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April 02, 2006



But when you read the story, you learn he's always gone to Mass with his Catholic family and started having private services only after the hugely unpopular invasion of Iraq.

Donald R. McClarey

Actually Tony Blair has been seeking after God most of his adult life. His stance on Iraq, which in Britain is much more unpopular, especially within his party, than it is here, demonstrates that, contra most politicians who have ever lived, he is not a weather-vane. Likewise, being too religious, mentioning God more than once a decade, is considered political death in Britain. Tony Blair is on a very interesting pilgrimage. I wish him well.


Pity he's an ardent advocate of embryonic stem cell research and abortion "rights", and has overseen the scrapping of Section 28, the lowering of the homosexual age of consent, and the creation of "civil partnerships".


So the man is leaning towards Catholicism? Considering what's creeping up on them the Brits really ought to get over it.


The Prime Minister takes from Christianity only those parts that suit him. The trait is illustrated by an episode before the 1997 election. As an opposition MP Tony Blair was accustomed to take communion at his local Roman Catholic church of St Joan of Arc in Islington. But doing so conflicted with rules forbidding non-Catholics from taking part except in cases of ‘grave and pressing spiritual need’. The fact that the non-Catholic in this instance was a likely future prime minister caused Cardinal Basil Hume to write to Tony Blair asking him to desist. It was Blair’s reply that was so striking. He indicated that of course he would comply, but showed dissent by adding, ‘I wonder what Jesus would have made of it.’ The Prime Minister’s biographer, John Rentoul, judged that this letter ‘revealed a theological presumption greater even than Margaret Thatcher’s lecture to the Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1988’.

The Special Relationship Between Blair And God


I would love to believe that Tony Blair was headed for Rome-but I don't. I have to agree with all that britishcatholic has posted. Blair has proved to be pro-death, pro-gay marriage and keeps anti-family polices that punish married stay at home mums depite all the eveidence that says this is a bad idea.

His wife Cherie has made a career out of dissenting remarks about her faith.

While we desperately need some spiritual leadership in this country- I don't think it's going to come from that direction.
I am willing to be proved wrong of course. Even pro-death, anti-family politicians can come to God.

Ray from MN

Do you suppose that there are "priest holes" in No. 10 and Chequers, left over from the days of the "recusant Catholics?"

It's tough to be Catholic at all times. It must be impossible to be a good Catholic and a public official. We should be praying for them daily.

Donald R. McClarey

I quite agree with what britishcatholic and Michelle have posted regarding Blair and the social issues. The man's record is appalling. However, I think his search for God is sincere, and I hope he succeeds and repents of many stances he has taken.

Bill Dwyer

I also hear that Blair is considering opus dei.


...and John Kerry has just presented himself for ordination in the SSPX.

Victor Morton

Can't trust them British Catholics, I say.


‘I wonder what Jesus would have made of it.’

Not to presume to speak for our Lord, but what I would say is "if you are with me, be with me; if you are not, don't. There are no half-measures."

If he ever does choose to join us -- completely -- then I'll welcome him with open arms.


Since Blair's wife is a Catholic (albeit of the liberal pick-and-choose-your-own-dogma kind who thinks being a Catholic is compatible with supporting abortion, etc.), it's probably not surprising that the family may have a Priest say Mass in private. After all, it's not easy for any public figure - especially a head of government - to just pop in at Mass in Church. But, given Blair's far left stands on things like abortion, stem-cell research, homosexuality, etc., I find it a bit hard to believe that he would be considering becoming a Catholic. If he is, his well-known stances on issues that so completely contravene Church teaching should prompt questions from the Chruch itself about the propriety of receiving him into the Chruch at this time, unless and until he abjures he former positions on abortion, etc - something I find highly unlikely.


10 Downing Street is unlikely to have priests' holes as it was built in the eighteenth century.
Surely John Kerry would prefer the Society of St. Pius XXIII?


hmmm...can you not see? A Papist at 10 Downing? A box office hit with a character with a Guy Fawkes fixation? Much talk about the Great Bards papism lately?

We have reached the tipping point! Soon Britain will be reconciled!



No one has considered yet that the PM of England selects the Archbishop of Canterbury - the primate of the Church of England.

If Blair converts it seems like the Anglicans have painted themselves into a corner.

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