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November 29, 2005



So... obligations are never joyous.

And it's better to die than be a bother.

Hmm. I'm a woman. And I find this abortionist's existence rather bothersome. Is he advocating that I use my penumbra-given powers of being judge, jury, and executioner to get rid of all his bother?

Well, no, of course not. He's different. He's one of the Wanted. He's been born.

Now, here's a question. (No particular reason.) Say you were a rich guy, and you died, leaving all your money and company to your child (whom you thought would be born by the time the will came into effect), and that if the kid died first, the company would be broken up. Say the mother decided she wanted to abort the child (who has now presumably inherited the estate). Would the mother be able to inherit from the aborted child? Would the executor of the estate or a lawyer for the company be able to present some kind of injunction, or appoint some kind of legal guardian?


I've been praying for this guy for a long time and emailing him to inform him. He does answer me and likes to defend his position. But I just tell him why I'm praying, and that's it.


"I am destroying life"

at least he's honest about that part.

As for the rest, it's quite monstrous. I especially liked the part about 'guilt'. As much as Catholics get ridiculed for their 'guilt complex', this is what happens when the ultimate goal is a guiltless society


Sadly, he /is/ an American Hero. This is why America must die if the pro-life cause is to be victorious.


Hmmm.. I see a whole new glamor career.

How about the post-birth abortionist?

You could make your clients feel "born again," by ridding them of "disastrous" marriage, job situations, debts...
And then be gracious and courtly, really nice to them, to make sure they felt no guilt for putting their career path, happiness, financial life, etc., ahead of the ACTUAL life of someone else.

Yes, Post-Birth Abortionist.

Sounds classier than Contract Killer, you know?


Can anyone say GOD COMPLEX!!

I think I'll go wretch now.

Donald R. McClarey

"Sadly, he /is/ an American Hero. This is why America must die if the pro-life cause is to be victorious."

He is no more an American hero than was the late John Wayne Gacy. America must live, and embrace life, in order for the pro-life cause to be victorious.

Donald R. McClarey

"Sadly, he /is/ an American Hero. This is why America must die if the pro-life cause is to be victorious."

He is no more an American hero than was the late John Wayne Gacy. America must live, and embrace life, in order for the pro-life cause to be victorious.

Donald R. McClarey

Sorry for the accidental double post.

Michael Shea

It would be impossible to parody this monster. What is amazing is that he is not some isolated maniac. He is part of society. He has employees and many co-religionists. When he goes to the local restaurant he is not pelted with rotten vegtables. When he buys gas his car is not pushed off the gas station property and the pavement washed afterwards. His landlord happily rents space to him. The people at the office supply and medical supply companies supply him with butchers tools and paper to bill the mothers. Everything he does is supported by everyone around him.


So what's the problem with showing a tape of this guy, alond with a a tape of an abortion being performed, on national TV?

If it is heroic, show it.

Amy Pawlak

As much as Catholics get ridiculed for their 'guilt complex', this is what happens when the ultimate goal is a guiltless society.

I agree, Christopher. If there was more personal responsibility and respect for the body in today's society, the concept of a "disastrous pregnancy" might be non-existent. Guilt is a feeling that needs to show its face in society more often these days.

As someone faced with the prospect of difficulty having children, the thought that anyone could take such a gift for granted sickens me to my heart.


This is why America must die if the pro-life cause is to be victorious.

Abortion is legal throughout much of the world - doctors like this can be found in Canada, India, Russia, and Sweden.

Of course, they have to tell themselves - over and over - that it's a wonderful thing they're doing. How could they live with themselves otherwise? When Bernard Nathanson's eyes were opened, he came close to suicide, as the enormity of what he done sunk in. The Nazis also convinced themselves they were acting for the good of humanity, getting rid of all the subhumans.

Anonymous this time

I tried twice to register with the LA Times and got "this page isn't availabe" so will try later.

John Paul II's encyclical, The Gospel of Life, is our roadmap out of this hell on earth, and it surely must be available online at EWTN and other sites for those who can't get a hard copy.


I need to watch what I browse while I eat my lunch. Yikes!

Dan Berger
A [patient who is a] high school senior says [support for abortion rights] won't weigh heavily when she evaluates candidates. "There's other issues I see as more important," she says, "like whether they'll raise taxes."

Sounds pretty typical. "It's all about me."

"I don't want to give up my body for nine months." -- another patient explaining why she's aborting rather than putting the baby up for adoption.

How sick!

john c

Kathleen, you may be a wretch, I don't know, but you want to go retch.

Glenn Juday

Imagine spending eternity - eternity - fully aware, even deeply affected by the pain, the misery, the moral wreckage of all the lives you had crippled and destroyed. Crushed by the freely chosen horror you had caused, watching it mutate and cascade down the years into more lives wrecked. And knowing that your own awareness of your responsibility would go on and on and never, never end. A scream that would just never come all the way out of your mouth and would never stop. And imagine bragging about it, freely and publicly attaching the horror firmly to yourself. Imagine.


Am I reading this right: This man went to med school, opened an ob/gyn practice, then "graduated" to abortionist where he has killed more than three times as many children as he has delivered.
How diabolical.


The word Hero has taken on an Orwellian dimension. When I think of hero I picture some person who gave, in Lincoln's words, the last full measure of devotion. Most recpients of the Congressional Medal of Honor were awarded it pothumously. This abortionist not only is celebrated for violently taking innocent life, but charges money for the procedure.

Grant Gallicho

This scares the hell out of me.



>>>Yes, Post-Birth Abortionist.
>>>Sounds classier than Contract Killer, you know?

Make that "Post-Birth Abortion Provider. Sounds even sweeter: oh, he's a provider, he provides for these women.

Proabort newspeak sickens me.

In Jesu et Maria,

Sr. Lorraine

I bet this guy is making a lot more money doing abortions than he would delivering babies--and that's his real reason for doing it. His rationalizing about "giving life" is pure garbage.


I work at a Catholic hospital with some strongly pro-life OBs and they've told me that even if they viewed unborn babies as just unwanted tissue, they couldn't stand doing such a job. From a strictly medical viewpoint, it's not interesting or challenging (even pro-life doctors perform D & C's when miscarriages occur, so all OB's have some knowledge of what it entails).

The consensus among the pro-life docs I know is that abortion attracts the greedy, the mediocre, and the lazy. It allows an OB/GYN to keep banker's hours (no call, no pesky 2 a.m. deliveries), and because the procedure is so medically simple, one's risk of being sued goes down dramatically. Often, physicians will head for abortion mills after they've been sued repeatedly for botching deliveries. There's also the "bonus" of having mimimal contact with patients - a big plus, I suppose, if you hate people and have no "bedside manner" to speak of. It's the medical equivalent of assembly-line work.

Of course, abortionists don't admit that they're greedy, mediocre, and lazy. It's much more self-flattering to think of yourself as a "hero" and to tell yourself that you are doing something that is not evil, but noble.


A true emissary of Satan speaks... and this time, he's honest about who he serves.

*runs to the bathroom to throw up in disgust*


Jesus said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". He knows what he does. How can the infinite mercy of God reach him?


Adam Greenwood

I imagine the angels are taking particular pleasure in crafting millstones this year . . .

william f harrison

I have read each of the above emails. An interesting group, overall. Given Amy's background, as I read her website, I must say I am a little suprised she called me an American Hero, but I like it. I note that several of those criticizing me are female - young Catholic females, I suppose, given the tenor of their voices. That is interesting because so many of my abortion patients are Catholic, though in my part of Arkansas, only a small portion of our population are Papists. (A significantly larger number are Baptist, which should not suprising since a large percentage of our population in NWArkansas is Southern Baptist. But the SBs find it much easier to have early sex and thus early pregnancies which often end in abortion, but your the Godly Catholic girls? Heaven forbid! :-) ) Well, it turns out that so many of these Papist girls get pregnant because they have bought into the Church's opposition to birth control, as have many of their young swains. And low and behold, they find themselves pregnant! How can this happen!? There must be some heavenly error here. Sure there is, but it isn't heaven's error, but the idiocy of the Catholic Church and it's continuing error in failing to recognize the rights of women and men to make reproductive choices for themselve, and to provide rational and accurate sex education for their children, both male, and female. I suppose you would think I am happy about all the Baptist and Cathiolic abortions. But I'm not. If I never faced the desperate face of another fearful and crying teenager, of the sad faces of parents and their pregnant child, or the faces of a destraught couple facing what they consider an disasterous pregnancy for themselves and their already birthed family, I would be perfectly happy. But the most immoral thing that any human being can do is to bring a newborn baby into this world with neither the ability nor resources to love and care for that baby as the vast majority of us would like our own children loved and cared for. I have never, ever, done an immoral abortion, but I have done, seen and read about thousands of immoral births. And the most immoral thing any government or religion ever can do is to make birth control and abortion sinful and illegal and then force women to bear babies that they know that they will never be able to care for and love as every baby has a god given right be loved and cared for. If you think what I do is wrong, don't have an abortion - unless you are pregnant in a situation where you can't love and support your child as every child brought into this world has a right to be loved and cared for, or unless you are willing to give that child to some couple who you are absolutely sure can and will love and care for that child as you would were you able to do so. There are no suffering embryos or fetuses, but there are millions of suffering and wretched babies and children and suffering and wretched mother's in much of the world. And much of this suffering and wretchedness lies directly at the feet of the Catholic Church and its woman-hating priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. Remove the mote from thine own eyes, Catholics, and then, perhaps, you might see clearly enough to remove the mote from your neighbor's. William F Harrison, MD Fayetteville, AR

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