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July 29, 2005


Nguoi Dang Chay

HC lost me after Paz Dideroff St. Catherine St. Augustine Sudan Devil ......

Guess I'll have to stick to Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers -- and maybe try Father Brown and Cadfael, both of which I enjoyed on TV.


If you like Cadfael, I just finished Barbara Geisler's book Graven Images. Excellent and insightful stuff.

Julie D.

Or you also might like Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis ... about a Roman detective set in the time of Tiberius. It is historical but not as complicated as Valley of the Bones...

Deacon John M. Bresnahan

I just finished Valley of Bones an hour ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it --BUT be warned there is a lot of vulgar and off-color language in it (however, appropriate to the characters) and much immoral sexual activity (however, not as clinically described as in much modern detective fiction). I particularly like the author's narrative sense of humor that pops up occasionally.


Way back when, Barbara Hambly (who's doing those New Orleans historicals now, but is also known for her fantasy and sf novels) did a Roman historical involving the early Church during the time of Pope Sixtus. It's called Search the Seven Hills. Good stuff.

I don't enjoy all her stuff, and her ideology sometimes trumps her writing or sense. But most of her standalones are really good, and this is one.

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