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June 15, 2006




You *must* see it in NY. You won't be disappointed. You can get discount tickets fairly easily both in Times Square or online. Let your fingers do the walking!


Well..it closes in early July, and ...I'm not going to NY before then!


Does anyone know if there are plans to re-air this? I caught it halfway through and would love to see the whole thing.


Never mind...PBS is showing it again on Monday the 19th at 2:30 in the morning.

Claude Muncey

I have been a major fan of Guettel for years, and he is definitely proof that talent runs in families. With the Tonys, and listening to some clips, I was sure it was good. Providentially, I saw it was on the schedule just a few minutes before it started, and told my wife that we were going to watch this . . .

It was far, far better than I expected. The tour better get closer than Costa Mesa.

Claude Muncey

And if you want a song with "spiritual echoes" try Guettel's "How Glory Goes" from Floyd Collins.


I wish I had known this was on PBS. I would love to see it. When I searched our station it didn't list any repeat performances. Anyone know how I can see this? Has anyone read the book?


For anyone living in North Carolina, the show will be broadcast this coming Sunday, Fathers Day, June 18, at 8:00 p.m. EDT.



I'm so excited people are talking about The Light in the Piazza! About Guettel... The recording of "Myths and Hymns" is quite good, in my opinion. The cd is a mix of traditional hymns and songs inspired by old Greek myths. I much prefer the latter, ironically, over the hymns. Achingly beautiful melodies... I believe the myths show the longing for transcendence, for going-beyond, that has always inspired the human heart.

I saw Light in the Piazza when it first opened in Chicago - it was alright, but still had kinks and anyways Kelli O'hara was playing the third female lead - not the lead where she should have been. In NYC, the show had been reworked and was AMAZING.

If you want another reason to support Light in the Piazza, during high school I worked backstage at a summer theater in Kansas about nine years ago, where Ms. O'hara was working at the time. For one show, I was assigned to take care of Kelli's hair. I remember chatting with her while I put rollers in her hair, and how sweet and good-natured she was - definitely not always the case for the lead actress to treat backstage help with courtesy!

Jacqueline Y.

Did anybody see the 1962 movie version with Yvette Mimieux as Clara, Olivia de Havilland as her mother, George Hamilton as Fabrizio & Rossano Brazzi as his father? I saw it in the late 60's on "The Late Late Movie", or some such. One line sticks in my mind: "Fortunatissimo, Fabrizio!" Young, naive & romantic as I was, I was still a bit sceptical about the plot.


I saw the 1962 version years ago and thought it was well done. The characters, especially Clara, were believable, as was the gradual realization that she was not as she seemed. Unfortunately, I can't remember the ending.
I thought it was a faithful adaptation of the book, which I later read.


hi. does anyone know of any further rebroadcasts? or did anyone record it?


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