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH!!! ...and I realize revenge is HIS. I am just experiencing righteous anger. I wish I lived there so I could comfort her family and do whatever I could do physically to assist. I will continue to pray. I have sent notes to many friends and family asking they do the same. Please follow suit. The more prayers going up to God, the better. This is definitely not a good sign for our Country. May God have Mercy on us.


This is how they killed St. Maximilian Kolbe.


I would like to see the full story of what happened to this young woman, that left her in the state she is in. I read some question of abuse on her husband's part. And the fact that the insurance money was left in his hands to distibute towards medical care. Then mention that it had not been used towards that. Why hasn't anyone investigated into possible neglect and her not recieving any rehabilitive care. Aren't there adult protection agencies for the disabled? Why is her family left out in the dark where her care is concerned. The fact that her husband won't let the family make any decisions about the daughter that they love so deeply, makes me wonder. After having the burden of her responsibility on his shoulders for all these years, and having started his life over with another woman and having a child between them, is it just an easy out for him? If he did abuse her and leave her in this state, the irony is that she has held on so long, and the tragedy is that her family can't gain the legal rights to her decision making and well being. She might begin to recieve the treatment that would eventually give her some rehabilition, leaving her with some functioning abilities and possibly the ability to tell the truth to what happened that left her where she is. She might be a burden to the husband in more ways than one. What a shame and such a tragedy that his love for his wife isn't any where as strong as her families love for her. They want to see her get better and live, or at least be given the chance. In a statement I read from the husband, he spent more of it trying to explain his reasons for his behavior of yelling at the aides treating his wife. He seemed more concerned that readers would understand why he was always yelling. Maybe that's what he was doing the day his wife fell into the state she is now in, only his yelling progressed a little further.


WHY... isn't anyone investigating Michael Schiavo for attempted murder?
Potassium Chloride has been used to murder people and from what I've read,
I'm thinking that it's possible that something like this took place.

Juan Schoch

I would hope that people are curious enough to find the facts that the mainstream is not covering and would support Terri in regards to
her life and rehabilitation. To this end I have started the Terri Life Ribbon Campaign:

Key: ,. = etc.

The Terri Schindler Life Ribbon Campaign acts as a beacon pointing to Terri's plight. It also acts as lighthouse and gateway to others who already Realize and stand as Witness to Terri's inherent right to life and rehabilitation,. It is apparent that Michael Schiavo, George Felos, Deborah Bushnell and Co. must be bound by laws in order to be forced out of Terri's life. Let us continue to spread the word and take actions,. for Terri.

Juan Schoch
e-mail: pc93@bellsouth.net

Help Us Protect And Ensure Life
And Liberty For Terri Schindler!
Become a Life Ribbon Site

You are encouraged to place a Life Ribbon Campaign banner on your servers and web pages to support/participate in the campaign described on this page at


Questions to: pc93@bellsouth.net

Also looking for co-ordinators for Terri Life Ribbon Meet-ups in their particular states/countries.

Juan Schoch

Terri's 1500th day of false imprisonment by Michael Schiavo\his attorneys\Hospice of Florida Suncoast: Terri is non-terminal, is being falsely caged and confined, denied rehab, subjected to criminal neglect, and ultimately attempted murder on her life

Please sign and if you have others who would care to sign please forward to

What we are asking for here is a geometrical progression.

Send to 10 (or more) caring people in your circle of friends who will
do the same and so on.


Carefully read the Florida Bar petition online before signing, requesting
the Florida Bar bring described formal action involving attorneys George
Felos and Deborah Bushnell, for reasons described in the petition.

FLORIDIANS AND NON-FLORIDIANS accepted. This is going straight to the
Florida Bar. Count is around 131 at this time. Please send this to as many
caring individuals as you can with the message to others to take the same



You can view the police report, concluded May 14, 2004 here:
http://zimp.org/pr/. By clicking the thumbnails, you can view a full-size
scan of each page. Additionally, you can download the entire package for
offline viewing (requires Winzip) here: http://zimp.org/pr/pr.zip.

The above report not only indicates that absolutely nothing suspicious was
found as the result of this exhaustive investigation, but also that the
'marks' and 'needle cap' (which turned out to part of an irrigation kit)
were found PRIOR to Terri's parents visiting that day.

Additionally, I encourage you to read the press release issued by Mr. Felos
the night of the alleged incident here:
http://zimp.org/documents/felospr032904.pdf in which he states that a
forensic team was investigating the matter. In speaking personally with the
Clearwater Police Department, I have learned that they don't even have a
forensic team.


Whoever said that "Crime doesn't pay" didn't live in our times.

This is Terri's 1500th day confined to just a single small room by Hospice
of the Florida Suncoast (give or take a few days of having to be in the
hospital from neglect and almost being dehydrated/starved to death).

Just when you thought the bottom of the barrel was being reached, the now
infamous fax from Michael Schiavo's attorney Deborah Bushnell stating that
the Schindlers could be permitted to visit their daughter if they pay for an
off duty police officer to accompany them (arranged by Deborah Bushnell &
Co. of course):

Deborah A. Bushnell
204 Scotland Street
Dunedin, FL 34698
Phone: (727)733-9064

By Facsimile: (727) 898-4903

May 06, 2004

Patricia Fields Anderson, Esq.
447 Third Avenue N., Suite 405
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Re: Schiavo, Theresa - #1834 -Guardianship

Dear Pat:

I received your fax dated May 4, 2004.

We inquired of Hospice as to whether they would allow their
security officers to be in the room during Robert and Mary
Schindlers' visitation. To date, we have not received their
consent to this arrangement, and it does not seem likely that
such an arrangement can be made with them in the near future.

In the interim, the Schindlers may visit Terri in the presence
of a security officer. However, we would have to make private
security options. If your clients are agreeable to paying the
cost of such supervision, please let us know, and we will
follow up to make arrangements for the visitation and let you
know the cost.


Deborah A. Bushnell

cc Michael Schiavo
George J. Felos, Esq.
Scott P. Swope, Esq.


Terri is denied any extensive/comprehensive range of motion therapy or any
kind of therapies that could make her better. Terri is not terminal yet
Michael Schiavo is trying hard to make it so. AHCA's April 1st investigation
didn't see anything wrong with Terri's teeth yet shortly after their
investigation 5 teeth were completely removed from her mouth, with no
apparent restorative work. How could the AHCA not have noticed anything
wrong? The surveyors notes of this investigation are a must read. They show
to what lengths Hospice of Florida Suncoast, Michael Schiavo, etc. are going
to deceive investigators to cover up the fraud and criminal neglect they are
committing upon Terri, the people of Florida, United States and the world.
The AHCA appears to be complicit in aiding and abetting these crimes.
AHCA is committing fraud and I have the proof. They have refused to
investigate my complaints saying that the issues contained in them were
investigated on April 1st. This is a complete lie. The issues of my
complaints were not investigated on April 1st, 2004 and I have the
documentation from AHCA themselves to prove it. If you know anyone
who can do something about this please contact me at pc93@bellsouth.net

There is a big question: WHAT ARE YOU AND YOUR FEDERAL AND
PERPETRATORS TO JUSTICE? Contact the senators for your district and
ask them what can be done, there are any number of actions that can be

Contact as many people as you can (governmental and non-governmental)
about Terri's plight. Make stickers, bumper stickers, licence plates,
posters, etc.

Be creative, do take action.

"Petition for State protective custody for Terri" (please get the petition
information out to as many peoples as possible)

"Saving Terri Schiavo"

Laws being broken:

Connect the Dots ... for Terri





MAY 17, 2004

Thank you for coming here today.

My family is so very thankful to the Clearwater Police Department for doing
such a thorough and deliberate job with their investigation and for finally
proving that these charges were completely baseless. As horrifying as the
least six weeks were, I am grateful to the men and women of the Police
Department for undertaking their duties seriously and fairly. We are sorry
the taxpayers had to pay for an investigation that turned out to be a total
waste of law enforcement resources.

We have been banned from seeing Terri for 49 days. Why are we being kept
from our own daughter? We have not done anything wrong, the police agreed.

For the past 14 years, my family has endured a hardship that is beyond
description. I'm certain that any parent can imagine the horror of such a
devastating incident happening to one of your children. It is difficult and
heartbreaking to say the least. But what is unbearable is when evil people
will go to any length to execute my daughter for their own selfish reasons:
They are and will profit financially if my daughter is executed by
dehydration and starvation.

My daughter is not in a persistent vegetative state. This is a point that
many who have reported on the case in the past simply do not understand.
Terri is able to laugh and cry and to respond to us when we visit her. She
complies with requests and does her best to please those around her. She has
moods. She has good days and bad days - just like you or I. She laughs at my
stupid jokes. She cries when we leave. She lights up when she sees her
mother. She complains when she is not comfortable. She giggles when her
mother plays with her hair. She gets frustrated, happy, tearful, tired,
excited - everything you and I do. She just does it in the only way she can.
If she were not denied access to the simplest of rehabilitative techniques,
she would be in far better shape.

We are very concerned that Terri is receiving sub-standard medical and
dental care. Her teeth are rotting and 5 have been extracted. She is not
receiving any rehabilitative therapy what so ever. For years we have argued
in court that Terri deserves proper medical and dental care, but our pleas
have been ignored.

There is no reason for this wonderful young woman to die. With proper
medical care and therapy there is hope for Terri. Not only do these people
insist on executing my daughter, they are trying to do it as quickly as
possible. We ask that families and parents out there show their support by
contacting the Florida Supreme Court and urging them not to rush through
this case. It is amazing to think that, in America, it is easier to execute
someone who has committed no crime than someone who has.

Why is my daughter still not allowed to see her mother? She is alive, she is
aware, she knows and misses her family. With your help, the truth will be

Thank you.
Bob Schindler


The light is shining brighter on the real fact that pursuant to the Life
Felony Crimes Laws, FS825.102, which are intended to protect all of us from
the acts or omissions of others to cause us great harm or even cause our
death, when we become unable to speak and do for ourselves, no matter the
cause -- No person, elderly or disabled can be denied food and water,
delivered by any means we are able to receive, or medicine, speech therapy,
physical therapy, necessary services and rehabilitation -- to do so carries
up to Life Felony imprisonment.

Michael is just a used name. He is a puppet. The real people behind all of
these criminal acts that have been perpetrated upon vulnerable and fleecable
people, just as with Terri, are the Debra Bushnell's, the George Felos', the
Clan of Judges and the law enforcement officials they puppeteer. This
bunch -- there are other groups just like them around the state -- are only
using the powers of a guardian to *hide* Terri [ cage/kidnap ] to make sure
she gets no stimulation, no visitors, no therapies of any kind, and possibly
try to intentionally depress her by telling her that her blood family has
abandoned her, so she will give up on living; so that she will give up
fighting them from causing her to die; Causing death = Killing. All doctors
have testified that she can hear. Videotaped examinations prove it.

Michael Schiavo has been a borrowed name on all of these court filings for
the purpose of making this woman dead. It was in May of 1998 when Michael
came up with the announcement to the public, through his Petition to Kill hi
s wife with a civil court order obtained for the purpose of starving and
dehydrating his wife to death. If that is true, his bringing to the
attention of the 6th Circuit Court, and never before in the 140 other court
hearing and trial opportunities going back to the day Terri was injured, the
hearsay and unwritten assertion that his wife told him several years prior
to 1990 that she would not want to live on a feeding tube. So teach her how
to eat by mouth again. Judge Greer was asked by her kin, and showed the
laws that mandate, but going against the laws he took oath to uphold, he
instead said "I don't want anybody feeding that woman", during open court in

Given that between Feb 1990 and May 1998 Michael never brought up any
statements of Terri's saying no feeding tube and not saying that she wanted
to be starved to death, the light now shines directly on December 14, 1995,
nearly 2 and one half years prior to Michael's *new* assertion that Terri
did not want a feeding tube.

That is the day, according to a careless mistake of two of the perpetrators
using Michael to make Terri dead, that George Felos and Debra Bushnell had a
meeting to discuss the discontinuance of the feeding tube. It was a full 16
months prior to Michael having his first conference with George Felos on
March 14, 1997. Felos is the self-proclaimed right-to-be-made-dead
attorney that was immediately hired by Michael and approved by the court two
months, to be paid with Terri's Jury awarded 1.4 million dollars
specifically for 51 years of life expectancy and for her care AND
rehabilitation. Not for an attorney hired to kill her.

So, Michael's guardianship attorney Bushnell,
meets with the expert death attorney Felos,
16 months later Michael hires Felos using Terri's money and not his own
$660,000 jury award to shack up and make babies with Jodi Centonze while
prohibiting any forms of rehabilitation,
so that he can use his wife's money to make her dead, and then yet another
14 months later,
makes the announcement that Terri said in 1986 "no feeding tube" by filing
May 11, 1998 *his* Petition to starve and dehydrate Terri --- an act,
granted by a judge, that would kill his wife, would finish her off, by
denying and withholding all forms of food, water, medicine, speech therapy,
necessary services and rehabilitation.

The light is on the calculator. The sum of the facts could appear to total
up to a Premeditated Plot and Plan to intentionally kill their clients wife.
A plan that was developed over several years. Once the permission was
sought from Judge Greer, this murder plan was enacted, and set into play.
This changed everything into a bonafide crime. Attempted Murder, 1st Degree
Felony Falsification of Advance Directives (30 years), 1st Degree Felony
Neglect with intent to cause death and Attempted Aggravated Manslaughter on
a Disabled Person -- all pursuant to the Crime Laws and Statutes of Florida.

Judge Greer in his February 11, 2000 Order, committed malpractice by
misdiagnosing Terri as being an unconscious and unaware person [lawsuit 1]
and then Ordered the Guardian of the Ward to commit a 1st Degree Felony
Crime by removing Terri's feeding tube and denying her constitutional and
legal right to be protected and not feloniously victimized by being caused
to die.

Is the light on for anyone else?

[Note: dates and timelines taken directly from public guardianship records,
public records, transcripts and depositions]


Read the depositions, statements in court and on national television of
Michael Schiavo regarding the evening/morning of Terri's collapse then look
at the police report of how the paramedics found Terri face down on the
floor. Also see Michael's statements that he will continue in his attempts
to take care of Terri (how could anyone read this any different then that he
will continue in his attempts to kill Terri) even if the courts rule against
him. Terri deserves protective custody from the State of Florida and
guardianship under Michael Schiavo needs to be removed:

Go to the following link:


and scroll up a little if post 58 is not visible, this is who the enemies of
humankind would like to see dead and I will throw down the gauntlet every
time against them and I would ask that you do the same while contacting
10 or more (more is welcome) others a day who will do the same as
well as per above the request of contacting local and federal officials,

Police report, statements of Michael, etc.:





Interesting timeline:


Some depositions of Michael:



A statement was released on Friday, May 14th by the Clearwater Police
Department stating that they found NO evidence of criminal activity, NO
indication of attempted criminal activity, and no harm done to Mrs. Schiavo,
stating that the investigation has concluded.

The police report also included that the two aides who were on duty on the
day the incident happened, had told the nurse on duty that the marks on
Terri's arm were on her arm before the Schindler's had visited that day.

The charge nurse who had called Michael to report the marks, had told
Michael Schiavo that the aides had reported that the marks were there before
Bob and Mary had visited.

The police detective also had found other caps such as the one that was
reported by attorney George Felos of Dunedin, Florida as suspicious, in
other enteral irrigation tubing packaging.

Last evening after 46 days of the Schindler's not being permitted to see
their daughter, the Schindler's excitedly drove to Park Place to be reunited
with Terri.

Upon their arrival, the nurse rang Michael Schiavo to ask if it was okay for
the Schindler's to go in to see their daughter. Michael Schiavo told the
nurse to tell them "No".

Although no criminal activity was concluded, it appears that the Schindler's
are now forced to wait and see their daughter until a decision is made on
the 26th of May when an emergency hearing is scheduled to be heard in Judge
Greer's court for restoration of visitation.


For 55 days, including Mother's Day... the Schindler Family have been denied
access to their daughter for an alleged incident that turned out to be
nothing better than a hoax. Michael Schiavo and George Felos have created a
situation in which they forcibly isolated Terri Schindler-Schiavo from her
family. This was done on false accusations that they had caused harm to
their own daughter. In a press release dated March 29th, George Felos of
Dunedin, Florida all but accused Terri's parents of injecting her and
inflicting puncture wounds on her arm:


As you will read in the following
official press release from the Clearwater Police Department these charges
are false and unsubstantiated.

Decide for yourself what the motives were.


Here is the Clearwater Police News Release


For Immediate Release
May 14, 2004


Clearwater Police Criminal Investigations Detectives concluded today an
expansive and detailed investigation into suspicions that physical harm done
with criminal intent had been visited upon a 40-year-old woman under the
care of Hospice in Clearwater.

The investigation found no evidence of harm, injury or violation as the
result of a criminal act, said Police Chief Sid Klein.

The Hospice patient, Mrs. Theresa M. Schiavo, was the subject of
investigative, forensic and medical scrutiny after concern was expressed for
her well-being on March 29, 2004.

At about 3:30 that Monday afternoon - as Mrs. Schiavo's feeding regimen
commenced - a Hospice employee noticed some marks on Mrs. Schiavo's arms,
and shared her observations with a Hospice supervisor at the Park Place
assisted living facility, 2750 Drew Street. Concerns were heightened by the
position of a plastic hospital bracelet on Mrs. Schiavo's forearm; the
positioning of a plastic feeding tube wrapped around the chair in which she
was sitting; and the discovery of a small, purple medical apparatus,
initially described as a "needle cap."

(The lavender object, manufactured by a New York medical supply company
called Qosina, is not a hypodermic needle cap, but rather a hollow,
open-ended polypropylene "catheter syringe tip adapter" - called a Luer,
part # 41501 - and is used as a plastic tubing connector in medical feeding
and irrigation setups; it has no application for injection).

The Hospice supervisor notified Mrs. Schiavo's husband, Michael, who called
his attorney and his wife's physician, Dr. Stanton Tripodis. The physician
examined Mrs. Schiavo at Park Place, and authorized her transfer to Mease
Hospital in Dunedin for an examination. Various procedures, including
toxicology tests for the presence of unauthorized drugs, proved negative,
and Mrs. Schiavo was returned to Hospice care.

Clearwater Police Detectives conducted numerous interviews with family
members, physicians, Hospice employees and others. The Mease Hospital
attending physician found nothing untoward about the marks on Mrs. Schiavo's
arm, nor did her personal physician. Neither physician quantified the marks
on her upper arm as evidence of an injection; the origin of these specific
marks is undetermined.

Although Detectives cannot say conclusively what caused the other marks,
it's believed they could have been the result of a apparatus called a "Hoyer
Lift," used to move a patient from a reclining position on a bed to a
sitting position in a chair.

The plastic hospital bracelet, a rigid band of plastic, may have worked
itself up her forearm toward her elbow since Mrs. Schiavo's arms are often
contracted upward.

The feeding tube and its position was examined by Hospice employees when
concerns were initially expressed, and subsequently by investigators: there
was no indication of leakage; detectives found no indication of intentional
manipulation; the monitor warning alarm was never activated, nor was the
feeding ever interrupted.

Detectives identified the lavender piece of plastic found in Mrs. Schiavo's
clothes as a tubing connector, and had an independent company (National
Medical Services of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) conduct chemical and gas
examinations of swabs taken from the Luer adapter. The test results were
negative for foreign substances.

The Clearwater Police Department found no evidence of criminal activity, no
indication of attempted criminal activity, and no harm done to Mrs. Schiavo.
The investigation has concluded.

All inquiries regarding this investigation should be directed to Public
Information Officer Wayne Shelor at (727) 562-4333.
Chief of Police


From Bobby Schindler (Terri's brother)in response to
Michael Masinter on disability-civil-rights yahoo

>"On February 25, 1990, . . . Theresa, age 27, suffered a cardiac arrest as
>a result of a potassium imbalance. Michael called 911, and Theresa was
>rushed to the hospital. She never regained consciousness.

Juan, the Appellate judges got it wrong right from the get go. It was
never proven Terri had a cardiac arrest because of a potassium imbalance,
and also, Michael ONLY called 911 after my father instructed him to. Michael
called my father first to tell him that Terri collapsed. I guess it wasn't
important for the judges to mention that Michael knew CPR but didn't use it
on Terri that night.

>Since 1990, Theresa has lived in nursing homes with constant care. She is
>fed and hydrated by tubes. The staff changes her diapers regularly. She
>has had numerous health problems, but none have been life threatening.

Funny how they forgot to mention that there was a health problem that WAS
life threatening, when Michael instructed his doctor in 1993 not to treat
Terri for an infection she had that would have resulted in her death -- by
sepsis. And it's incredible that it is hardly ever mentioned that Michael
would have collected over 700 hundred thousand dollars, if he would have
succeeded to kill Terri back then. But I guess that wasn't important.
Amazing how everyone just glosses over this fact.

>Over the span of this last decade, Theresa's brain has deteriorated because
>of the lack of oxygen it suffered at the time of the heart attack.

Terri DID NOT have a heart attack. This has been proven over and over again,
but just like so much in this case, it keeps on being ignored.

>By mid 1996, the CAT scans of her brain showed a severely abnormal
>structure. At this point, much of her cerebral cortex is simply gone and
>has been replaced by cerebral spinal fluid.

Again, something that continually is ignored is Dr. Maxfield's testimony
that is completely contrary to this, as well as a dozen doctors that have
all stated that Terri can be helped if given the chance. Do any of these
people read the testimony of the doctors that testified regarding Terri's
chances to improve? Why do they only want to hear from one side in this
case, and refuse to accept the fact that there are more doctors that say
Terri can improve than doctors that say she can't.

>Medicine cannot cure this condition. Unless an act of God, a true miracle,
>were to recreate her brain, Theresa will always remain in an unconscious,
>reflexive state, totally dependent upon others to feed her and care for her
> most private needs."

To have the audacity to mention God. Once again, I will repeat myself, why
do they only want to hear from one side in this case, and as far as the
judges saying that Terri will be totally dependent upon others to care for
her the rest of her life -- I say emphatically -- so what! That is what her
family is here for and has been asking -- no, begging -- to do since 1990.
Incredibly, the judges use this as the REASON why we should kill Terri,
because she is dependent on others. This absolutely makes me sick.

>"Although the physicians are not in complete agreement concerning the
>extent of Mrs. Schiavo's brain damage, they all agree that the brain scans
>show extensive permanent damage to her brain. The only debate between the
>doctors is whether she has a small amount of isolated living tissue in her
>cerebral cortex or whether she has no living tissue in her cerebral

I repeat myself, shouldn't this be an argument on reasons why we should let
those that love her take care of her, NOT to simply starve my sister to
death because she has become an inconvenience in the eyes of her husband and
a few arrogant judges.

Terri is not a problem, she is a person, and she is my family, our family.


Juan Schoch

Coverup by Florida AHCA forces Schoch to issue Public Writ of Mandamus
Published on: August 31st, 2004 12:49am by: pc93
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(PRBot.Com) August 31, 2004

James D. Boyd
Inspector General of AHCA
2727 Mahan Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308-5403

Re: All information, CCR#s, and yet to be assigned CCR#s contained and referred to in CIG#200406030002 and AHCA Tracking #05-003, etc., other cases yet to be generated and your duties to set Theresa Schindler Schiavo on the road to her recovery (much can be found in the enclosed mini compact disc)

Dear Mr. Boyd:

Thank you for your letter of August 13, 2004 regarding my August 9, 2004 e-mail requesting public records and copies of various agency documents. In your response you write “…the issues raised in your June 3 letter and July 20 e-mail did not show evidence of possible violations of statutes, policy or procedure that could constitute misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of agency staff…” to which I make the following statement and request:

I demand as a United States citizen and a Florida resident sufficient corrective actions, remedies, redress, relief, etc. to what I perceive and know to be illegal actions of AHCA, facilities, etc. I hereby request AHCA and any other government agency or entity, local, county, state or federal invested with investigative, enforcement and prosecutorial powers who may be reading this, or others of whom it is within their purview of being able to contact said powers, etc. to do their jobs of investigating, enforcing or assisting in getting the laws enforced in regards to valid allegations of acts of felony neglect and attempted murder, etc. perpetrated against the person of Theresa Schindler Schiavo.

While it is my duty (when it has come to my knowledge) as a resident of the State of Florida and a United States Citizen to report abuses, neglect or exploitations against vulnerable people who can’t speak for themselves it is NOT my job to site book and page. One would think that the competency level of all persons in agencies serving the public who by statute are to receive, properly review and survey complaints for violations of statutes, criminal violations, disregard for policies and procedures that are in fact evidence of misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of agency staff and facilities, persons, etc. would be much higher then heretofore displayed.

I have provided, while perhaps to some seemingly disconnected or incongruent, sufficient, overall and comprehensive evidence to illuminate within the average persons mind and their reasonable ability to piece together and comprehend pertinent data, more than enough evidences of illegal conduct, which point to statute violations on the part of agency staff and facilities, etc. and it has become painfully clear that people in your and other agencies are spending more time sending not just me, but most complainants, relating to the matters presented, far afield from the matter at hand, of which there is or are:

• Non-delivery of all 15 retained rights of this incapacitated person pursuant to Florida Statute 744.3215(1)(a-o) both individually and collectively as a whole

• State licensed facilities bowing to the abuse of power by the guardian, his attorneys, local law enforcement, the state attorneys office, and other public officials to facilitate and further the denial and withholding of this citizens statutory and constitutional retained rights

• Illegal acts and or omissions by many supervisory level personnel in many agencies and facilities, in non-fulfillment of their duty by those personnel pursuant to Florida Statute 415.1034 mandatory reporting to invoke and call upon protections under the whistleblowers act when their employment is threatened. Such and other failures are enabling, promoting and facilitating what appears to be an overall agenda of their various supervisors (and others) who indirectly and/or directly are working collectively (knowingly or unknowingly) pursuant to a directed agenda by the recently exposed many in positions of public trust

In light of the fact that AHCA Complaint Administration Unit intake operator Justina told me that they “didn’t want to hear about what particular statute violations were occurring as it is the AHCA’s job to know these things”, and as I have stated above it is not my job to point out the specific violations of statutes, policy, or procedure that could constitute misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of agency staff, facilities, etc. (your words in bold), it should be obvious to you that while I am perfectly capable of seeing and reporting specific violations I was being told not to do this by the Complaint Administration Unit intake personnel. Now I am being told by you to the contrary that I must do your jobs. This in and of itself is evidence of an agency and a system that continues to notoriously exhibit incompetence in this matter, and only proves a limited ability to send the very people who you serve, on endless tail-chases and endless non-productive rabbit trails.

While all of this energy is expended, the primary matter at hand, the FS825.102 and FS825.103 abuse, neglect and exploitation of Theresa Marie Schiavo continues at the liable hands of all agencies, various personnel and public officials, etc. to the detriment of not only her but all vulnerable adults, elderly and disabled persons throughout the State of Florida by the acts and omissions of every one of these negligent persons who are entrusted with the Public’s Trust.

BE IT KNOWN, that everyone is officially on notice, that to continue to obey these illegal and subversive directives, of persons who wish to continue to further the obvious and blatant efforts to intentionally cause the death of this very conscious, self-aware, cognitive, disabled and vulnerable adult (who has been actively prevented from getting better) as defined by Florida Statute 415, 744, 825, 400, 782, the ADA Act, and CFR42 rises to the level of felony crimes and is unlawful, collectively, pursuant to Florida Statute 876.22 through FS876.31 known as the Subversive Activities Act, in that the collective efforts, whether knowingly or unknowingly, of all the involved including medical professionals, public servants, facilities, guardians, caregivers, and others, is ultimately resulting in the destruction of all that we as free citizens enjoy as our constitutional protections, which are there to guarantee our inalienable right to life, liberty to that life, and the pursuit of happiness through our FS744.3215 retained right to be restored to capacity at the earliest possible time, which has no time limit.

An Inalienable Right is particularly defined as: That which cannot be given or taken away. Thusly, a person cannot Give their Life away nor can it be Taken away. Both are crimes, and protections of life are networked rather thoroughly throughout our Laws and our Constitution.

Consider this my public Writ of Mandamus to all (with various media as my witness) who will be receiving this letter, to cease and desist your acts or omissions which are felony crime statute violations, which may lead ultimately to this woman’s death by your incompetency, complacency, malfeasance, misfeasance, obedience to personal or collective agendas, disobedience of mandatory reporting of abuse, neglect and exploitations. This will require your proactive efforts in conjunction with other agencies and persons, to go against those who draw you in and only use you as pawns in a bigger agenda, by this case, to create a constitutional Right To Make You Dead. Investigate and prosecute the guilty parties. It is your obligation to set Theresa on the road to her recovery.

Do your jobs or suffer the consequences in the long run for your participation in blatant, in your face, felony crimes.


Juan Schoch / Lake Mary, FL

P.S. I was never issued new CCR#’s per my written complaints (June 3, 2004) and yet you have done nothing but obfuscate that fact. I find this more than just a little reprehensible and believe it shows the complete and total incompetence, if not outright obstruction of justice, by you, your staff, the AHCA Complaint Administration Unit and others in your agency. It would be smart to stop digging yourself a hole and get back on the right track.

cc: Jeb Bush, Governor
c/o Christa Calamas, Governor’s General Counsel,
Charlie Crist, Attorney General,
Lee Constantine, Senator, District 22,
Derry Harper, Chief Inspector General, Executive Office of Governor,
Dawn Case, Director of Investigations, Executive Office of Governor,
Guy M. Tunnell, Commissioner, Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
Lance Newman, Director, Tampa District Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
Cynthia Schuler, District Administrator of District 14, Department of Children and Families,
Bernie McCabe, Pinellas Pasco State Attorney,
Dorene Thomas, Chief of Police, Pinellas Park Police Department,
Sid Klein, Chief of Police, Clearwater Police Department,
Everett Rice, Pinellas County Sheriff,
Carl Whitehead, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Tampa Division,
John L. Wodatch, Chief, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section, U.S. Department of Justice,

Representatives of House Committees Elder Affairs and Long Term Care, Family Health, Health Care and Health Services: Rep. Hugh Gibson / Rep. Dorothy Mindingall / Rep. Tom Anderson / Rep. Joyce Cusack / Rep. Carole Green / Rep. Richard Machek / Rep. Sheri McInvale / Rep. John Quinones / Rep. Dave Russell / Rep. Heather Florentino / Rep. Sandy Adams / Rep. Aaron Bean / Rep. Faye Culp / Rep. Nancy Detert / Rep. Matt Meadows / Rep. Sandra Murman / Rep. Nan Rich / Rep. Frank Farkas / Rep. Ed Homan / Rep. Holly Benson / Rep. Gus Bilirakis / Rep. Marty Bowen / Rep. Susan Bucher / Rep. Larry Cretul / Rep. Rene Garcia / Rep. Gayle Harrell / Rep. Arthenia Joyner / Rep. Stan Mayfield / Rep. Dave Murzin / Rep. Joe Negron / Rep. Ralph Poppell / Rep. Manuel Prieguez / Rep. Julio Robaina / Rep. Yolly Roberson / Rep. Ray Sansom / Rep. Eleanor Sobel / Rep. Shelley Vana / Rep. Roger Wishner / Rep. Juan Zapata

Kate O’Beirne, Washington Editor, National Review / David Sommer, Reporter, Tampa Tribune / Brendan Farrington, Correspondent, Associated Press / Jim Witters, City Editor, Bradenton Herald / Mike Vasilinda, Bureau Chief, Capitol News Service / John Lucas, Bureau Chief, Florida News Network / Marshall Griffin, News Director, Florida Public Radio / John Baker, Bureau Chief, Florida’s Radio Networks / Rick Flagg, Bureau Chief, Florida Radio News / Jim Saunders, Bureau Chief, The Florida Times-Union / Paige St. John, Bureau Chief, Gannett News Service / Marc Caputo, Reporter, The Miami Herald / Lloyd Dunkelberger, Bureau Chief, New York Times Florida Newspapers / John Kennedy, Bureau Chief, Orlando Sentinel / Shirish Date, Bureau Chief, The Palm Beach Post / Lucy Morgan, Bureau Chief, St. Petersburg Times / Linda Kleindienst, Bureau Chief, Sun-Sentinel, South Florida / Nancy Cook Lauer, Bureau Chief, Tallahassee Democrat / David Wasson, Bureau Chief, Tampa Tribune / Georgia Davis, News Director, WFSU-TV/The Florida Channel / Jim Lehrer, NewsHour w/, PBS / Diane Sawyer, ABC News / Dan Rather, CBS News / Larry King, CNN/Atlanta / David Shaw, Media Critic, Los Angeles Times / Richard S. Newcombe, Creators Syndicate / Reed Irvine, Chairman, Emeritus, Accuracy in Media


Lydia Sherman

Regarding the Terry Schiavo case: There is a common misconception that people in suffering, or pain, would rather die. This has been perpetrated on them by elitists who belive this. Even the most severely handicapped child enjoys God's sunshine and the smiles of those that love him. I've been very ill at times, but I always prayed "Please let me live." I have been in severe pain, but dependd on God to pull me through. Everyone has within them a will to live, which can be destroyed by discouragement. The earth was not created just for those who have a certain criteria--such as perfect hearing, perfect eyesight, and brilliant minds. It is for all creatures.

John Hirsch

I've never seen such arrogant, ignorant people as those that post on this board.

In case you idiots haven't READ, the husband is TRYING to fulfill his wife's WISHES...to not be kept alive artificially. Read the court transcripts. Try to, anyway, if you need someone to help, call your local schools.

Your arrogance in believing that YOU know the will of god is unbelievable. Your IGNORANCE of medicine is obscene.

I certainly hope that god will one day forgive you, I don't. (READ about Moses and why he was not allowed to enter the promised land)



Who gives us the right to take away a life? God says thou shall not kill...and when someone does commit murder, they go to jail for it...what kind of mixed up message is this? We can pull the plug because congress says its okay. There is only one JUDGE and we will all face him one day. If God wanted Terri to come home, he would have invited her along time ago.....what if God gives man more knowledge, more wisdom, to help Terri come out of her vegetative state, to find a new drug, treatment...what if he blesses a surgeon's hand? She is a human being....How can you look into a mother's eye and tell her that she has no say in keeping her daughter on this earth. How can a mother prepare for that type of grief? God, we need a miracle...Hear our prayers. God Bless and my heart goes out to her family and friends. Portia, Fort Lauderdale


P.S. Is there any proof that those were Terri's wishes....Is there any written documentation of Terri's wishes......


I think that this entire case with Terri Schiavo is absolutely ridiculous!!! When in this world does a husband get to have a girlfriend and a wife? Why does he get to keep the right to Terri when obviously if she were to come out of this, he would never plan to be with her... He has a new family, let your old family go, you obviously don't want her... MIchael says he's in the best interest of Terri, and her feelings, well if that's so true, how does he think that she feels that he has a common law wife, and two kids with another woman while he's still legally her husband RIGHT!!!! He has the control here, so he's a cheater, and most woman leave when their men make children with other woman, so let that speak for Terri if she were aware right now, and could see that the man she married just wants her to die, ever since he found a new romance... How must the new girlfriend feel being second best, knowing he'll marry her when Terri dies...BLA BLA BLA!
She's no better than he, she started messing with a married man and still is while his wife lay in a bed and has no control over what they are doing.. BUT he still gets to choose her rights? What kind of sick world are we living in? These courts and judges need to get their heads out of theie asses and look at the facts, your killing a woman without making sure all medical things to be done are done first... Maybe oneday it will be them or their children to starve to death all because they married a cheatin piece of trash!!!!


Terry Schiavo, is she an animal, no she is a human being. Pull her feeding tube and let her die. Animals are treated with more respect, at least they are put to sleep. How can any one person or group let a human being starve or dehydrate. That is something Hitler would do. If Mr. Schiavo wants to get on with his live, divorce Terry and let her family take care of her.

Sylvia Anglen-Hollifield

Michael Shaivo is an evil, evil man. To deny parents who gave this girl life, to be with her when she died. And then to make funeral arrangements knowing the hurt it is causing the family. He is living in adultery, has illigitimate children, has been offered anything he wanted to just let the parents care for their daughter. HE IS JUST PLAIN EVIL! And, his day is coming.

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Oscar Ramirez

New Engaging Book on Camagüey Cuba Celebrates Life!

**Cuba, I Remember You is a book about family, love, relationships, and survival in difficult circumstances that all readers will find to be a wonderful reading experience.
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Dr. Oscar M. Ramírez-Orbea, was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1955. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1966, after completing elementary school in his home country. He longs one day to return to his native city of Camagüey and to all the fond memories it holds for him. CUBA, I REMEMBER YOU/CUBA, TE RECUERDO is Dr. Ramírez’s first narrative work. More

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Oscar Ramirez

New Engaging Book on Camagüey Cuba Celebrates Life!

**Cuba, I Remember You is a book about family, love, relationships, and survival in difficult circumstances that all readers will find to be a wonderful reading experience.
Bettie Corbin Tucker
For IP Book Reviewers
Independent Professional Reviewers

See more about the book at:


A collection of 14 short stories, all in Spanish and English, based on the author’s experiences of childhood before and after the Communist revolution. Includes Appendix for educators wishing to use the book in Spanish or English foreign language classes. Lots of nostalgia for those who knew Cuba in the 50’s and 60’s and plenty of humor for readers in general. Includes also many period family photographs that illustrate the stories and bring them vividly to life!

About the Author

Dr. Oscar M. Ramírez-Orbea, was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1955. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1966, after completing elementary school in his home country. He longs one day to return to his native city of Camagüey and to all the fond memories it holds for him. CUBA, I REMEMBER YOU/CUBA, TE RECUERDO is Dr. Ramírez’s first narrative work. More

Available now from Airleaf Publishing (www.airleaf.com) or call today to order your copy at 1-800-342–6068.

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