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September 14, 2005



This is very weird. I didn't see it in the paper today or hear about it on the radio and I've just watched the 10 o'clock news and didn't see a story on it. Now - I basically flipped though the paper, and was in and out of the living room during the news and I wasn't listening to the radio all day long, so you can't go by what I didn't see or hear. But I can't find any stories about it online either.

There are 2 addresses listed for the Pregnancy Help Center in the Milwaukee Yellow pages - both in pretty poor areas.


Am I shockingly cynical to think that if a PlannedParenhood facility had burned to the ground under circumstances that were under investigation, it would be all over the news? Not to be a cynic or anything...

Lisa Sepia

Asking for more handouts as usual. You people need to get real jobs instaed of geeting free college and free cars.

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