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March 31, 2004


Father Todd Reitmeyer

He would have a lot of luck finding one in the Diocese of Sioux Falls. He won't make it here to Herreid and my parish though. Pop 488 and no evian for sale anywhere.

Bishop Carlson would refuse him though.

Rich Leonardi

The adviser's comments confirm that Kerry's Catholicism is just another campaign prop.

George Neumayr, also from the Spectator, had a column yesterday that explored this theme.



"To that end, according to other sources inside the Kerry camp, aides are attempting to identify a Catholic diocese, and perhaps even a specific priest and church, where Kerry could attend a Mass with reporters present, and be turned away at the altar attempting to receive communion."

Oh, I am sure the Kisslings, McBriens, Ruethers, Currans, etc. etc. are beeming with pride about this potential brouha-ha.

Dale Price

Mr. Ekeh's hero, turning the re-presentation of Calvary into The Passion Of The Dykwia.

Inspiring--in the sense that the Senator has just compelled me to make sure there's a Bush sign on my lawn by the end of the week.


Oh! He should come to my parish right outside DC. I am sure our priests would turn him away in a heartbeat.

Ok. I don't hate the guy, as you say, but I sure don't have any like for him, much less any regard for his character. There's no integrity about him. Everything's a prop, as a prior commenter stated.


I am surprised to hear the advisor speak of Kerry as "divorced." According to the latest Time magazine, he received an annulment of his first marriage. So, contrary to what this adviser implies, Kerry's marital status is not irregular in the Church's eyes and would not prevent him from receiving Communion.

Evidently, Kerry has sought to follow Church teaching in some respects -- that makes his rabid pro-abortion stance all the more puzzling.

I think we need to pray desperately for his conversion.

Fr. Brian Stanley

Here's a new acronym:

NIMP -- Not in my parish.

If confrontation is what the senator wants,
I say, "Bring it on."


Does the Time article indicate that he "sought" an annulment? I remember hearing that his first wife objected to it. Did he ever obtain the annulment?

David Borer

If he did receive a decree of nullity, which I don't know if he did or not, he sure didn't wait for it before getting married to Theresa Heinz. As for finding a parish that will deny him the Eucharist, might I suggest the Cathedral in St. Louis, MO. Archbishop Burke, I believe, has already said he would deny Kerry Communion if he presented himself before the Archbishop.


What I feel for Kerry more than anything, at this point, is fear. Terror even. It is one thing to spit on the institution of marriage and slaughter children. But to attempt to use the Blessed Sacrament for political ends? To deliberately violate the actual Person of Christ for the sake of the pagan ritual of democratic voting? Better to be guilty of mass murder, or of virtually anything else however horrible to contemplate. Pray for his soul.


Has anybody been able to verify this from another source at all? I'll admit, it made my blood boil when I first read it, too, but consider that this is from an article using unnamed sources. We don't really know who the "adviser" is suppoed to be, or if this has really been discussed in the Kerry camp at all. I'd feel better if someone was actually standing behind it by name.


A politician challenging the authority of the church for his own personal gain by courting church dissidents.

Sounds like a modern democratic version of Henry VIII.

Rich Leonardi

There's no way an "adviser" would go on the record with that kind of information. It's common practice to stay anonymous (and thus maintain the campaign's deniability) when you want to leak information to the press.

A plausible reason for the leak is the belief that it's in Kerry's interest either to intimidate some bishops from denying him communion, e.g., "I don't want my name in the papers so I'll make sure my priests give him communion," or provoke another, presumably unpopular, bishop into "taking the bait" by confronting him.

Matt W.


Yes, Kerry sought the annulment, but not until 1997 apparently after his first wife sought increased alimony payments (a little odd considering the money in her family, ~$300 million). He separated from his first wife in 1982 (when he became Lt. Gov. of Mass.), divorced in 1988 and married Theresa Heinz in 1995. The annulment came two years later. His first wife strongly opposed the annulment. The grounds for the annulment have never been disclosed.

The scary part is the following (from the New Yorker last December):

In an attempt to explain why he decided not to let his wife's precarious mental state (serious depression) derail his 1982 bid to become Michael Dukakis' lieutenant governor, Kerry told the New Yorker magazine last December, "When I get focused and set out to do something, I'm pretty good at staying focused."

"You don't want to let yourself down, you know what I'm saying?" added the ambitious Democrat without a hint of irony.


I promise to treat Kerry's bid for the presidency with the same respect he shows for Church teaching and the Blessed Sacrament.

In all seriousness, given the man's near-fanatical support for the Culture of Death, and his use of the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament as political props, I almost cannot avoid the conclusion that he's working for the other team.

Peter Nixon

When something seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Does anyone seriously think the American Spectator has sources close to the candidate himself?

Until I see a more mainstream publication run with this, I'm reserving judgment. This smells too much like a Drudge-type hit which, of course, is increasingly how the political game is played in the age of the Internet.

Mark Shea

This man is a courageous Americanist, standing tall against the pseudo-intellectual, esoteric, geopolitical pretensions of a medieval system of monarchism that is totally out of touch with the glories of the Enlightenment and human liberty. What a hero! If only *he* had been the Archbishop of Boston. What a living proof that lay Catholics do not have the episcopacy they want! What an argument incarnate against the insulting claim that the basic contract between the average American Catholic and the episcopacy is "Don't tell me what to do with my sex life and my money and I will be moderately obedient and supportive of whatever it is you do with your priests." John Kerry: A Model American Catholic, loved by millions of other American Catholics.


So far as I can tell, Kerry is not an Americanist.

But Shea is. Given the shaky sourcing, it's pretty clear who is using a sacrement for politics here -- and it ain't the junior Senator frm Massachusetts.

Donald R. McClarey

Kerry-He's Irish, he's Eastern European, he's Jewish, he's Catholic, he's a war hero, he's anti-war, he's against gay marriage, he's for gay marriage, he's for the Iraq war, he's against the Iraq war, he's the most liberal member of the Senate, he's not a liberal. Kerry-a man who will be on your side of the issues, and everyone else's.


Donald: Given what you just said, you might get a laugh out of the FLIP-FLOPPING MAY HAVE INJURED KERRY’S SHOULDER posted story on The Corner, which Amy has a link to above.

An excerpt: “I told him that if he goes out there and starts flip-flopping on gay marriage or taxes, he’s going to wind up right back on the operating table,” Dr. Claman said. “He agreed with me at first, then disagreed, but then agreed with me again.”

Patrick Rothwell

I'm with Peter Nixon, I wonder about the American Spectator's sourcing. Besides, that kind of confrontation runs the risk of turning off blue collar Catholics in battleground states like Ohio. Very counterproductive. Plus, I have a hunch that the liberal Catholic political pundits in Washington like Russert, Shields, E.J. Dionne, Matthews, and Roberts probably would be seriously off-put by Kerry staging a cheap photo-op showing him being excluded from Communion. This would be one of the few times that the liberal press would even take the Catholic Church's side in a conflict with a liberal politician. And, of course, most non-Catholics don't give a rat's ass about the Catholic Church's internal affairs and would wonder why Kerry would choose to make a referendum against the Church as the centerpiece of his campaign rather than a referendum on the presidency of George Bush.
If Kerry pulls that kind of stunt, he's a complete nincompoop.

Ben Kulp

Me-thinks " The Church " needs an exercise in
an exorcism . And Soon .Do you smell something burning ? Is that smoke ? Where is it coming from ? Hurry, Close the windows ! Who told you to open those windows ? I am sure it was none of
us ! Now close the windows . Now !

Matt W.

And then there is the John Kerry's Waffle House t-shirt available from the Glenn Beck website.

Ben Kulp

Me-thinks " The Church " needs an exercise in
an exorcism . And Soon .Do you smell something burning ? Is that smoke ? Where is it coming from ? Hurry, Close the windows ! Who told you to open those windows ? I am sure it was none of
us ! Now close the windows . Now !

Donald R. McClarey

Thank you Becky. This campaign will be humorous if not enlightening.


I don't support John Kerry's philosophy on abortion rights...but according to polls, if every Catholic was asked their position on abortion rights before receiving communion, half the people would return to their seats without receiving the Body of Christ. If they were asked their views on gay marriage, another significant portion would be turned away. If asked about Capital punishment, even more would head empty handed to their seats. These are issues that are far larger than John Kerry.

Moreover, I am with Peter Nixon and others who suggest that this whole thing is a set-up meant to raise Catholic ire against Kerry. Say what you want, but John Kerry right now doesn't need an issue like being turned away from Communion to push his campaign along. The current administration is getting pretty good at shooting itself in the foot. John Kerry is just the beneficiary of that.


Yeah, Kirk, Kerry is the "beneficiary" of a 12-point turnaround in Bush's favor over the last week. Really clever campaign they're running.

Politics aside, we must, MUST pray for Kerry's conversion. (I'm reminded of St. Thomas More's laconic "...But for Wales?" in A Man for All Seasons.)

Fr. Brian Stanley

It's not just a matter of having an opinion about abortion rights; it's about having been active in securing or advancing abortion rights, which is what Sen. Kerry has done consistently throughout his time in the Senate. Yes, probably a large number of Catholics coming up to communion have the opinion that abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances. But how many of them have actually procured an abortion? Or how many of them have sent money to Planned Parenthood? Or how many of them have voted on legislation that advances the cause of abortion in the community? Not very many, I would think. But if you want to make holding an opinion to be morally equivalent to passing legislation, I think you are the one on shaky ground.

I am also of the opinion that much of our laity is woefully ignorant upon this matter, and the fault is that of priests and bishops who have been told not to be too pointed or graphic or they'll upset people, and they know that upset people will not contribute. But Senator Kerry can't claim ignorance. He just comes across as pretty craven, especially with his most recent floor vote, which he interrupted his campaign to cast very publicly.


Fr. Stanley hits on something crucial. It's my view that a concern over the heft of our collection plates drives a lot of the moral cowardice of the clergy. This is a failure of faith. The fact is that the churches will fill to bursting should the Church provide a clear alternative to the secular rot all around us.

And if they don't, that's just the way it goes. I would rather fifty people get the genuine article than have a million people get sold a bogus bill of goods. A small, perscuted, spat-upon, but HOLY church is, in my view more beautiful in the eyes of God than a large, comfortable, and spiritually bankrupt one. Again I ask, by diluting the Message, what, exactly, is to be gained? You CAN NOT save souls by lying to them, or convincing them of half-truths. You can get rich--but that's not why we're in business, is it?

Or is it?


This is pure nonsense. If he wants to find someone who would turn him down all he has to do is go to Mass for real once in a while. We have several bishops out there with track records of refusing public sinners. Sooooo, how come he doesn't know this if he's such a hot to trot practicing Catholic??
And if he does know it and this is his intention, what's taking him so long?? He's traveling.

The consequences would be interesting, anyway. I'm of the opinion that what has happened regarding intentions toward God and the Church has happened. Just because it's not visible at the moment doesn't mean it's not there. We are in de facto schism and have been for some time. This might make it more visible but wouldn't change much, I don't think.


Amy, you probably can't hate his soul, and hope with conviction that he goes to hell no matter what God wants...........

But you don't have to like him either. I don't.

The love we are called to in Scripture isn't an emotional thing, you know. It's the call to decide (with your WILL) that you wish the other person the same good from God that you wish for yourself. Period.


Just thinking. I said above that if Kerry played the martyr it wouldn't change much....

It might shock the golf caps off a few of our bishops. They're sort of the last to know about the de facto schism that we have.


I smell a rat, too. If his campaign is making a list of parishes where he might be turned away, it's in view of avoiding them, I would guess.

James Ross

I live in Portugal where abortion is once again being debated, communists and socialist in favor, the social democrats and Church opposing. The average Portuguese is proud of Kerry´s wife of Portuguese descent and follow U.S. politics closely. Unless the Church in America clearly rebukes the Kerry-Heinz pro-gay/abortion team, the average person here in Portugal could be confused. I think the Bishops should refuse him Communion for the sake of the Catholic majority(96%) of Portugal.


If you want John Kerry's opinion on any issue, you have to give him one first.


If you want John Kerry's opinion on any issue, you have to give him one first.


Kerry pays $1.00 for each view of his banners raising money. Every time you see a banner click on your refresh button 100 times and you will cost him $100.


Why should I concern myself with someone else's faith?

BTW - George Bush is a nincompoop.

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John Kerry has no back bone, and we as Christians have a duty to vote someone into the White House with some moral. Bush is our man.


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