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February 23, 2005


stuart chessman

Apparently this "movement" has a presence at Fordham. Otherwise it seems to be an Italian phenomenon.

Interesting pictures today of his funeral at Cathedral of milan. I loved the black and purple vestments!

Zhou De-Ming

Apparently this "movement" has a presence at Fordham. Otherwise it seems to be an Italian phenomenon.

Actually, much more widespread. Just not easy to find unless you look for it. See high level view. There is a group in the San Francisco area.


Yes, the movement is present in many countries. It is still relatively young here in the United States. But there are several of us St. Blog parishioners who are involved with the movement.

stuart chessman

What is this group like? A long time ago I received very mixed reports from some Italians on the modus operandi of this group. There is also a report on chiesa.com of Giussani's views on recent church history that is startling, to say the least.



Well, I'm pretty new to CL but I would be happy to do my best to provide some answers. Feel free to email me.

CL actually has a lot of good information about itself on its website (which may be a bit difficult to navigate momentarily as the front page was changed to make some announcemnts about the death of Fr. Giussani and his funeral).

My blog has some posts and links that are helpful to what CL is about as does this post over at Clarity's Place: http://www.clairity.org:8080/blojsom/blog/place/community/2005/02/22/Msgr_Luigi_Giussani_1922_2005.html

I got some web hosting service announcement for the chiesa.com item, so I can't comment on what you may be referencing there.

stuart chessman



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