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May 08, 2006


Glenn Juday

Could someone enlighten me as to whether witch-burning was ever practiced in Catholic countries/cultures to the same extent as in Protestant? and whether the there was semi-official involvement by church structures of either?


Kevin Jones

The Catholic Encyclopedia on witchcraft reviews the sad story.


How's this for an alternative DVC conspiracy from a reader to www.heraldsun.news.com.au

From: Phil Maguire
Comment: Hi Andrew, I've been sitting on an exclusive for quite a while now but I think the time is opportune to reveal it. The truth about Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code is about to explode worldwide. The novel is merely a cover for an incredible, unbelievable plot to usher in the Second Coming. The key centres on Rosslyn in Scotland, home of Rossyn Chapel which features prominently in Dan Brown's book. What isn't mentioned in the book, however, is that Rosslyn is also the home of the institute which cloned Dolly the lamb, the world's first cloned animal. The Rosslyn Institute is, in fact, home to a sinister conspiracy and Dan Brown is in the pocket of those behind it. Does anyone who thinks really believe it was a coincidence that the first cloned animal was a lamb? Not on your life. Dolly is the key to cracking the code of Dan Brown's true to life plot.
Christians be warned. In the near future an attempt is to be made to steal the Shroud of Turin by operatives of the Priory Of Sion, of which Dan Brown is one. The shroud will be taken secretly to Rosslyn where scientists will try to extract DNA for cloning. Should they be successful the resultant baby will be handed into the care of the members of the Priory Of Sion to be revealed to the world at a time of their choosing. Thus will the Merovingian line be restored to power.

The reason Brown is so keen to discredit the Catholic Personal Prelature of Opus Dei is due to a little known prophecy by an obscure medieval saint, Theodore of Douay. Theodore prophesised this looming attempt to bring about the Second Coming by false means and wrote that it would be thwarted by "God's Work." That is the literal translation of Opus Dei. Dan Brown's novel is a cover for this heinous plot. My sources for this story are unimpeachable.

Andrew replies: Too much time on your hands, Phil.


Glenn - I don't have the exact figures, but I believe the sum total of witches burned in Catholic countries over the whole period was in double figures while those in Protestant countries was about 15,000 or so. You can Google "The Burning Times" for more precise statistics.

little gidding

Dan Brown did not make up the delusionary high figure of millions and millions of witches. It has been a part of Feminist myth at least since Matilda Joslyn Gage--colleague of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton--channeled it from her spirit guides, it seems, and put it in her book, "Woman, Church and State," back in 1893. It has had plenty of time to perk through the culture. I would assume that this is the reason why more people were found who accepted this than the more recently invented stuff that Brown put in his book.

c matt

If you had 5,000,000 burnings, and let's estimate probably two days (on the short end) worth of witch "hunting" to gather enough evidence on a particular "witch", throw in another day, maybe two, for a trial and the actual carrying out of the sentence (burning stakes don't build themselves, you know) as well as disposal and clean-up, and we are talking 20,000,000 man... er, person-days worth of work.

That does not leave much time for hatching cover-ups of Jesus' bloodline; finding, trying and burning heretics (at least another couple a million there); raping and pillaging peaceful Islamic societies that never hurt no-one; and destroying quaint indigenous human sacrificing pagan cultures.

Wheh, they were a busy bunch. Maybe they outsourced?

Sandra Miesel

Glen, the proportion of witches executed (they weren't all burnt--cf Salem)by Catholics and Protestants is unclear because population statistics by confession are unclear in the worst regions of the witch-hunt. What is clear is that the "witch-bishops" of the Rhineland had the bloodiest hands. One prince-archbishop of Cologne had 2000 people (including children) burnt as witches, abetted by the theories of Catholic theologians and university faculties on the crime of witchcraft. In the Protestant countries with the bad panics (Scotland and Sweden) the church was an arm of the statewhile in Calvinist Geneva, the church dominated the state, so take your pick. On the other hand, the Spanish Inquisition realized that witch-hunting was a fraud. Not only did it stop burning witches itself, it intervened to stop civil authorities in Catalonia from doing so.

I wrote separate articles on Wicca and witch-hunting for CRISIS while Charlotte Allen was the editor there. Check www.crisismagazine.com to find them.

It's why Brown claims 5M instead of the usual feminist/Wicca 9M that puzzles me. I haven't been able to discover his source. His wife may simply have copied a number wrong.

James Kabala

Crackpot theory I just came up with: Perhaps he has enough remnant of a conscience that he would have felt guilty about claiming witch-burning killed more than the Holocaust, so he made the number of killed witches one million less?


Why is it that people have a hard time accepting those who are different or believe different than they do? Is it really that big of a deal if Jesus had been married to Mary Magdalene? I think we need to take into consideration that Jesus was indeed a person - he bled just like we do and was human. It is really so hard to accept that he could have been married or had sex? Jesus was Jewish and at the time he lived, it was EXTREMELY HIGHLY unlikely for a Jewish man to be 30 (which was around the age that we believe he was crucified) and to not be married... I am not saying that it is a fact that he was married to Mary Magdalene, I am just simply asking you to think more open-mindedly about the issue? You should never be afraid to question things that you are taught because the things you are taught are not necessarily so.


Hi all. Just stopping by. I have to say I find the discussion over the inquisitional body count on this post rather telling. Whether it was 5000, 50000, or 5000000, the fact is that the highest leaders of the church sanctioned such behavior in the name of their god. Not only that, these same pious men also set forth other church doctrine that millions of followers of that very same church follow today.

Can you set aside the pure evil of these acts so that you can selectively pick more acceptable (by todays standards) practices to follow, handed down by these same church leaders? If indeed these wise men, over several hundred years of church rule, represented gods will, then surely the burnings and torture were divinely inspired. If they were not, then what else that they taught was also corrupted?

Just asking...

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