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March 16, 2006



I wonder if there is a support group for those of us who dream of learning Latin from Fr. Foster some summer ...

Tom Haessler

I was a high school classmate of Fr. Reggie ("Tom" in those days) Foster. We were in the same Latin class for three years and were daily companions in the number 66 bus at the end of the school day. He got 100 in ALL Latin quizzes, tests, and exams (I got high 90's - LOL). He had the annoying habit of jocularly punching me (hard!) as a sort of macho "How ya doin' today, bud?" Spending a half hour on the bus with Tom was an unending series of gales of laughter - especially when we competed to see who'd be the first to offer his seat to a "lady"! He had a very loud and raspy voice that could be heard by everyone on the bus. Nearly everything in life for him was an occasion for more hilaritas! The only thing I ever heard him complain about was that the Latin teachers were too "easy". He longed for a toughter curriculum, finally deciding that the Carmelites might offer such. Already by the end of Freshman year he was a "legend"! If only America would produce more of these real "characters"!

Fr. Andrew G. Bloomfield

I very nearly preached about the Ides of March yesterday to the Sacred Heart Seminary Theologate, in memory not only of Caesar but of the marvelous "pilgrimage" led by Reggie in his memory. Coincidently, the two concelebrants had also been students of Fr. Foster in Rome as well.

Thanks for reminding me of those marvelous days.


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