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June 28, 2006


Brian Day

I was introduced to SS Peter and Paul Church by the occasional poster, John Hearn. The Latin Mass on the third Sunday of the month is truly wonderful.

Anyone in the South Bay area of LA should go and check it out.

Hi John!

tony c

Teaching a bi-lingual community some Latin seems so obvious to me.

I remember Masses at the Basillica in Boston (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) w/ English, Spanish, and French.

If we all could handle the Ordinary and the basic prayers for a rosary in Latin...and it wasn't that long ago when Catholics could...


The pastor was moved to a new parish, and it seems the Norbetines are taking over Ss. Peter and Paul.


It's not unlike the story told of Fr Jim Callan's early days at Corpus Christi. In both cases, each man had a plan backed up by faith in God and confidence in the people he served. The parallels in both tales transcend ideology.

It will be interesting to see if the parishioners can maintain this with their new pastor.

Oh, and for Rich's benefit: sex abuse & bishops covering up

John Sheridan


One very important difference is that this guy (Fr. Peter) is not resisting his bishop's directives and starting his own schismatic church in a protestant church down the street. I think the difference is key.


This is such a great story. Yes, there are bright shining lights here in the archdiocese of Los Angeles. Fr. Peter had to move due to the archdiocesan rotation policy and from what I understand, specifically requested that he be given another rebuilding project. His new assignment, Holy Innocents in Long Beach, is in a very similar situation as Ss. Peter & Paul was 13 years ago.

What's really exciting is the approach Fr. Peter took with Ss. Peter & Paul and that he'll be taking at Holy Innocents. He starts with rebuilding the faith of the community before he builds buildings. Funny how teaching in adherence to the Magisterium attracts parishioners, even in a place like Los Angeles.

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