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August 18, 2005



When you remember that we live in a country where "Let's sue!" has become the national sport, this story is truly amazing. In America, you see, everyone is guaranteed a pain-free, accident-free life, so most of us would not forgive an human error which hurt us, much less an act of deliberate evil.

May God bless Ms. Ruvolo. And the boy too, so he will never dream of doing such a cruel, senseless act again in his life.


This woman does indeed deserve our praise. I am not so forgiving. I see that the New York Post calls the young man a "prankster"--as if he had merely dropped a water balloon.

This was criminal assault, even if it was done out of sheer stupidity. Six months in jail doesn't seem enough, given the nature of the act and what this woman faces over the next several years.


"as if he had merely dropped a water balloon."

Please don't -- a water balloon dropped from an expressway overpass has shattered a windshield before this. It has lethal potentilal and is no more a "prank" than this act.


When you remember that we live in a country where "Let's sue!" has become the national sport...

More like "Get Rich Quick!" and "Instant Millionare! Money for Free!". Out her in CA they call big-bucks lawsuits "Winning the Lottery".


Yes, anon, not from an overpass. I should have come up with a different prank.

Donald R. McClarey

All convicted criminals, other than the truly stupid or those few who are innocent, are repentant come sentencing day. Let's hope he is truly repentant and that the courts won't see him again.

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