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March 21, 2006



Hrm, Archbishop Marini hasn't been replaced yet.

Tim Ferguson

The archbishop of Oristano, on Marini's home island of Sardinia, will be 77 this June. Perhaps, after the Easter celebrations are over, Marini will be "promoted."

Claude Muncey

Interesting, but it is a long time to October and leaks seem to follow the same rules at the Vatican that they do in Washington -- often the leaks are coming from someone who wants the policy to go a particular way, before it has been set, or is opposed to how it seems to be going and wants to gin up support for an alternative approach.


not that EVERYTHING relates back to the traditional Mass (really ;-))but by allowing the free celebration of the traditional Mass, it would put pressure on the proper celebration of the new Mass, and assist any meaningful revision/restoration of the sacred in that rite of Mass. So, all conservative/orthodox Catholics should be earnestly praying for the so-called "universal indult".

Tony A

There's nothing in this news that does not come directly from the Vatican 2 documents: use of Latin as well as the venacular at mass, special place for Gregorian chant and polyphony etc. Go for it!

John Heavrin

Later in that interview, Marini pronounces reconciliation of the SSPX without their abandonment of their entire foundations to be flatly impossible, or words to that effect. Comfortingly, a Pope trumps an Archbishop. And perhaps Benedict sees fit to remind Marini of what he perhaps had forgotten a little: he is the servant of the Servant of the Servants of God.

My humble intuition about why the Holy Father has kept Marini around, for what it's worth: These two had divergent views, to say the least, about liturgy, during the last pontificate. It's hard to believe that there's sudden change or capitulation on the Holy Father's part, nor endorsement implied by the fact that Marini's still around.

If Benedict gets rid of Marini, and then restores and frees the Mass of Pius V and dramatically reforms the Mass of Paul VI, that's one thing. But all that Marini represents continues right on, with the added cachet of Marini as a living embodiment of Bugninism having been dramatically cast out.

But if Benedict keeps Marini around, right next to him, and restores and frees the Mass of Pius V, reconciles the Lefevbrists, and dramatically reforms the Mass of Paul VI, *through* Marini in a sense, with Marini standing grimly right next to him, then he not only effects what he wants liturgically, he also pronounces the passing of all that Marini has stood for up to now. Can't do that as summarily with a "new guy" at his side and Marini off in a retirement See somewhere.

It's not that Marini has been kept around. It's that he hasn't been allowed to leave.

The next few weeks should be fascinating.

Old Zhou

The end of the Seventies!

Pope Benedict the Sixteenth,
formerly known as Cardinal Ratizinger,
the Vatican's enforcer and watchdog,
is expected to issue a document in October
(called an Exhortation),
that will declare:

...steps should be taken so that the faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them...

...The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy...
But other kinds of sacred music, especially polyphony, are by no means excluded from liturgical celebrations, so long as they accord with the spirit of the liturgical action...

...In the Latin Church the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem...But other instruments also may be admitted for use in divine worship...on condition that the instruments are suitable, or can be made suitable, for sacred use, accord with the dignity of the temple, and truly contribute to the edification of the faithful....

It's the big smack-down!
Back to the Dark Ages!

What new and novel oppressions this dictatorial Pope, in collusion with his backward-looking curia, is planning to force upon the God-and-neighbor-loving, OCP-and-GIA-singing American Church!

Where does he get these ideas?
No doubt, from the dark recesses of the Inquisition!

Doesn't he realize that the Roman Catholic Church needs aggiornamento?

Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf - o{]:¬)

In the article, Archbp. Marini told a story (my trans.):

"Years ago we went (with the Pope) to visit a diocese. At the end, when we were about to get into the car, we couldn't find the Pope. He wasn't lost: he had remained in the sacristy to pray, leaning on the edge of a sink."

Hmmm... right. I am forced to wonder if the Pope wasn't at the sink because of the creative things he had just seen during the Mass.

In any event, I just posted a translation of another piece of that article. Thanks, Amy, for the heads up.


Better to make Marini into a mere flunky adminsitrator than to inflict him on some poor Archdiocese. Remember Milwaukee...


One traditoinal Jesuit said in regard to another Sardinian prelate:

Just remember, when the Mafia wants help, it calls in a Sardinian.


Or Marini could wind up heading the CDWDS. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

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