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May 14, 2006



Your an idiot.


I think you mean "You are," which would be contracted to you're.



What a beautiful family . . . . Deo gratias.

Jeff H.

Suspicion and skepticism run amock as characteristics of the debonair nihilism of our age. Their forefathers were, as Paul Riceour says, Freud, Marx and Nietzsche, the "masters of suspicion."

Truth is not ugly. Truth and grace, seen in this lovely photo, are the antidote to our sad era of scandal.

Von Balthasar said that there is a mutual, reciprocal intensification of a human "no" in response to God's "Yes" in history. As the effect of the Gospel grows in the world, so the "no" grows. That's the world's job, keep saying with Herod, "Go away, Incarnation!"

Gladly, the gates of hell shall not prevail!

Fr Martin Fox

(I am puzzled by the splotch of rhetorical throw-up at the top of this thread...)

Re: Gabriel and his family: What a thrill!


Hi all:
Lemme tell you that the Francophone press here in Quebec has been going gaga over Jeremy for several weeks They even had the RDI's European correspondent pop by Rome and interview him, his mom and spend a few hours with him at St Peter's
RDI also had a live broadcast of his concert singing to the pope- I saw it when I was at the gym but didn't pay too much attention ;)

The boy is really nice and despite his condition he's quite optimistic and really enjoys himself. He's a typical boy :)
One ninor question: how come the mom's not wearing a veil?



Beautiful photo! Thanks for posting it, Amy.

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