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January 31, 2005


Christopher Rake

Also at Get Religion Jeremy Lott ably reviews James Carroll's review of John Cornwell's book about John Paull II.

Got it?

Um, let me diagram that.....back in a sec...


Arinze is just "running for Pope" ...

Of course, actually saying that one is doing that is passe, so we are "apostolic mission outreach" or other nonsense phraseology.

Arinze has been on "baby kissing mode" now for quite some time.

Hunk Hondo

Rod may know more about this story--but then, he may not be at liberty to talk about it.

Henry Dieterich

The justification for the emphasis in the article is something like:

A religious figure with a worldwide reputation comes to Dallas.

The reason--otherwise unknown--for which he came to Dallas, which may involve speaking to thousands of Texans, is an internal Church matter, and therefore not news.

His views on the standing within the Church of a politician who was running for office and lost several months ago, which have been well publicized--the politician, moreover, not being from Texas or indeed being very popular in Texas--is not an internal Church matter, and therefore is news.

I don't think I'm the only one who senses a lapse of logic here.


The cardinal as many other members of the USA and international hierarchy was in Dallas for the medical-moral conference (bio-ethics and such) sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Sorry, no intrigue.

Henry Dieterich

Bioethics is not news?


The cardinal was also in Dallas to speak at the Southwest Liturgical Conference. My blog has links within a commentary.

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