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October 10, 2005



A class I took my last semester of university was taught by a Jewish professor of religious studies.

He told us about how he wrote to the Vatican and asked specifically which parts of the Bible the Church accepts as fact and which parts the Church sees as divinely inspired allegory after he had read an article about how the Church had admitted that I think it was Genesis was not literal history.

He told us how he received several form letters in reply to his inquiries. The form letters began with 'To our Jewish friends in America...'

I don't recall now just how it turned out... But the document from the UK bishops was not surprising to me at least.

mean Dean

Amy, I covered this 'hit piece' by the brit press last week in my post entitled 'Did Catholics boot Biblical Truth - or is the Times Online trolling for cheap hits?'


I really think it has more to do with the writer of the article than the Catholic church - and how the 'religious correspondent' blurred the lines between inerrancy and literal approaches to Scripture to paint Catholics with an exaggerated brush.

Dale Price

Just a point of clarification: Jimmy hasn't actually read the particular document either--he's simply fisking the Gledhill article about it.

In fact, Jimmy notes certain problematic aspects of the document as excerpted, especially the grotesque caricature of fundamentalism. The mentality of the establishment seems to be "When in doubt, bash the fundies."

Jimmy Mac

Jimmy needs to engage his spell check feature before he publishes.

If I were a teacher and he had turned that in for credit, he would definitely have been marked down for sloppiness.

Eileen R

Jimmy Mac, blog posts aren't term essays.


His piece is good, but methinks he also protests too much. The real problem seems like it is in fact with the Bishops. CWN had good comments: hardly anyone believes the Bible anymore, and the Bishops decide the time is rigtht to discuss how much of it is myth? Yet another example of how Bishops are, these days, both banes and curses. Maybe next the Brit Bishops can issue a statement on the Jews!

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