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December 04, 2003


Patrick Sweeney

No one will believe the bishops are serious until a politician is excommunicated. And the bishops are basically blocked by 40 years of precedent in not excommunicating politicians for acting in contradiction of clear Catholic moral teaching.


(continuing Patrick's line of thought...) and supported in their inaction by the fact that some of the laity continue to vote for these guys! Or is that a possible reason for their inaction, rather than a result?


The Vatican should have penalized bishops for not acting...then the bishops would have moved, at least some of them. This issue has been miss-managed all around. The Vatican giving orders then not enforcing them makes a mockery. Even bishops who wanted to do things gave up after a while.


"The Vatican should have penalized bishops for not acting..."

John, should the Vatican really have to do such a thing? I mean, if the Vatican had to "penalize bishops" for their inactions, maybe 10% of the ones here in the U.S. in the last 25 years or so would NOT have been penalized (for lack of proper catechesis, no mandatum from the theologians, failing to admonish pro-death politicians etc. etc).

The idea that the Holy See has to micro-manage all of the bishops and their diocese's across the globe when they have pretty much laid the law down is a bit much if you ask me.

I understand what you mean, I am frustrated with these "hapless bench of bishops" too. My sense is that the tide is turning. Hang in there, pray for the bishops, and the Holy Father. I realize you might say "But it is the Holy Father's job" and you would be correct. Let's just pray about the situation.

Mike Benz

What do people think the McCarrick committee will end up doing? The Wash. Times article talked about the committee issuing guidelines. I can't imagine that we're going to see black and white written rules. Does anyone else think we will? I would imagine that we'll see more tough words laid down but not much in terms of what Bishops will do if politicians don't reform.

Is there a document from the USCCB about what this committee's mandate is?

John Hetman

For the most part, we are asking Tweedle Dee to censure Tweedle Dum. Most of our bishops are more reminiscent of Henry VII's time than that of a lean, fighting Church. Pasty, pampered creatures; the children of a once-vibrant Faith, they long for security and comfort.

As for our "Catholic" politicians who support immorality in the name of alleged constituent consensus, they are minor megalomaniacs who lust after their place in the holiday parades. Cowards and traitors to their faith, no one forced them to run for office.

When the persecution comes (full force), you can watch these guys and gals fall away from Church like oak leaves in an October gale.

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