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March 23, 2006


Anonymous Teacher Person

AAAAAA! Please put *SPOILERS* at the top of this post for those of us who just finished Season 1 on DVD!


Tony A

I found the episode itself a little weak...until the end. The way it ended at the breakfast table was simply chilling. I found the Jin-Sun story a little too predictable (the worst criticism for Lost!), as it was clear early on that the island was about to perform another miracle. My wife thought that Jin was not the father. I'm so glad the writers chose not to go down that road! Now, next week's episode looks amazing...

Michael Barber

Fascinating commentary. I'm eager to see what Echo has to say about all this...


My nagging thought the entire time was that Gale is an "other", but perhaps one who killed the actual "balloon guy" and his wife (or possibly even the real "balloon guy" who "converted" to being an "other").

I suppose we'll have to wait and see...


I have a sinking feeling that the bald Korean dude is the baby's father. They've only been on the island 2 months. It's plausible that she could have gotten pregnant before they left. There was something very creepy about the way she told him.

Henry Gale strikes me as too smart and perceptive to be a millionaire balloonist who's been stuck on the island for 3 weeks. Unless he became a millionaire by writing books on human behavior (doubtful). Also, he's incredibly calm for someone who's just had the snot beaten out of him and has been locked in a closet for 3 days.

Tim Ferguson

Henry Gale...balloon guy...Henry Gale...

I kept thinking last night, then it dawned on me - Dorothy Gale, who once had an interesting balloon ride with her dog back to Kansas, lived with her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry - presumably Henry Gale...

Chris Burgwald

Tim, you're right: Damon Lindelof (sp) and one of the other producers discussed this is an earlier Lost podcast (if you don't subscribe to this 'cast, you should... 30 minutes of interviews, discussion of new episodes, and answering fans questions & rants).

Sue T.

I think that Jin is the father, just because the episode was titled The Whole Truth. But I agree that the look on Sun's face after she told Jin made me have doubts. I also think Henry Gale is an Other.

I am anxious to see what's going to happen next week. Hopefully, Charlie, Ana Lucia, and Sayid won't get themselves into too much of a pickle...


"I have a sinking feeling that the bald Korean dude is the baby's father."

That was my thought too! She's way too "unsure" after telling her hubby "the truth".


"That was my thought too! She's way too 'unsure' after telling her hubby 'the truth'."

IMHO, I don't think she was unsure because Jin wasn't the father.

Remember, she had told her "tutor", the "bald Korean dude", just a few months earlier that she did not want to have a baby with Jin. I think she may have shown signs that she was "unsure" when telling Jin because she was still unsure about whether she wanted to have a baby with Jin.

Her reaction at the end of the show when she beamed a smile after resting her hand on her womb suggested to me that she was no longer unsure... that she was very happy.

LOST always tries to make people think certain things only to fool you later on. A few weeks back, I doubt too many of us here thought Sawyer was going to pull the power move that he did.

Sun having an affair with her tutor would have been *way* too predictable.


"I think that Jin is the father, just because the episode was titled The Whole Truth."

Sure, the episode is titled "the whole truth."
But is that a statement or a question? Jack exhorts Sun to tell the whole truth to Jin, but we aren't sure she has. The title also seems to refer to Henry Gale... is he telling them "the whole truth"? All I have to say about that is that if he's not one of the others, he's sure doing their work for them "accidentally" sowing dissention between the various members of the group.

Sandra Miesel

Jin is the father. The doctor was lying both times. His first diagonsis wasn't plausible and even if it were, IVF or GIFT would have been suggested. Sun was being manipulated by an elaborate plot back home. She's only on the Island because on last minute impulse she decided not to flee Jin as arranged by her "rescuers." If she had, she'd have wound up in her father's power maneuvered into marry ing the other man, who'd been her father's first choice for her. And Jin would have died.

Sawyer's choice of reading matter has been amusing: WATERSHIP DOWN, a Madeleine L'Engle, and now a Judy Blume. He against shows his soft spot for children.

Are we going to discover that Kate once had an abortion or miscarriage? AnaLucia lost a baby, Claire delivered one, and now Sun is pregnant.

Of course "Henry Gale" is an Other. Traveled from Oz (Australia). Is an expert psychologist who'd playing with everybody's head. But Locke gave a long, shrewd look, like our old Tribal Wiseman. Eko knows he's an Other, too. Careful interrogation by Sayid and AnaLucia without violence would have demonstrated this if anyone had thought to try.

Amusing byplay with Rose and Bernard, who have been the very model of devoted couplehood. They're supposed to have their own flashback next season.


Regarding the paternity: A bit of biology if I may --

They've been on the island for at least two months. That means that Sun would have completed two menstrual cycles if she had her menstrual period in the days immediately before the crash, and possibly three if she had it earlier. She is only now wondering that she might be pregnant. That is, she is only now realizing that she missed her period or is late. That would indicate that she had it the month before. If she had it the month before, while they were on the Island, that would exclude the English teacher as the father.


While we're on the subject of female, uh, fertility, I took notice of the doctor's diagnosis of Sun's endometriosis. It's true this condition can interfere with fertility, especially in an advanced state, but I don't see how a doctor could pronounce any woman who has it permanently infertile.

I know. I was diagnosed with it myself when I was having trouble getting pregnant. I now have three kids.

As for my own theory about the father of sun's baby, I'm going with the bald guy.

Mike Hayes

We shouldn't rule out somebody other (no pun intended) than Jin or the English teacher as being the father. Perhaps it's someone else on the island. Wasn't Sun captured by the others at one point? Who knows what happened there.

I like the Henry Gale analysis here. Hasn't considered the whole Wizard of Oz scenario. Perhaps we can go further and suggest that the whole island is a dream sequence in somebody's head who's perhaps comatose (lost?)?

Other possibilities have been suggested that are similar. (e.g. The island is purgatory or limbo).

Karen LH

My guess is that the child is not Jin's. I like the thought that Sun was manipulated by her father into having the English teacher's (what was his name?) child, maybe for eugenic reasons.

However, Sun's reactions could also be explained if (1) she was being truthful, but was afraid that Jin wouldn't believe her, and (2) she had fallen in love with the English teacher, and so was ambivalent about carrying Jin's child.

Bender, that's a good point. Although stress can have a big impact on someone's cycle. Given what's been going on, all the women's cycles would probably be pretty thoroughly messed up. And it wouldn't be the first time that a woman didn't figure out that she was pregnant until she was several months along.

Karen LH

Sun was never captured by the Others. Charlie knocked her on the head to make people think that she was, so that Sawyer could steal the guns.

Chris Burgwald

"They're supposed to have their own flashback next season."

Ah-ha! Do we have someone with an inside source? Any other juicy tidbits you can offer us, Sandra?


Although stress can have a big impact on someone's cycle. Given what's been going on, all the women's cycles would probably be pretty thoroughly messed up. And it wouldn't be the first time that a woman didn't figure out that she was pregnant until she was several months along.

Other "biological" thoughts that would suggest that Jin is not the father --
(1) I've also read that there can be some spotty bleeding that a newly-pregnant woman might mistake for her period (not having the proper equipment to know this from personal experience).
(2) Here's a question for all you moms out there -- when did you first having morning sickness/nausea? They made it appear that Sun only started having that as well. If it begins more than eight weeks after conception, it might not be Jin.
(3) Knowing Jin's desire for a certain propriety where Sun is concerned, I also think that he might be very uncomfortable with engaging in such "marital activities" there on the beach or anywhere else on the Island with others so nearby. (I know Sayid and Shannon had no such worries -- any old tent in the jungle would do)

Sandra Miesel

My Son the Media Buff gleans things from LOST websites. That's where the bit about a future Rose and Bernard episode showed up. And look how long ago they set up the existence of Bernard.

Jin and Sun had a merry night of marital reconciliation after he returned from the ill-fated raft. Remember Hurley grinning at them? I don't think anything happened between her and the other man, although they were attracted to one another. I suspect some connection between Sun's father and the mysterious Mr. Hanso behind the Dharma corportation. Surely it's no coincidence that the design for Dharma ("righteousness")resembles the Korean flag.

That Hurley has a secret stash of food has been shown twice. No doubt this will become a plot point at some time.

The Island looks like Purgatory but the show's producers have denied that this is the case. The situation is clearly unnatural, either as an illusion, an artificial reality, or a giant experiment.

The signs that popped up when they failed to punch the computer buttons spell out Death in hieroglyphs.

Tony A


Very insightful! By they way, what is the "elaborate plot back home" concerning Sun that you refer to?

Michael Hugo

We know Charlie attacked her, and she was unconscious. Are we certain that is ALL he did to her???

Sandra Miesel

Charlie put a bag over her head and dragged her away. Sun hit her head on a tree or something as she was trying to escape. If she's been raped there would have been signs. Not credible.

After Sun discovered that her father was a gangster and her husband one of his hencemen, some people materialized with an offer to safely remove her. She was taught English and directed to walk away from Jin in the airport, supposedly to be wisked away to permanent hiding. But Jin walked up with a flower for her, harkening back to an earlier romantic moment. Sun let her recusers drive away and stayed with him. But I suspect that those weren't real rescuers at all but part of the megaplot and leaving Jim would have had terrible consequences.



Don't you people WATCH LOST?

What is more likely given the show?

A) The English Teacher is the father (Perfectly reasonable explanation)


B) It's a miracle (unexplained occurance related to the Island)

Alan K. Henderson

Obviously B). This is the island that produced two polar bears, one horse, an intense magnetic field that messes with compasses, precognistic dreams, and a walking paraplegic.

Bender's timeline analysis pretty much rules out the English teacher - unless he's on the island, which I doubt.

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