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February 20, 2005


Claude Muncey

I find this story a bit puzzling, as Disney/Walden had a booth at the RE Congress this week promoting the initial film, having no problem showing video from the various designers and wrters and showing all sorts of things about it, without being embarassed about the religious aspects at all.

Maybe the writer was working from the wrong coast.

Mark Windsor

Maybe they should hire Mel Gibson to market it...

Jay Anderson

I had originally heard Disney was thinking about playing down (i.e. eliminating) the Christian symbolism. But how does one do that without changing the entire story?

Did Disney re-think that strategy?

john hearn

Didn't Uncle Andrew have the samme problem?

Susan F. Peterson

Who sold the right to make a movie of the books to Disney, which has ruined every book it has ever touched? Shame on whoever loved money more than these wonderful stories!

Sandra Miesel

Disney as such isn't making this film. They're releasing it. The actual production is in the hands of Walden Media, who've hired Weta to do the sets and special effects--those aspects should be fine. Aslan's sacrifice on the Stone Table will definitely be in the finished product.


"When you get to that level, it's broadly acceptable to the public."-Mr. Kaplan, of the Lear Center

How did we get to this? I didn’t see this kind of introspection in "Constantine" or "Dogma". It's only when Christianity is put forth in a compelling way do we have to "appeal to the larger public" and "be sensitive to the potential audience".


Jay Anderson

I read a post on another site today from someone who played Aslan in his high school version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Rather than a knife (specified in the book) Aslan was sacrificed with a large sword, which was thrust downward and left protruding upward from Aslan's lifeless body.

Immediately after the sacrifice, the curtain dropped. A bright light shone on the curtain exposing the outline of a cross (the sword and its hilt).

Bet that won't be in the movie.

Sandra Miesel

For your Narnia needs:


Rich Leonardi

Maybe they should hire Mel Gibson to market it...

How about Peter Jackson? He simply played it straight, recognizing that Tolkein imbued his trilogy with Christian themes. And though not necessarily a Christian himself, he knew that ignoring those themes or watering them down would have been unfaithful to the author's vision (not to mention a PR miscue).

By contrast the folks behind Chronicles - perhaps it's just the marketers - come off as squeamish. They'd better be careful. Unlike LOTR, which had a seventies hippie boomlet which perhaps secularized them in the minds of potential moviegoers, people buy Chronicles because it's a Christian allegory.

Eutychus Fell

I just read the other day that Disney is working on some animation of Hindu gods for play in India. read more here. If they're willing to give Hindu gods the Disney treatment, why not be true to Christianity?

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