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January 04, 2006



Has anyone read or know how to find the Margaret Ogola book that Allen refers to, "The River and the Source"? I would very much like to read it. Amazon lists it but there are no copies available. It seems strange that a English language book that has won many literary prizes is not available. (Also strange is that Amazon lists one other Margaret Ogola book, which is only available from a third party seller for $117.)

Old Zhou

I believe "The River and the Source" (1994) is out of print. It won the 1995 Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature and the 1995 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book.

Here is another Allen column where he talks about his interview with Ogola, and a talk she gave at the Fourth
World Conference on Women by the United Nations Development Programme.

The Opus Dei website also provides a conference keynote address she gave in Toronto in 2004.

Old Zhou

Also, if you are in Berkeley, CA, you can read the book at the campus main library.

Author: Ogola, Margaret A.
Title: The river and the source / Margaret A. Ogola.
Publisher: Nairobi, Kenya : Focus Books, c1994.
Description: 288 p. ; 19 cm.
ISBN: 9966882057
Call Number: PR9381.O36 R5 1994

Old Zhou

Her book, "I Swear by Apollo," the sequel to "The River and the Source," is available form the African Books Collective.

I Swear by Apollo
Ogola, Margaret A
The sequel to The River and the Source, which won the Jomo Kenyatta Prize fo Literature, and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for the Best First Book, Africa Region in 1995. In this novel, Ogola tells of the lives of AIDS' orphans Lisa, Johnny and Alicia, and how they are guided to adulthood by their aunt Wandia, an intellectual and independent woman. The author weaves her narrative around the aspirations of her characters and how they develop to find a place in Luo/Kenyan society. A place they seek at the dawn of the twenty-first century, when Kenya is emerging from decades of corruption and deterioration; and in an environment of contradiction and mixed messages, where values and attitudes are continuously being re-examined.

9966882723 284pp 2002 (1st Published 2003) Focus Books £9.95 /$16.95 - Paperback

bill howard

About those Amazon rankings... are those daily, weekly, monthly? I have been looking for a "best selling Catholic books" ranking that I can run in our Colorado Springs diocesan newspaper (The Colorado Catholic Herald). I've had numerous requests for this but have not been able to find such a list. This one seems the best available. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



Who wants to topple them? I love Mother Angelica! =)

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