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February 11, 2005


Steve Skojec

I wish the Pope had actually called Buckley and said "Suffer this." That might just have been the funniest moment in human history.

Man I must be tired or something...


As a Buckley fan since the early 70's, and as one for whom the connection between Catholicism and conservatism was made by WFB, i was vaguely worried by the tone, that went far beyond the elegiac, in his Atlantic Monthly meditation/essay on giving up his sailboat. It sounded too much like someone working hard at not sounding depressed.

Since this column on the Pope's example, i fear even more that some level of Roman stoicism as opposed to Roman Catholicism has infected his thought, with the solemn respect for "a honorable death" even if you have to arrange it yourself a part of such Romanitas (sorry, i don't know how to italicize that).

Pray for him.

Lenten blessings,

Can't Stand WFB

I think it is hedonism, rather than stoicism, that has been WFB's mo of late.

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