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December 13, 2005



Of course, it's only traumatic because of the social mores against abortion. I sense a movie script in the making...


Why do we have to learn this from the English media? It's an outrage that a bogus "study" that concludes that an unborn child can feel no pain before 29 weeks gets major play in the U.S. press and these studies concerning post-abortion grief go unmentioned.

Michael in Denver

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

Annie Banno

Thanks, Amy, for reminding your 7,900 daily readers about this woman who desperately needs our help.

Without it, she has to choose between her house, and her 17 week-in-utero daughter, since she can't work due to problems with the pregnancy. Details here: http://afterabortion.blogspot.com/2005/12/ashlis-been-pleading.html

Would we like to have no other choice than to choose between homelessness and motherhood?

I've asked our 400 daily readers to each send $5. So far, we have 11 doing so, not counting myself.

I beg-beg-BEG Amy's readers to step up to this plate. It's probable that only one or two did, since Amy blogged about this in November.

Come on people. I can spare $5. Surely you can also?

Mary Kay

From what I can see, this boils down to "there are medical problems, please pay my mortgage or I'll be forced to abort my child."

There is something fundamentally wrong with that attitude. Flame me all you want.


It comes down to this, Mary Kay. This child needs help; her mother needs support in order to avoid murdering her.

The medical problems are taking away her ability to work and support herself and her child. In the short-term, abortion may be very tempting to a broke and physically suffering woman.

When the pregnancy is over and the medical problems go away, the financial stuff will not be as overwhelming, and the mother may be able to hink clearly once again.

Ask ashli what extreme physical pain can do to even the most loving person. She and many other moms have been there. She's trying to make it so that one less mother is put in that situation.

Praying about what my family can afford to donate.

Mary Kay

It comes down to this Cin, the mother and child definitely need help, but this may not be the best way to help her.

I certainly hope this woman learns better coping skills than threatening to harm another life when she runs into difficulties and that's the piece that I see is missing. Yes, offer support, but improved problem solving needs to be part of the package.

If you read the comments on the other blog, this woman has already had several abortions, feels badly about previous abortion but not enough to change her behavior or value the life of the child she's carrying.

What is presented is that she values most highly the house and the child is expedient to keeping the house.

Lest you think that I'm talking from a theoretical perspective, I have experienced excruciating pain at all times such that I was zonked out on narcotic painkillers for 2 months. My recovery was very slow. Obviously that put me out of work.

Neither the pain nor my constant worry about finances were reason to threaten harm to another. I adjusted my lifestyle to fit my extremely limited finances.

There's a lot of talk of faith and God in the other blog, but God provides when we follow His will. Even considering aborting a child in order to keep a house is hard to justify as God's will.

The other thing that bothers me about the other blog is the bullying tone. Susan Peterson simply asked some straightforward questions and the response was rather snotty about how Susan's "charity underwhelms me." But the blogger let it go because Susan ponied up with a donation.

Yes, women in a crisis pregnancy need support, but this is not something I can support (even if I had the money, which I don't). I will pray that all the people mentioned here have a new or deeper conversion to God's will.

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