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May 24, 2005


Eileen R

Amy, I'm working on getting out the information to pro-lifers in my city. I hope I can drum up a response.

Sandra Miesel

Can the family get the story out locally through a TV station or "human interest" newspaper columnist?

peter wilson

Perhaps we could pray for the interecession of St.Giana Molla...



That's a great idea! The perfect patron.

St. Gianna, pray for Susan Torres and her family, and most especially her unborn child. As her life blessed those around her, may God also bring blessings and life from her death. Lift the life of her unborn child before the throne of our most Loving Father, that He may strengthen and aid the child, that the child might live and give God glory with his life.

Heavenly Father, draw Susan's family close to you and strengthen them in this most difficult time. Provide for them in their time of need, we pray. Touch our hearts and teach us generousity, so that we may be Your hands and feet and do your will.

Father, we never know the time or the place of our end or your judgment. Prepare our hearts to rely on You, and teach us again to think on You now, so that when our time comes, we will run into Your open arms with joy. Welcome into your kingdom Susan Torres, and have mercy on her soul.


Dan Purtill

I'm a friend of the Torres family, and just want to thank everyone for their kindness.

Please keep up the prayers. Every day brings a new crisis for the Torres family. The doctors are truly in uncharted territory here, so it's a true struggle to keep Susan stable. The prayers are working, just don't stop now!

In response to Sandra Miesel, the Arlington Catholic Herald should be publishing an article in their next issue, and we hope to be getting wide media attention in the next 2 weeks or so. Keep your eyes and ears open!


I just saw the information regarding Susan and her baby and her suffering husband on EWTN. I will be sending some funds soon.
May God Bless
Kathy McAvinue

Nicky Huggett

Hello there,
I was very moved when I read the story about Susan this morning in USA Today. I work for a UK television company who make award winning medical and science documentaries. I was just wondering if I could help in any way - perhaps by making a short film about the family we could bring the nation's attention to their plight? Or maybe we could contribute to the fund in some way.
Please contact me to talk about this as we have a long standing reputation in this area and would love to be of some assistance. My e-mail is nhuggett@redbackfilms.tv and my telephone number is 0044 207 478 7399 - I can always call people back to save the phone bill.

I am sending love and wishes to all the family.

God bless,

Nicky Huggett


Does anyone know if Jason is receiving any letters or e-mails. I read in an article that he is struggling with his faith. This is understandable. I think if people could write or e-mail him words of encouragement it would help him a great deal. Or at least if someone could print off what others have written so he could read the encouraging words, he might find some new strength.

If someone could let him know that Elizabeth,(who he doesn't know) from Missouri, and her friends are praying for him, I would appreciate it.
Thank You and God Bless You


I just read Susan's story on the interet and want to offer my condolences. My mother-in-law is in the final stages of her battle with brain cancer so on some small level we understand the problems associated with such diseases.

We will be praying for Jason, Peter and the new baby and hope that God will be watching over them.


I was so moved by the story. I am so so sorry for Torres family. I had a family member that died of Brain Cancer. She also had melanoma. She left a beautiful family behind. I know it is hard not be mad with God at this point, but I pray that you remain strong and keep your faith and know that she will be going home to rest with God. I cannot offer any money at this time, but if there is anything else that I can do please let me know. I pray that you are able to have this child without any complications. God Bless you and your family

Viki Posidis

I just read about the Susan Torres ordeal and I felt immediately moved to send out my love and prayers to Susan, Jason, Peter, baby, and the entire family that is going through this. Hang on to your faith in God. His divine plan is always perfect. Hang in there... all of you. Love and guiding angels are all around you.

My love and prayers are with you.


Mary Rienzo

I will pray for everyone involved. I will pray that the baby is born healthy and happy. I will pray that Susan's husband has strength of spirit. I will pray that the cancer does not spread. When all is done, I will pray that Susan goes peacefully with God.

james idler

I am glad to see the story hitting mainstream
( USA Today article on yahoo homepage ).

Hopefully this helps out with the finances. I am planning on helping out myself...best wishes for the families involved - especially Jason and the children...be strong .


As a 34 year old Northern VA father of two (with a 20 month old boy, and 2 month old boy), my deepest sympathies go out to Jason and his family. I plan on helping out financially as I can't imagine the emotional or financial toll this situation has taken on him. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Danielle Dahm

My heart & prayers pour out to the Torres family. I'm a Stage III Melanoma survivor & mother of three. I hop Jason knows he's making the right decision!

Chanda Rosales

I just read about the Torres family on AOL News webpage. My thoughts and prayers are with them and have faith that God is with them at every moment.

Jan Young

I am very moved after reading an article about Jason and Susan today on AOL.

I believe in a woman's right to choose what the path her body and her life takes, AND I believe life is precious and sacred. I believe Jason is making the right choice in doing everything possible to save his baby's life.

God bless Jason, Susan and their children. I will keep them in my heart and my prayers.

Lisa Holleman

Jason, I know how hard it is to keep faith in light of so much pain. Been there - done that - still doing. But this is the time when we, as Cahtolics, receive the proof of what our faith is all about. When we ae at our worst - and life seems to be throwing us every bad curve... that is when we have to fight to just simply have faith in God and Jesus Christ. If it helps, think about all of those who are writing and giving of time and money and prayers... although the devil is using this tough time to get to try to get to you - God is using it stronger to gaather an army in your defense. to protect you and your family from the devil. Acroos the world prayers are being said every minute which is bringing so many closer to God.. find peace in knowing that Susan would be very thankful that in her own way she brought so many closer to God through this tragedy. I think she would see that she is kind of a jmodern day martyr or saint... through hers - and yours suffering - more people reach out to HIm.
mine and my own family prayers will be added to the many that will form about you and will support you during this time. Allow all of us across the world to carry you for now.

Lisa Holleman & Family
Our Lady of the Valley Church
Pahrump Nevada

Amber Jenkins

Dear Jason,

I cried a lot when I read your story. It hits so close to home for me. I am not experienced with cancer but I am experienced with very premature babies. I went into preterm labor at 19 weeks and layed in a hospital bed for a whole month before they could no longer hold my contractions at bay. I gave birth at 23 weeks and 5 days gestation. It was the worst nightmare of my life. I have seen things that no one should ever see. I have seen innocent suffering that is unimaginable and in order not to be angry every day of my life about it, because there is NEVER a good enough reason to warrant that kind of suffering in a little baby (or your wife!), that I have written off any possibility of there being a diety that is both all loving and all powerful. Everyone is different in how they deal with grief and it is hard when we think that life is about reward and punishement and that the bad things only happen to "other people". This isn't the case, we discover, when the bad things happen to us and we know we have done our best to live honestly and honorably. Sometimes stuff happens. I don't know the reasons, if there really are reasons to everything. I think people say things like that to make themselves feel better and that's fine really. What makes one person feel better doesn't make another person feel better.

I guess I didn't have anything really uplifting to say, since I am still reeling from my own losses. Two of my babies died two years ago and one died a year ago. Then my husband left me when his pain was too unbearable. I hope it wasn't bad for me to share that. I have so many hopes for you. I wish so many things for you and your two children. I hope that baby can get past at least 26 weeks and not have too many problems. Just please do this... If that baby has problems, please let people help you to take care of him/her. It will grind you to a nub and that doesn't do anyone any good. I had to learn this the hard way. People like to feel like they can do something to help, especially in a situation where people feel powerless to fix things.

My spirituality hangs by a thread but it is a strong thread. I have to believe there's a chance I will meet my children again some day and that me living a good life will enable me to see them. That IS my will to live now. We don't have the same beliefs but I felt a connection to your story so I hope my wording has come across in a positive way for you.

I wish you all that you hope for yourself and your family. I hope your situation turns out better than mine did.


I wrote and typed a letter about Susan and posted it in our local gym. I am praying that others will read it and sign on to the website to donate. I hope that everything goes well for the Torres family. You are in my prayers.


My first babyboy Reilly was born at 31 weeks and 4 days, many doctors told me his life will never be of a normal child because he had a 5th degree brain bleed and many other problems. However he is now starting kindergarden, and as a proud moma I think he is smarted then many kids his age. I hope this can give you some hope, the best advise i can give is doctors are not always right. all my prays and hope is with you, God Bless.


Judy Hurt Boyter

To Jason and the Torres family: My husband and I were choir teachers of Susan at Klein Oak High School in Spring, TX. We are so saddened by the news of Susan's death. We both hope that you will have the strength to see you through this tragedy and that the baby will be born healthy. We will certainly be sending a donation and contacting others in this area. Her junior high choir teacher, Debra Beam alerted me to the fact that it was indeed our former student. I am so sorry for your loss.

Judy Boyter

Stephanie Hunley


During this difficult time, my prayer is that you will continually call upon the name of the Lord. For God is near to those who have a broken and contrite heart. May God allow your precious gift in Susan's womb continue to thrive.

Thank you for honoring your wife's wishes, and choosing God's path.....the one of life.

Love in Christ,

Stephanie Hunley


how could people not be moved by this familys plight. Warm and heartfelt wishes

Mary Hayes

Jason and family,

I am so sorry to hear about the daily struggles and cross you have to bear ... but perhaps you do no look at it from the perspective of "carrying a cross". You are extremely brave and I think a lessor person in your position would not be able to deal with this quite as eloquently as you have. I am getting married soon and my fiance and I went to the Arlington diocese marriage prep this weekend and heard a story about a hockey player from Canada who stood by his wife through everything she went through being terminally ill and how he would not leave her side for anyhthing because of the marriage covenant he made with her before God - even caring for her day to day for years on end. You are right up there with him. God bless you for dealing with thiseartbreaking circumstance like a true hero. You and your son and the rest of your family are in my prayers.

Teresa Whisler

I am so sorry for all you are going through right now. I pray for your family and baby. I sent what money I could right now and will send you some more. People do care.
You all are in my prayers.


My thoughts and prayers are with the Torres family. Jason, you're doing the right thing. I don't have the money to donate though I wish I did. All I can offer you is a place in my prayers. Best wishes to the Torres family!!

Nadia Taylor

To the Family of Susan:

I recently heard of your unbearable grief, and was overwhelmed. I want you to know that from the moment I read the article my heart has been overwhelmed with a profound sense of sadness for your the family. "Silver or Gold have I none, but such as I have, I give to you" Acts 3 vs. 6 (The Holy Bible). In the name of Jesus I am declaring that Susan will be miraculously healed from her disease, deliver a health baby and live a long life with her Husband... I don't know if this family knows the Lord, But in times like these we search for answers from up above, & I just want to let you all know that I am standing Proxy for Susan before the Almighty, pleading her case. And with assurance I can say to you that right now Jesus is making intercessions to God for you. The bible declares that "He (Jesus) can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; Therefore be rest assured that He is making those intercessions for you

Romans 8:26 - Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Continue to also lift up your Susan's name to Jesus Christ and watch what happens. If you are not Christians, please try Jesus, he's never failed anyone yet, I know from experience. About a year and a half ago, doctors found an unexplained lump in my throat, and after MRI, I was told that the best option I had was to have surgery. I had a 3 year old at the time and couldn't see myself going through that. So I lifted up my Faith in Christ and asked him to heal me. Within weeks the Lump disappeared much to the amazement of my doctor.

Please If you've never been to the Lord in prayer,
Pray this prayer : Dear God in Heaven, I come to you today in earnest desparation. I believe that you are the one and true God, and that you sent your only son Jesus to die on the cross for me. God it is with this knowledge that I come to you today, I know that because of Christ's Death, I can come boldly to the throne of heaven and declare our Susan healed. for the Bible declares in : Isaiah 53:5 - "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. " And so lord I stand on the word of God ( Bible and it's promises) today and Declare Susan be healed in the name of Jesus.

I love you in the Lord...


A prayer for Susan and her family.

Father I come to you on bended knee
With a prayer
A simple plea
You say if we ask in Jesus name
Healing power
We may claim
So I ask but not for me
But for Susan
And her family
Touch her Lord body and soul
Touch her Lord
Make her whole
A child she carries within her womb
Please do not
Make her the babies tomb
You say if two or more agree
Well theres more
So hear our plea
Heal her Lord
And set her free

God doesn't want anyone to suffer. Please pray for this family (EVERYONE) God Bless

Paul Rollin


I am Susan Rollin Torres' Father. Susan IS, not WAS, an incredibly strong willed, determined, driven, young woman. From the time that she learned to talk , one of the first things SUSAN ROLLIN said was "I Do My By Self." And She Meant It, even if she got it a little backwards. Anyone who doubts that Susan will get Her Baby to us, in a healthy condition, just doesn't know Susan.

Susan was an athlete. One of the reasons she is still with us, is that she was stayed in very good physical condition. She lettered in Track, as a sprinter, and Volley Ball. She played Tennis, and she played on one of the best, professionally coached Club Soccer teams in the nation. Many of her teammates went on to play at the college level. Susan could have gone to college on an athletic scholarship, but she didn't need to. She went on an academic scholarship. And she graduated, Cum Laude from the University of Dallas with a BS in Biologu, and Environmental Science.

This is just some of the story of Susan ROLLIN Torres, that hasn't been told. Nobody has asked, "Who is this Susan Torres girl?" All I have heard is that she is Brain Dead, and Pregnant, and how much it is going to cost to bring a miracle baby into the world.

It's too bad, because that is the best story of all. Anyone who ever came in contact with Susan came away from the meeting better for it. No only was she incredibly bright, but she had a gift for makiing everyone feel that they were special. She was special, and I won't let her story be untold for another minute.

You will be hearing more form me soon.

cindy brock

I live in the same neighborhood as Susan's parents and I played tennis on a team with Susan's mom Sandi. I remember Sandi always spoke with such pride about Susan and I remember when Susan was getting married. I never met Susan but new she was special from the way her mom talked about her and because Sandi is such a sweet person. I haven't seen Sandi in a while but my thoughts and prayers are with them.


My thoughts are with your family. Small contribution has been sent via PayPal.


I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when day is gone.
I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways.
Of happy time and laughing times and bright and sunny days.
I'd like the tears of those who grief to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when life is done.


I learned of your family through a common friend, Angela W-H (Susan was her maid-of-honor.) I've not contacted your family, but have held you all in my prayers.
Thanks be to God for the birth of Baby Susan Anne Catherine Torres. May she live and grow to honor her mother's memory and to serve her mother's Lord and Savior.

May the Peace of Christ reign in the lives of all who go on to treasure Susan M's memory.

Joe Dean

There are so many things that I hear about in the news everyday that are hard to understand. I guess we become desinsitized by what we see because there are so many stories everyday of bad things that happen to people, families, things people do to other people. What I would like to tell you is that your story, the day I first heard about it, unfortunately it wasn't until August, 3rd. I cried. I became so emotionally upset unlike anything I have ever felt before over anything I have seen in the news. I'm 36 years old, have never been married, but hope and pray everyday that I'll find my soulmate and we'll start a life and a family together. Your story has had an impact on my life. I don't want to bore you especially at a time like this telling you all the details of things I have gone through recently. I struggle with anxiety issues everyday. I let so much build up that I had what amounted to what I thought was a nervous breakdown back in February. With the help of a therapist, I'm putting the pieces back together. When I finished college in the early 90's I made many moves with many jobs, didn't maintain close friendships, never felt a sense of community anywhere, lots of problems in relationships. I know how hard it is to find the right woman. I know no one is perfect and accepting each other's flaws when you do find that person is a big part of what it means to be truly in love. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jason and Susan...I'm just two states down in S.C. But from what I gathered they had that type of relationship that I think many would envy. I'm so sad, and happy at the same time. You have a new family member, but that part of you Jason, your best friend and soulmate will not be there for the three of you (and family) for your journey through life. I hope you see a little bit of Susan in your daughter's eyes and in her features in general..you'll always remember. I am sure that the pain you are feeling right now is something I could not even begin to understand. I will admit to weaknesses of being selfish and thinking my problems deserve to be the center of focus to those close to me..but all it took was hearing/seeing your story through various types of media to make me start to really think of some of the choices and decisions I make on a day to day basis. I've always been interested in marriage and family, just haven't found "her" Those institutions are precious to me. My parents have been married 45 years and act as if they are still newly-weds. I think it's pretty cool.. Wish I could find that! And when I do, I will make sure that I tell my wife I love her everyday and make time (which is hard to do in our hectic world) to cherish the small moments..holding hands, going out for ice-cream, dancing together etc. Because we are never guaranteed tommorrow. It made me think of how much I take for granted, the selfish needs I think I have..I couldn't fathom what it would be like to lose my soulmate..It makes me cry. I'm so sorry. God Bless...you will get through this somehow and life will go on. I hope your daughter continues to grow stronger each and everyday. I will pray for you and your family as I did the day/night I heard about your story.

Joe Dean (Greenville, S.C.)

Paul Rollin

Hello Again:

Here is a story about Susan that might help you understand how special she was.

Susan never was a person who would be interested in camping out in the wilderness. She liked the comforts of air conditioning in Houston's Intense Summer, and she hated to be cold. Don't most women?

Anyway. Shortly after Susan graduated with her BS in Biology/Environmental Science, from the University of Dallas,...Not a Community College in Dallas, but a small, intensely academic, private, catholic, university,...she decided to take an internship as a park ranger. She wanted to do research on the affects of a forest fire that had ocurred in the Shenandoah National Park about a year earlier.

I, her mom, and Susan, moved all of Susan's things to the mountains for her to get settled into her new job. The ranger station is near a small town in Virginia called Luray. Luray has a population of probably less than 8,000 people. Susan's quarters were about 5 miles into the mountains in a small un-air conditioned little shack. We began unloading her things in a swarm of flying insects. I could tell that Susan was in shock. She had not gone to Luray prior to taking the job, and this was NOT anytihng like she was use to. I told Susan's mom..."Let's stay here in Luray for a while, maybe a week. Susan is NOT going to stay here. I don't want to have to drive all the way back up here to take her home, if she isn't going to stay."

Susan stayed. But what comes next what sets Susan apart from All the other young women that I have ever known.

After Susan had been in the mountains for a little over a month, she called me to tell me that her car had "Quit Running". I aksed her "What is it doing that it should NOT do, and what is it NOT doing that it SHOULD Do?"
She told me. I told her that I thought it was her alternator. I have worked on cars most of my adult life, and I actually put the alternator on her car that had apparently gone out. She said, "Well, Dad. What do I do now?" I said, "Just Park It!" Susan said, "NO DAD!!!, What do I do to fix it?" I should have known better, but I told her, "Susan, honey...you CAN"T FIX IT." She said she was going to get some tools, and fix it herself. I tried to explain to her what she was going to face. Replacing the alternator on her little Toyota Celica, would not be easy for somebody who knew how to work on cars, and who had the strength to get the nuts off the bolts, get the belts off, and find the correct replacement part, and then be faced qwith the hardest job.. getting everything back on, the belts tightened, and running. She decided to do it anyway. She went to Wal-Mart, bought the tools, and took the alternator off. Went to the little town of Luray, VA. Found a parts store that had the part, and took the alternator off and got busy. She got the new part back on, the belts threaded, tightened and running ALL BY HERSELF!!!

I still don't believe it!!!She must have found a guy, to either get it done, or help her do it. Remember, Susan was 5" 10" Blonde, Blue Eyed, and Beautiful. But she swears she did it by herself.

What a Woman. Beautiful, and works on cars too.

Nobody EVER told Susan "You Can't Do That." She would make you eat crow like it was the main dish.


Hi Mr. Rollin. By reading your postings I feel like I've gotten to know Susan a little bit which I know is your intention. Thank you. It sounds like you and her mom raised a wonderful girl and you have every reason to be very proud. Life is never the same after losing a child but, believe it or not, eventually each day will become more bearable and eventually you will be able to laugh again. I pray that God gives you the strength to do so.


I went to High School With Susan and let me tell you...she is a great person who I will never forget! One heck of an athlete as well!! My prayers are with you Jason and all of Susan's family! God Bless!

Paul Rollin

Thanks for the kind words about Susan.

Nicole...What is Your Last Name?

Go to:


I have posted 30 pictures of Susan, and will continue to add them as I get them scanned and/or converted to digital images from negatives, and transparency slides.

yvonne mullee

I was terribly shocked to read the story about Susan and her baby in the newspapers.
In 2004 my then 18 year old son was diagnosed with early stage melanoma and it was a very difficult time for our family.
I can't imagine loosing a spouse and a child so close together. The pain must be unbearable.
So far my son is doing well. He gets checked every 3 months.
My deepest sympathy.

Paul Rollin

Hello again.

I doubt that it makes any difference. But we still miss Susan so terribly that it is almost unbearable. A light that was so very bright, was turnd off. The load is heavy, the hill is so very steep, and the road is dark. Now, only one small candle lights our way. Somtimes even that small candle is not enough light in the darkness. We stumble,and we fall into the holes, and the wagon gets stuck. We can't move it for a while. Then just when we lose our will to go on, that little candle grows bigger, and brighter, and we can see where we going again.

Jason took the insurance settlement form Susan's Insurance policy, moved to Texas, and bought a home not more than a half mile from our own home. We see our only grandson, Peter, often. Peter is the Our Candle in the darkness. If it were not for Peter, we might have already been crushed by the weight. Having lost both Susan and the baby in a matter of 6 weeks, made it a terrible load to bear.

I know I shouldn't ask for the load to be lightened. After all, God loaded he wagon, and put us on this road. Who am I to ask for anything different? I just can't help wishing for a bit of relief. We are so tired.

Please speak Susan's name. When you speak her name, she is present for a moment. Our Home is full of everything about her, except her. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Paul Rollin

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