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October 06, 2005



Did they have ice-breakers?

Ha! I'm picturing them doing the one with the toilet paper...or the M&Ms. ;-)


Ice-breakers ... hmm ... I was thinking back to 1989 on a youth retreat when the girls played "pile of guys." It was a mess, but hilariously fun. How would these dudes adapt it? Piles of cardinals?

The last blonde who led a session I attended ... was thirtysomething, and certainly not dyed into her looks, which were quite pleasant. Better, she was deeply intelligent and prayerful and was a dream to work with.

I think if I were in Rome for three weeks, I'd have taken care of the icebreaking walking and talking with my friends in cafes and tourist sites, a luxury lay people (or confirmation candidates) rarely get when they are sent away by their pastors (or parents).

The Argentinian is right, by the way. Pointless as it sounds, looking for the strengths of Eucharistic celebrations around the world and in various places is essential, even if one only wants to diagnose the problems.

Terrence Berres

"... wielding butcher-block paper, markers, and a pack of color-coded dot stickers, exhorting them to brainstorm and prioritize!"

I assume she's reading the exhortation from her PowerPoint slides while we read them in the printed handouts.


All that Deep Thought about the Eucharist and I too am stuck on the idea of Episcopal icebreakers. :)

"I love my neighbor who... likes wearing Birkenstocks!"

The Leper

I cannot take seriously any enterprise that does not involve a Lay Facilitator.
Although allowances can be made if they use the word "image" as a verb a great enough number of times. Points subtracted for Anglophones who use "the" before any noun, but especially Liturgy, Eucharist, Church...


Can I ask a dumb question?

--What is the objective of the synod?
--I have been trying to find some focused description as to the topics involved. The agenda apears to include anything having anything to do with our belief about, distribution of and reception of Our Lord, plus anything else about the Eucharist. Can any one provide any clarification of these points to me? Any doc's from the Vatican to help me understand. I've not seen clear enough info in news articles I've been reading. Maybe my expectation of focus is off base and I'm expecting something more narrow.
--Do they plan to come away with some revised Church policy/belief? Or a learned paper restating Church belief..?

Thanks. Sorry to be such an idiot on this.


Right on Peggy. Has anyone at the Synod said anything we haven't heard before?



Thanks! I thought it was just me being unable to absorb wisdom beyond my own abilities. I confess, however, that my questions were serious.

Odon de Castro

Yes, Cardinal Ratzinger had said everything to know about the Eucharist.

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