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November 30, 2003


Jeanne Stark

Ok Amy:

I am now living in the land that you left years ago. I am living in Florida. I am a long time (*35 year) resident of Tampa, Florida in the Diocese of St Petersburg.

I am an '85 graduate of the Franciscan University. (*I get seven lucky points for that one???!! Don't I? Dominico B. thinks so! ...I think...) He listed me on HIS BLOG.

You should read my blog, because Florida is where it is happening. Name the stories of 2003. The Schiavo case was one of them! There ARE OTHER THINGS TOO! Ave Maria University is here. More things are popping up here.

Our growth rate here is twice the national average. Do you know what THAT MEANS? You know those issues in the church that everyone else knows about? Well, we see twice as much of it here. We have twice as many people MOVING IN AND OUTTA HERE.

Yes Amy, you SHOULD READ my blog. I know there are very few people who have the guts to tell it like it is here in Florida.

I spend all year here! It never gets below 20 degrees F here in the winter, but the weirdness here goes on. I think it is something to do with the 90 degree heat that goes on and on and on for six months. It adds to the things that go on here. Trust me.

Being here for years and years builds stamina. Seeing what most people see on the two weeks of their annual vacation causes one to be very observant. Believe me...

These are the reasons why you should read and list my blog. At least read it twice a month. Yes, read my blog! It is not perfect. But I try and tell it like it is in a simple manner. (*There are enough complex things in this mystical Body of Christ. Why add to it? ) Occasionally, I try to be amusing. I TRY!

Make my day: read my blog. Yes, that would make my day!

I am Jeanne Stark and if you are looking for me, you can findmeinfloridaagain.blogspot.com Take a five minute vacation to Tampa and remember I live here ALL THE TIME.

Read my blog, leave a comment and I promise to pray for you. That should be enough reason, right?


There may not always be much to read at my site, but there's something fresh to listen to every day.

Oengus Moonbones

Yes, I do have a blog. But being the mooncalf that I am, a complete simpleton and contemptible in every way, I beg everyone not to go there and read it. Nevertheless, I will mention that, after my brief and meteoric career as a controversialist, I am currently writing about boring things and undistinguished places, and other stuff lacking any remarkable qualities. I have nothing whereby to recommend myself.

Mary Jane

I can't approach the humility of Oengus Moonbones. So I'll just suggest you visit my blog from time to time. I post once or twice a week, mostly about music and religion - the first my profession and the second my obsession. I also live in Florida - in the splendor of Gainesville, a university town between two coastlines and near some swamps and springs.

Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS

Come to my blog if you want to learn about the spirituality of St. Gaspar which John Paul II called the heart of the Christian Life.

Jeanne Stark

Hey Mary Jane:

Why don't we get a whole St Blog's Florida pew of our own? We need a ring! That's right Amy! There are others here.. I just know this. Email me at my blog

Power to the wanna be holy sand people! And go Gators.. well, maybe next year...

I know Amy will laugh at that one. Ahem ... ahem... I hope so.

Peter Nixon

Sursum Corda: topical musings from a Catholic perspective since Holy Week of 2002. Amy was kind enough to help me with some really basic HTML questions in those heady early days when it seemed like there were 5 or 6 new Catholic blogs every week.

Seems like a long time ago now, which tells you something about how the blogosphere compresses time. Seen a lot of good folks come and a lot of good folks go, and I suspect that will continue. Seen a lot of template changes too, but I like to keep things simple.

Like most of us, I struggle with what it means to be a Catholic Christian in today's world. What is the Lord calling me/us to today? Like Christians throughout the centuries I work through those struggles through worship, the sacraments, prayer, service to others, reading, and talking with others, both those who share my faith and those who don't. I think the Internet is one more place where these discussions can happen.

I like to chew on things from multiple perspectives and link to things I don't necessarily agree with just to stir the pot a bit. Like Amy, I'm not too fond of the label game. In the context of Saint Blogs, I'm probably something of a liberal. In the context of where I live--the S.F. Bay Area--I may be a little conservative. Just when you think you've got me figured out, I'll throw you a curve, just to be ornery. Click on over, and pour yourself a cup of coffee and stay awhile...

Victor Morton

Why read my blog? Because what other site on the Internet has on its main page -- two rhapsodies to obscure Japanese art movies; three or four detailed reviews of current pictures; discussions of a Laurel & Hardy DVD set and an Atlantic Elia Kazan article; reviews of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, LUTHER and numerous posts about the fuss surrounding Mel Gibson's PASSION OF CHRIST; a discussion of director Neil LaBute ending with a comparison to Flannery O'Connor; links to a couple of articles about (film studies) canonized Catholic filmmakers; commentary abouty Andrew Sullivan and gay intolerance; and about 8 dashed-off links and comments to film- and religion-related news articles.

I'm just dreading the end of the year and having to write my "Ten Best" article. Because soon after telling my St. Blog's readers that the Belgian art film THE SON is a parable of the difficulty of exercising in a perfect Christ-like manner the virtue of forgiveness, I'll have to say that ... um ... the French gay-bashing, anal-rape revenge film IRREVERSIBLE is a great picture too.

Henry Dieterich

I have added a number of the excellent colleagues listed here to the blogroll in my own blog. I am not a pundit, and I try to avoid attacking people. Nor do I have great spiritual insights. So there is no reason anyone would want to read my blog. Judging by the number of comments I get, I suppose that it's not the most frequented place on the web.

Patricia Tryon

Out of the Frying Pan - Great Web links. Funny stories. Best "email me" I've ever seen on a blog.

Claude Muncey

Hmm . . . actually, I can supply a number of reasons not to read my blog. I'm not a fast writer, so I don't post as much as I might like -- and my posts tend to be a bit long (if it is worth writing about, it's worth beating to death, I always say). Labels have never stuck to me (Not even the ones that say "Hello, my name is . . .) and I am not much of a controversialist -- in fact I tend to avoid arguments that I do not have to be a part of. That's a big change for me.

Not very exciting -- and if you want to keep current on what is going on, I suggest this site and Peter Nixon's Sursum Corda (see above) as a start.

These days, my posts concentrate on the central things in the life of my wife and I: Jesus and his people, detention ministry, the San Joaquin Valley, and for me, learning to be a Benedictine oblate. I tend to post a reflection each week on the Sunday lessons, and whatever I find that seems related to what we are working on. And I probably will write a review of The Return of the King as well . . .

Come on by and tell me what I'm doing wrong or right.

Joe Gillin

I'm a big picture guy who sees connections among seemingly unrelated topics. My blog's title, Life at the Frontier, takes on multiple meanings.

I cover everything from space exploration and development and its importance to our future to the immediate life and death issues. (Check my October archive to see my intensity level rise when Terri Schiavo was nearly killed by court order.) But then, opening frontiers to provide for future generations is consistent with a Culture of Life. (There're those connections again!)

I'm a busy guy with a day job and slow typing fingers, so I don't cover everything I'd like to cover and I'm still developing my links section.

Thanks Amy for allowing some of us fledgling bloggers some free publicity.


Holy shit people, you all are fucking retarded...I feel ashamed to be a fan of Eminem when there are dumbfucks out there like you who have the same liking of his music as me and are gullible enough to think this is a real journal. I feel so much fucking stupider having read some of the shit you ignorant fucks posted...


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4. Service/drill credits were accrued for the "lost year" in Alabama. Either W was present at the time or he made them up -- also precedented.
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