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February 15, 2006


Rich Leonardi

I see the boy has his mother's penchant for "the blunt approach." Good for him.


At the same age a friend and I sat in a bar informing two girls about the perils of the pill. The tavern is actually a great place to discuss faith; you don't seem as "churchy" with one foot on a rail and a beer in hand.

Mike Petrik

ken is right. This explains my longstanding habit of hanging out in bars whenever possible. ;-)

Fr. Totton


You seem to be the cause (in one way or another) of a lot of contention in bar rooms lately! I guess you are well-suited to your Theology on Tap gig in Rome! (of course they are usually a pretty friendly audience!)


If you were a "real" mother you'd forget about the discussion and chastise him for being out in a bar at 3 AM.


Thanks Amy, I needed that!


Hello Martin,

Or you could leave him be and assume he was out evangelizing.

+ Alan

Classic! I love the context too - great.


You must be so proud! :0)


Relieved, Kyle. I couldn't tell you!

Gerard E.

Bad locale. Good statement. Way to go, dude.


Gives me hope. Thanks Amy, and congratulations!

Mike Hayes

Might want to break out the boxing lessons so he stops getting pummeled in bars because he has a big mouth.

My wife's grandfather lived to be 96. Not because he was a boxer but because he minded his own business while drinking his wine! =)

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