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May 27, 2004



When i studied in Germany, the senior piano faculty was a Romanian of German extraction. They had their revolution the year I was there -- the Ceaucescus shot to death on live TV on Christmas Day 1989. So after the holiday I asked him, "Herr (Name), are you going back to Romania? They have democracy there now."

He said, "Yes, but it's a Romanian sort of democracy."

Anyway, since he was not only German-race but also Jewish, he wasn't headed back behind the Iron Curtain anytime soon.

This priest is an amazing example for everyone. Just what are we willing to give up for Jesus? What are we willing to endure? And it also gibes with Mark Shea's favorite theme of original sin -- amazing how similar the treatments are. To think we fought against COmmunism, only for some of the Defenders of Freedom to adopt their tactics.

Brent Kanaly

There is absolutely no comparison or similarity between what those morons in the US military did and what the Ceaucescus did. The Ceaucescus were some of the most evil people ever. Quit trying to equate our military, values, and ideals with these types of people.

Rod Dreher

The mystery of evil is that in both the Romanian gulag and Abu Ghraib prison, those in power over the powerless sexually humiliated them and (in the Abu Ghraib case) allegedly compelled them to blaspheme against their god. The line between good and evil, as Solzhenitsyn reminded us, runs not between America and Ceaucescu's Romania, but bisects the human heart.


Yes, and you can't say "It's not evil when we do it because we're The Good Guys(tm)." Torture, even of the relatively mild kind that our troops committed, is objectively wrong. While I imagine that our use of torture is very limited, and hope it is not approved from higher in the chain of command, Wrong is Wrong.

"But I would use this Ring for good!"

Right, Boromir.

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