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June 20, 2006


Samuel J. Howard

That's a very beautiful church.

Fr. Totton

From what I know of Opus Dei, parish-based ministry is not so much a mainstay of their priests - that is, they do not go in search of parishes to "take over." I think Cardinal Bernardin (of all people) invited them to take St. Mary of the Angels because of a similar situation, and they agreed because they already had a significant presence in the area. I suppose the same could happen with this parish in NYC, but I think Cardinal Egan would have to do the inviting, I don't expect that "the work" is hounding the Arch NYC to grant them care of a parish.


Bad location, good luck to them, its near the whole Chelsea/Flatiron restaurant/club scene.

The OD people seem to frequent Father Rutler's parish, or St. Agnes on 43rd. 10 minute walks from OD US Command central (ODUSCC)


Don't the Vincentians run St.John's University? Certainly a presence in NYC, albeit with campuses in Staten Island and Queens, so maybe that doesn't count for the Times :)

stuart chessman

St. Vincent de Paul is probably the best known victim of the most recent 'realignment" wave of closures. The interior - from about 1910 - is clasically elegant but not distinctive. This was the church where Edith Piaf was married...

I think these efforts will be an uphill struggle because I notice the paish is not being "closed" but reduced to a mission. That probably means the property will be sold to a real estate developer who in addition to his other plans will construct a small chapel - at least for the time being. That indicates what is really at stake here is the valuable property the church occupies.

Over the last few years several churches vastly more significant than St Vincent de Paul have been sold and/or demolished (e.g. St Ann). To the best of my knowledge, no orders - traditional or otherwise have volunteered to take them over. I suspect they could not offer the Archdiocese tens of millions of dollars for such properties - in contrast to real estate interests.

Clare Krishan

I'm not a New Yorker, but the fine priests of the "Institute of the Incarnate Word" pastor the inner city Hispanic parish I volunteer in as an English-speaking catechist in Philly. Wonderful humble and orthodox, they're formation center is Upstate I think. Website lists this parish in NY, Saint Paul’s Parish (Venerable Pierre Toussaint Community)
and a blurb about taking over St. Thomas's in the Bronx:
In Philly, we have a convent of Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima serving in addition to the Diocesan IHM teaching sisters who've been on site >100 years now but the IVE has its own professed women religious who I believe travel doing parish missions who're a lively young bunch, pounding the pavements (sorry Britspeak, I mean sidewalks) for a week knocking doors in the neighborhood inviting folks to come to talks or send their kids to the summer camp for activities/musical entertainment and copious sprinkling of water from the garden hose when its too hot to do anything else!

Does NY Diocese do "twinning" like we do in ADPhila? My home parish in affluent Chester County has collections twice a year that go to St. Veronica's, our choirs exchange twice a year, and the Advent "Giving Tree" helps out too, and a share of a couple collections of non-perishable food items a year go to help them meet the needs of those with less in their communities.

stuart chessman

Yes they do the equivalent of twinning in the NY Archdiocese. The city "twin" of a parish we used to attend in NY is scheduled for elimination under the current plan.

Clare Krishan

Take a peak at watercolorist Rick Mundy's home page:
"...when he saw ... from a rooftop view in Chelsea, he was intrigued. Roof gardens, gargoyles, landmarks and endless variety of water tanks are captured with characteristic realism in his nine paintings simply entitled: Chelsea." This image is kinda what the Nuncio said to the Bishops in a nutshell - we have to be known for more than our iconic skyline...

Jimmy Mac

" That probably means the property will be sold to a real estate developer who in addition to his other plans will construct a small chapel ... "

If that happens and is as well done as the Lutheran chapel (church?) in the Citicorp building, it will be a win-win for all. I haven't been to NYC in donkey's years and can't vouch for the current usage of the chapel in mention, but at the time I saw it, it seemed to have developed an attraction to day-time pray-ers.

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