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January 15, 2006


St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

How long until the AMA starts arranging similar conditions here in America, when doctors will have to choose between doing abortions and losing licenture or even risking civil suits for malpractice.

I don't expect many Democrats to loudly tout this man's cause.

Mila Morales

Biscet is well known by the Cuban-American community in Florida and his plight appears frequently in the Spanish edition of the Miami Herald. However, it is rarely (I dare say never, I have never seen it in that newspaper) that part of his troubles stem from his refusal to perform abortions. I learned of this from ACI Prensa several years ago, before moving to Florida. When I arrived here and subscribed to the paper, I expected to see some mention of Biscet's pro-life activities; but it's apparent that the only thing that counts for El Nuevo Herald is his opposition to Castro. His strong religious convictions are msotly ignored.

bruce cole

Louder,Jimbob, I can't hear you because of all the noise Republicans are making about this...Oh, no, wait, that's the calls to their lawyers.


Dr. Biscet refuses to be the "New Man" envisioned by Che Guevara--a man (or woman) devoid of religious or ethical principles. Guevara stated that a true Revolutionary must hate in order to succeed. Like a modern Robespierre, he preached that "justice", as he saw it, needed to be served by violence. Sadly, there are many who wear Che t-shirts and few who have even heard of Dr. Biscet.

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