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August 09, 2005



Sprinkle a lot of holy water around your house afterwards, who knows what minion from devil's empire they'll leave behind.

Mike Petrik

Best to sprinkle it beforehand too.


Heck, just douse 'em when they arrive...

Paul Pfaffenberger

Don't worry about cleaning the whole house, they only need a small background area behind you - one chair or small couch with a clean wall will do. Good luck.


Just dress up as a Byzantine empress: the sort of folks who like DB's books would be very impressed...

Mark Shea

If they ask "Why are so many of us afraid of you?" be sure and give 'em Barb Nicolosi's snappy comeback and recommend they see Greg Popcak for immediate counseling. Reassure them they *can* move beyond their irrational fear of Christians. There is hope and healing!

bruce cole

Byzantine Empress...hmmm. Well, maybe NOT Theodora....


Hey Mark,

Stop enjoying yourself and start blogging! ;0)


Especially Theodora in her circus days as depicted by Procopius(and quoted only in Greek by Gibbon, thus creating a lurid incentive for generations of schoolboys to learn their Greek).

bruce cole

You read my twisted little mind, Liam.

Sandra Miesel

Maybe you can borrow one of the Canada geese that infest local ponds for said lurid purpose.

Donald R. McClarey

I am sure that PETA would be alarmed at any such use of geese for "entertainment" purposes.

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