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April 15, 2005


Angus Dwyer

errr... I was there (for most of it anyway - see the After Abortion comments for details) and it was closer to 15-20 Yale students. but it was a hard-core 15-20 students, a Ratzingeresque mustard seed. (I think there are at least 80 students in CLAY.) Either way, it was incredibly cool to have Annie Banno speak.

Speaking of women that it's cool to hear speak, how exactly would one go about getting the illustrious Amy Welborn to come speak in New Haven? Would a guided tour of the church at which the Knights of Columbus were founded sweeten the deal? How about dinner at Mory's?



I generally go anywhere I'm asked, if it fits my schedule. I have a speaking info page (linked on the left side), and would happy to come. I drove around the campus once, about a year and a half ago when I spoke at the Bridgeport Diocese Catechetical Congress. So I've been there. Sort of.

Annie Banno

Late to the reply (didn't know Amy posted on this, thanks, Amy! thanks, Angus!) but I think, just to politely correct Amy's post, I wrote that "There were a dozen of their 80 members present." Sorry if that was misleading, didn't mean to be!
Angus, it was great to meet you afterward, let me know if you have any thoughts on that book by Charlie Rice I showed you. I'll add your blog to my sidebar under the heading "FRIENDS", way down at the bottom, but still tops in my heart!
God bless,

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