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February 27, 2004



The Fort? Is that Fort Wayne or Fort Worth? I grew up in Fort Wayne; that's why I'm asking.



Keep an eye out for the exhibit's description of the indulgence controversy. When I went to the exhibit in Houston I got the impression that the description wasn't accurate. Or maybe I was just seeing things.


David Hart

I saw it last week. I thought it was great and certainly recommend people to visit it. The only thing that I thought was questionable was one remaining copy of McBrien's "Catholicism" in the gift shop. Considered that this has been pretty much banned from most RCIA programs since the indult was removed from the book, I'm wondering why it included. Yes, its sold lots of copies but I heard that much of the sales where when it had the indult and you might say that much of the sales continue from people who bought previous editions who want the most current edition.

There were many good things in the gift shop but I wondered why that book was there. Of course, maybe they decided to stop selling it but had been unable to get rid of the last "viewing" copy. There was no evidence of discounting on the worn copy though.

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