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May 30, 2005


Kenjiro Shoda

For all intests and purposes Christianity is a dead religion in the British Isles, especially in Britian itself. The Anglican Church (the so-called established Church of England) claims 30 million or so members, of which less than 900,000 regularly attend Church. Thousands of their "priests" have resigned since the introduction of female clergy, and many more will do so if the new ruling of the Archbishop of Canterbury passes thru (allowing gay Anglican priests to marry their lovers if they remain celibate). There are 1,500 gay Anglican priests in Britian alone.
In Scotland, Wales,Ireland, Scandinavia, Netherlands and Belgium, most of France, Austria Christianity is a dying Faith. Protestantism is dead in Europe....and Catholicism is not far behind. Unfortunatly this could be turned around with Catholicism returning to tradition. Unfortunatly the first moves by Benedict XVI suggest a continuation of the disasterous policies of John Paul II, so there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the Church yet.
In Protestant Scandinavia, people have actually turned away from Lutheranism and begun going back to worshipping the ancient Viking gods of 1,500 years ago (Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki etc.)
The Catholic Church has a marvelous opportunity to take up the challenge and re-evangelize the continent of Europe. Catholic Faith and tradition once converted the whole of Europe. It can be done again. Is Benedict XVI up to the task. Time will tell, but His first gestures (regarding ecumenism, dialog) suggest not.

Donald R. McClarey

Sociologists would rule the world if history were merely a straight-line projection of current trends. It isn't.


To what extent is this guy just promoting his book?

William B. Secor

All religions die, all gods, goddesses. theologies etc, it is not that Christianity is dyng it is that it is not evolving. Christ still has much to say to mankind, the problem is, will mankind listen and understand, especialy as to his (Christ's) place in history as a Jew, and not as "God". For if it does not evolve, it falls into Fundamentalisim which is one of the steps towards death (rigid, ultra conservative etc.).

Kent Backman

As to Kenjiro Shodas comment about Scandinavia I´d like to point out that the Asgard religion of today is a nature religion based on humanism.

Fundamentalism will be the death of christianity just as much as the myth of Jesus.

William B Secor has a point, it is not only animals who are subjected to evolution, it also works just as well on gods and entire religions. Just look at YWHW who went from Aton to the composite god of Canaan.

After the horrible events in a small christian sect located in Knutby, Sweden, swedes quite often see christians as queers.

The christian church in Sweden loses from 70 000 to a 100 000 members each year.

Michael Shuman

Jesus Christ is a living God. Christianity has a God who knows His way out of the grave. So there is hope for Europe.

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