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January 29, 2004


John Hetman

Drudge's photos of Senator Kerry were truly shocking and frightening. Parental guidance is certainly advised!


He claims he has never HEARD of Botox...


What could possibly be better than to have a president who has embraced botox? No, I think the smooth forehead was make-up. However, Theresa Heinz has admitted to botox use.


So Kerry's wife has admitted to botox use and yet John Kerry claims to have never HEARD of Botox? He wouldn't be....lying would he Ono?


While we are on Senator Kerry, we need to discuss the state of his marriage. Is his first one annulled? Also, it is public knowledge that he has a prenup on this one, which makes this marriage invalid prima facie.

We Catholics should be concerned about this because if elected Kerry's view of marriage will impact the debate about definitions of marriage, protection of one man one wife, civil unions, etc.


I don't know about the comment of the no knowledge of botox denial. Kerry is an honest man, if he doesn't want to admit something, he is a smart enough politician to spin it. So if he categorically denies something, then I'd believe him, especially in the middle of hotly contest presidential primary race, where you can't hide the truth from people.

I don't know about his marriage. I think I heard that it was anulled (in Boston anything's possible). Also, if I recall, his wedding with Teresa Heinz was under a canopy somewhere, I don't think in a Church, so I'm not sure about the present state of his marriage vis-a-vis the Catholic Church. However, Kerry does receive communion if I am correct, so his present marriage is probably recognized by the Church.

The issue of pre-nups, I suppose would an interesting thread as to the validity of a marriage. I don't think a pre-nup has anything whatsoever to do with a marriage's validity.

What I find is that there are tons of Catholics who like Kerry and believe he reflects, on the aggregate, Catholic values. For us, issues like botox, or his current marriage's validity in the eyes of the Church, etc, mean little. The point is more how he will govern. Like the US Bishops have sought, he intends to provide health insurance for the 43 million uninsured. He intends to address structural poverty. Like the US Bishops, he will fight for small farmers and against large corporate agri-businesses. Like the US Bishops, he will continue to fight for HIV/AIDS here at home and in Africa (Kerry wrote the bill with Sen. Frist on HIV/AIDS and of course Bush deserves credit for stepping up to the plate). So if this man is all botoxed up and his marriage is sacramentally invalid, I don't suppose that would affect his exceptional governing of the United States.

The only concern I have is that if he lets anymore pictures out like the one Amy linked to, that could be quite devastating. He needs to get that hair under control.


Right, there's only that other little thing about 1.3 million babies murdered every year having to do with how he'll govern. He would be exceptional, all right.


A pre-nump makes a marriage invalid.


Word out of Washington is that Kerry used Botox. However, he says he didn't inhale.

Peace. :-)

Jeanne Schmelzer

Ono, you say that Kerry wouldn't lie? Man, look at his record in Congress. One day he says he voted for one thing and then later he says he voted against that thing. One day he is for the Vietnam War and the next day he throws war medals over the fence and is on the cover - years ago - of an antiwar magazine. Now he's touting his war record again just for our bnefit. Check your facts.



You'd have to give an example. You may not like the man, but I doubt you'd find him lying. As far as issues go, Kerry is a complicated man who refuses to make things black and white. He is often accused of taking both sides of issues because he appreciates nuances. Everyone tried to throw this in his face about th iraq War, but what Iowa and New Hampshire have shown is that media and pundits notwithstanding, people actually do appreciate that breath of complexity and nuance in a leader.

You may not like Kerry, but accusing him of lying about his record simply is unreasonable. If you have a specific example to give, please do so.

As for his Vietnam experience, Kerry is still sick today about the fact that on a few occaisions he mistakenly killed innocent women and children, why on earth wouldn't he be sick and frustrated about aspects of his service? He is and has always been proud of his service, but I get the feel that it was a war he wishes he never fought in. So yes, there is no contradiction (which I think is what you are mistaking for "lie") in protesting the war yet being proud of his service.


the fact that he receives Communion implies nothing about his marriage situation. I had a lady whose husband was in my RCIA class who had been raised a Catholic, and was on her third marriage (and it was her current "husband's" second)--no annulments or documentation of any sort about any of it and she had never refrained from receiving Communion until I spoke with her about it. And I am fairly certain that there are plenty of folks out there, who even if they knew that receiving Communion under those circumstances was a no-no, would have done it anyway. It's not like the average priest or EME knows enough about every person in the parish's life to know the details of their marriage situation and then deny them Communion when they come up to receive. (And even if they knew, somehow I suspect that most would give it to them anyway.)

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