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October 05, 2005


Patrick O'Hannigan

My friend Gary is rooting for Miers precisely because she's an evangelical Christian. See:


Sydney Carton

I'm thinking that this actually explains a lot. And on blogs like ConfirmThem, in the comments boxes the evangelicals support her while everyone else is still mystified over the selection. There also seems to be a tendency from evangelicals that opposition to her appointment is "elitism", as if evangelicals would never be considered elitists and so it's a subtle form of classism or intellectual snobbery by non-evangelicals.

I maintain that all of this could've been avoided if Bush picked a solid conservative with an open originalist jurisprudential philosophy. Voting the right way, with idiotic reasoning, can still get you into a lot of trouble. Bad reasoning can ALWAYS be twisted to worse ends in future supreme court decisions, even if the initial outcome is favorable.

It is always a stupid route to pick someone because of their representation in a group instead of their demonstrable commitment to sound conservative jurisprudence. It is more evident that, if Podhoretz is right, this was a monumental blunder.

James Englert

There is a strain in American evangelical thinking which places a lot of trust in other people who have been saved, because the Holy Spirit is now acting through that person. I remember several evangelicals telling me at the 2000 election that they trusted Bush and the actions he would take because he would be guided by the Holy Spirit in those decisions. I think that Bush is relying a bit on that in his Trust Me stance. Another part of it is just intellectual laziness disguised as trusting your instincts -- the thing which allowed Bush to think that he looked in Putin's soul and saw what he was looking for.

Frustrated Gen-Xer

I think James is exactly right in his observation. I had a good evangelical friend defend the Miers pick to me yesterday by arguing (1) that "Bush's heart is in the right place" and (2) that this president wouldn't do anything without "praying about it" and "doing what God was leading him to do." I find this faith-based blind trust in W almost incomprehensible. I responded, as gently as I could, that he doesn't really "know" Bush at all. But because Bush is "born again," I was assured by this person that Bush must be "following the Lord's lead" in all of his decision-making.

BTW, this is the same sloppy mysticism that this person offered up as his primary reason for supporting the war in Iraq: Bush wouldn't go and do something that was (gasp!) wrong or misguided because the Holy Spirit wouldn't let him do that. He would feel "convicted" if he acted "outside of God's will." How can one reason with *that*?

In the end, some evangelicals may have been given inside info (like Dobson, Colson, etc.), but the rest of the herd seems to follow this president blindly. This might also be the reason why they can't detect the (absolutely obvious) scam artists that have infected the evangelical world for so long. If someone has had a "conversion experience" and "placed their trust in the Lord," they are somehow beyond criticism, however questionable their ideas or actions...


Bush wouldn't go and do something that was (gasp!) wrong or misguided because the Holy Spirit wouldn't let him do that.

Isn't that the textbook definition of Papal Infallibility? (Move over, Benny 16...)


"Isn't that the textbook definition of Papal Infallibility?"

No. You're confusing doctrinal inffalibility with moral insanity.


No. You're confusing doctrinal infallibility with moral insanity.

Phillip, you're my hero! I'm going to steal that line.

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