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May 25, 2005



Wow. Big Tony's story is especially well worth reading. Two things stick out to me that I've always known but only recently begun to believe and live:

1. The Holy Spirit can convert anybody.

2. Our walk with God is truly an ongoing journey. There is no point when you can say, "That's it. I'm finally the person God wants me to be."


An article on Fr Christopher from the Sydney Morning Herald.


The attached link leads to the Worth Abbey News site which contains numerous links to articles and reviews of this television series.



Thanks for the link to BBC America's Viewers Relations email. I've been wanting to unload on them all season.
What they did to Murphy's Law was just a sin. I'm sure they will figure out a way to screw up Wire in the Blood if and when it comes back next season.


BBC America won't air it here because they think all Americans that want the Beeb here only watch it for the potty humour.

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