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March 18, 2006



Thanks - I will either buy it or recommend it to our daugher of 5 boys, ages 9 to 1, who homeschools. The pre-schoolers will love it. Little boys thrive on stuff like this and it is hard to find in our feminized culture.


A long time ago, the little boy who would become my husband had a Circus ABC book. He LOVED it. And he went to the doctor to get a checkup. And he saw the nurse, and he remembered something from his Circus ABC book.

"F is for Fat Lady!" he shouted happily.

His mother was not proud of him for remembering his letters. He was very confused.

Michael in ArchDen

So, I see this post this morning, and browse over to our local libraries website to see if I can get it. They have one copy and there are 4 people waiting for it! I suspect that other readers saw Amy's recommendation, and had the same idea I did.

Please use yur powers for good, not evil!! ;-)

Michael in ArchDen

BTW, they also show that they've ordered 4 copies of De-Coding Mary Magdelene today...

Jeff Hendrix

And then, there is this ...


The ninja throwing nails are especially delightful.

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