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February 09, 2006


Jill Sawyer

Thank you for this, Amy. The Susan Torres story was such a wonderful counterpoint to the Terry Schiavo debacle. I plan to donate to this organization.

Kevin Miller

I think the scare quotes ("brain dead") are unfortunate. While the term is sometimes abused (as when that little Mass. girl was described as "virtually brain dead" or something along that line), it has a precise (and very important) meaning, and it's often used in accord with that meaning, and I don't know of any reason to think that it wasn't being used that way in the Torres case.

That said, the fund sounds great.

John J. Simmins

I would hope that someone in that diocese would open a case for the canonization of Susan Torres.


This is wonderful! I'm blogging about this ASAP.

scotch meg

John Simmons,

For another candidate for sainthood (and I believe the Worcester Diocese has opened a cause), read:


Ruth Pakaluk was an amazing woman.

Sandra Miesel

St. Gianna was not being treated for cancer. Can we please, please get the saint's story straight? She had surgery for a large fibroid tumor and was at risk for uterine rupture during her pregnancy. The surgery had nothing to do with her death, which was caused by peritonitis after a caesarian delivery.

And yes, Susan Torres really was brain-dead.

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