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August 09, 2005


Donald R. McClarey

One awaits future shows in what perhaps might be a series: the public life of the slave, the public life of the Jewish corpse, etc. Leave it to "public" radio to exalt politics over simple reality.


Sorry... Where is the link? I don't see it on the page to which this link takes us.


Sorry... Where is the link? I don't see it on the page to which this link takes us.


It's interesting that many self-identified proponents of "rationality" and "choice" insist that a fetus is only a SYMBOL! I'm serious! To show an ultrasound of a fetus isn't to display biological reality to them; it's to create a iconic symbol to "compete" with the woman for compassion.

As Jack and Barbara Willke ask, "Why can't we love them both?" Or, as Mark Crutcher asked, "Why is it that some people insist that when a woman gets pregnant, SOMEBODY has to die?"

Michael Kremer

"Where is the link?" It is from the August 4 show which has now scrolled off.

Here is a working link.



Mankind will never fail to manipulate, exploit and destroy his fellow man in pursuit of one selfish and/or ideological aim. Whether it be slavery, the Gulags, the Holocaust, the "Great Leap Forward" or abortion.

It's an inherent and most base example of mans fallen nature. We as a society either fight against it or condone it. There's no middle ground. One way leads to true human freedom, the other tyranny. Too many Catholics have sat on the fence for too long, time to step up and take responsibility for the great faith Christ has given us. America could never enjoy true freedom under slavery, and it will not so long as abortion exists.


It's a really interesting show to listen to because during the 53 or so minutes it runs there's practically no discussion of abortion. I kept thinking: "how can this discussion proceed without any mention of abortion?!"

When the discussion participants said that images of the fetus as it develops have no inherent meaning I was just dumbfounded. This being NPR I didn't expect the show to be pro-life, but the statement that the images have no inherent meaning? It seemed stunning even for pro-choice advocates.

To me, the show was a reminder of the nature of this struggle. A lot of people talk about "changing hearts and minds" of those who favor abortion. Well, if you can't change the way people think about this issue with fetal imagery—even a little bit—then nothing will work.

Every once in a while it's useful to be shocked out of the idea that reasonable minds can work together to solve the scourge of abortion. The minds of many are not in any way reasonable when it comes to abortion.

Sydney Carton

Don't be surprised by this mentality at all. We've all seen images of the Holocaust and the starved Jewish prisioners at those death camps. Do you think the guards and the officers there thought those people were human? Don't kid yourself. They viewed the Jews as fodder. And so too will pro-choice people viewing images of a fetus.

I was never convinced that better technology for ultrasound imaging would change people's minds on abortion. It does not, because the pre-existing mentality of a fetus being merely a piece of meat already exists. It's exactly the same, dehumanizing mentality that affected the perpetuators of the Holocaust.

If humanity has a problem identifying a starved Jewish man as fully human deserving of life, then there's no way in hell that a computer image will make a difference.


I think Sydney's wrong, and I think this article proves it. I think most people will be very much affected by these images & the accompanying research, even if the extremists will not. And I think that running from such information--whether it is about abortion for the left, or torture for the right--is both a sign of a guilty conscience and wrong in itself.

You should realize, though, as helpful as the science is for you in pushing back the date of legal abortion earlier, it may also be helpful to the other side as far as the debate over oral contraception, the IUD, the morning after pill, and stem cell research.

Is there a transcript of the radio show, btw?


Oops. That Tablet article's behind a subscription wall. Here's the google cache.



Thanks for the article.

No transcript of the show that I'm aware of.

You're right that many average people will be affected by fetal imagery, and will consider such images FULL of inherent meaning. For that reason, fetal imagery should continue to be promoted and spread and broadcast. The long term impact of such images will definitely be a positive thing in popular culture.

Nevertheless, though average people might be affected by fetal imagery, there are many on the pro-choice side who will not be affected by it at all. Unfortunately, this group includes the "leadership" of the pro-choice community who are setting the Democratic political agenda. They need to be countered as who they really are.

Noah Nehm

I have this fantasy, of sorts. It would be that GE would start an advertizing campaign, showing their 4D ultrasound scanner on those huge LED billboards that overlook busy freeways.

That would expose millions to the humanity of the fetus, thus helping to foster, hopefully, the culture of life.



One thing we can hope for is that public opinion, as informed by fetal imagery, will leave pro-choice leadership behind—a leadership without a real constituency.

Sydney Carton

Katherine, allow me to channel the words of Darth Vader:

"Don't be too proud of this technological [hope] you've discovered. The ability to [see a fetus] is insignificant, next to the power of the [Lord]."



Remember, our technology and sciences are gifts of the Holy Spirit, often times misused, but ultimately meant for our good.

Andrea Harris

I guess all those fathers-to-be that I've known who carried around pictures of their unborn childrens' ultrasounds were just 1) manipulated by images that had no inherent meaning, and 2) too focused on the insignificant sight of their children in the wombs of their wives to remember the "power of the Lord."


When I was about 12/13 years old I believed that abortion was acceptable in some circumstances. When confronted with SCIENCE, with facts, with images and descriptions of fetal development, I completely changed my mind. Since then I have remained opposed to abortion full stop.

There are many out there who are 'pro-choice' because they remain ignorant of the true nature of fetal development.

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