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April 19, 2005




I also like the fact that both Traditionalist and non-trad orthodox Catholics on this blog have expressed joy over our new sweet Christ on earth. This decision has brought us together; may it continue.

Long live our Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI!

In Jesu et Maria,


Amy, I am moved beyond words.

Dan Crawford

Shortly after noon EDT, I gathered with several other Episcopal priests and our suffragan bishop in front of the computer monitor to watch the EWTN feed. When we heard the cardinal speak the name "Josephum", we all cheered. We remembered he had written to our Bishop (Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh) on the occasion of the gathering of Episcopalians in Plano TX to begin organizing the resistance to the suicidal plunge of ECUSA into heresy and apostasy.

Benedict XVI means a strong and powerful voice for Christian orthodoxy - did you read his sermon at the Mass for the Election of the Pope?

Whatever divides us ecclesiastically, many Episcopalians and Protestants are grateful to God for his election. The stuggle will continue to unite us all against those whom the MSM have been quoting who desire us to surrender unconditionally to this corrupt and morally bankrupt culture.

Viva il papa!


Beautiful, Amy. But dang there are times I read your words and could swear your channeling Fr. Giussani. (Not a bad thing, in case that's unclear!)


I'm one of those Progressives everyone likes to talk about (heee) and you know what...

I'm so joyous right now I could burst.

The more I digest this, the more hopeful I become.

I think it's a beautiful, beautiful day, and Pope Benedict XVI has my respect, and my support.

Fr. Shawn O'Neal

Being that this was the first election since most homes had cable TV and its numerous news outlets, the internet, and all various forms of communication, it all seemed much closer than before. It did not seem the stuff of Movietone newsreels; we are right there no matter where we are. In the old reels, it seemed as if a pope blessed everyone in the square, but it was obvious that the blessing was much more orbi than it was urbi.

May God bless Pope Benedict XVI with many years of humble service. May he encourage us and may we encourage him


Hello Amy,

Well down here at Ave Maria Unuversity, we had something like nearly the entire student body crammed into the cafeteria, along with what must have been half the press corps of SW Florida, watching the news on the TV.

Total pandemonium. A horde of young people simply bursting with joy over who the Holy Spirit has given us as our new Holy Father. Excitement all around.

We prayed with him as he prayed. And we prayed for him.

Fr. Fessio, who studied under Cardinal Ratz-...I mean the Holy Father (this is going to be a hard habit to break) in Germany for several years and may well be one of his closest friends, was a few feet from me and visibly moved by the whole scene. Unthinkable at his last job (at SFU).

I just hope my hopes for this pontificate aren't being ratcheted too high. Because right now they are high indeed.

best regards


My wife and I just got back from celebrating the new pope with a couple of beers at our local Mexican restaurant. The whole time we were there the staff and we were watching Benedict 16 on Spanish news. The whole world seems to be paying close attention.

A great day!

Mark C.

What a great day in the history of the Church. The Cardinals have with surprising unity elected not only a man (and I think a truly great and good man), but a profound vision of the Papacy and the future of Christianity and Western Civilization. People had no idea what they were getting with the surprise election of John Paul II. But with Benedict XVI, the Cardinals know exactly what they are getting. This will not be a clone of John Paul II. But in certain respects - doctrinal, liturgical, administrative - I think it will be even better, and may leave an even deeper impact after Benedict XVI has departed from this earth.

The only historical parallel I can think of to this is when Cardinal Hildebrand, after years of shaping the theology and ideology of the Papacy in 11th century Europe, ultimately ascended to the Papacy himself as Pope Gregory VII (and within four years had the previously anti-clerical Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV repenting before him on his knees at Canossa).


Relating to Amy's question/musings on "why?", I noticed an article yesterday on widesrpead mental depression among the German people, particularly "west" Germans. Millions of people were interviewed by an insurance company and the results were that 70% of Germans felt they could use treatment for depression. 70%!! And it was the worst among the young.

The article pointed to the economy and sure that probably plays into it, but I have spent some time in Germany and I cannot help but think that there is a spiritual malaise, a sense of purposeless that many people there have.

I would think Europe's youth are ripe for evangelization...maybe our new German pope can reach them.



And maybe at World Youth Day, which is in Germany this summer!

Ray in MN

The organizers for World Youth Day in Cologne/Koeln, Germany, this summer have been visibly and vocally worried about what might happen if John Paul II was not able to attend or should die before the event.

Well, I reckon even if nobody else shows up, there will be millions of Bavarians who will be willing to crawl to Cologne to see "their" Papa!

It will be on August 16-25. And if you hang around for a month or so, you can hit Oktoberfest in Munich where they might have a thing or two to say about their new Pope.

john hearn

John Paul the Great spoke truth to the peoples of the world. The world now looks to our new pope with hope for more of this wondrous food and I don't think that it will be disappointed. We are all drawn to the truth, sometimes kicking and screaming. JPII plowed the field and broadcast the seed; Benedict XVI will bring in the harvest.


I've been pondering, in my elation and humble gratefulness for this day, why the networks and radio stations are so honed into this uniquely Catholic tradition. From listening to the comments of non-Catholic commentators I think a lot of them surprised themselves when they realized that they too love the fact that there is still a place of influence and extreme visibility that boldly stands for something immovable - absolute Truth - and it is not afraid to proclaim it. Everything today is so wishy washy but the Catholic Church is never that and it has been visually and verbally evident to so many, particularly in the past couple of weeks.

I honestly believe a lot of even non-Catholics would have been disappointed if there were a progressive or liberal pope elected. In our hearts and souls, we know we don't need another ECUSA.

Long live Pope Benedict XVI! It sure feels like springtime in the Church to me today!

Sandra Miesel

Watch that reference to St. Gregory VII. The Canossa stunt was just a ploy on the Emperor's part, not real repentence. Gregory (whose DICTATUS PAPAE is an over-the top claim of papal power over all rulers), wound up driven out of Rome (by his erstwhile allies) and dying in exile.
But today was the feast of the 11th C reforming pope St. Leo IX.
Let's not kid ourselves that Benedict XVI's pontificate will be anything but an invisible crucifixion.

Joe Giardina

What a marvelous day...so suspenseful, joyous....and so spectacular.
Oh the possibilities . Praise God
Viva il Papa !!!!


I'm sure it will be, Sandra, and I think Pope Benedict XVI, holy one that he is, knows that. But that's not all it will be. We are at a turning point thanks to PJP2 and PB16.


Amy, I think we Catholics are so happy that we are getting good press after the last few years of the abuse scandal. I know I am thrilled to actually see the multitudes and media giving the Church such support. It represents such hope. Maybe I need to have more faith in human nature, or just more faith? :)LOL

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