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April 28, 2006


Ray from MN

I can't stop chuckling!


Amy, that wasn't a remark about Cherie Blair's hair-styling budget, was it? Rrrroooww!

Tim Ferguson

Cherie Blair wore white in the presence of the Pope? I thought the only women permitted the privilege du blanc currently were Their Majesties of Spain and Belgium and her Royal Highness of Luxemburg. Shocking how liberal this new pope is! Shocking, I saw!


She was dressed in white because the audicence was a surprise.

See http://politics.guardian.co.uk/print/0,,329467866-107901,00.html


The bishop of Saginaw is interesting, what's up there?

Tim Ferguson

I'm mightily curious about that too, Michael. I had dinner last night with a group of seminarians from Saginaw - fine men, all of them. There's going to be some powerful evangelization going on in Saginaw soon.


(looking at the original caption)
Hmm: A pro-abortion Catholic as a representative of "solidarity with youth"??


Speculation at link below on whether Cherie's support for Planned Parenthood was discussed....



i don't know about abortion, but it's a fact that she supports women's ordination.

Fr. Totton

But, the Reuter's Story describes her as "a devout Roman Catholic"! Whatever THAT means!

Another Steve

Fr Totton, perhaps it means devoted to her religion???

oops must be more careful, that catty remark might extend time being purged - if I'm lucky to get even that far.

Fr. Brian Stanley

Note: Cardinal Maida of Detroit is retiring soon, as he is past 75 years of age.

Precedent: Archbishop Francis George transferred from Portland, Oregon to the archdiocese of Chicago, after less than a year in Portland.

Just sayin'.

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