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August 15, 2006



And what do these "Street Preachers" offer as their Pure Apostolic Christianity? Christ as Party Line, Comrades.

A Party Line of Young Earth Creationism, Darbyite Secret Rapture, and Hellfire and Damnation (excuse me, being Left Behind).

John Jansen

Good catch, Dave!


One hair to split, however:

I apologize if I sound like a pedant, but the Chaldeans -- along with all of our Eastern Rite brethren -- don't technically have "Mass"; they have Divine Liturgy.


I was in Carey on both occations as is my custom for the last 62 yrs. I was born in March and in August my parents took me to the shrine at six months old.
My Grandmother brought busses to the shrine for almost 50 yrs. For which after so many faithful years of dedication, I took over for while till most of the pilgrims either went to their eternal reward or were too old and feeble to continue the tradition.
I have NEVER seen such a display of chaos in my entire life. One of the detractors wrote and said "They never had a chance to say anything..." another display of falsehood. Why the whole place was drowned out with shouting and carying on such as would scandalize even an athiest. The priest was talking over the mic making annoucments etc. trying to override the loud bolsterous fanatacs. Insulting and deriding all the HOLY, CATHOLIC Church stood for. Is there any wonder the zeolots took mistaken zeal into their own hands as their Holy Faith was being attached and desicrated on holy grounds. There is a passage from holy Scripture where Paul said he builds on no other Christian foundation which has already been founded. Why is it so many ungrateful so-called Christians? Forget where they got the very instrument they use (The Scriptures) to attack it's protectors and custodians (The Catholic Church) they love the Word of God but not it's source. I asked them if they loved the Bible, then they should remember who gave it to them or from where they got it.
This is NOT Christianity, but a false zeal to attract an a scene and make a scandle to all who in the name of God call for Peace and Self Controlf and all that should be called sacred. Being ingnorent they cause the weak to turn from Christianity and get turned off because they cant discern the seasons. The Apostle Paul when in Athens, instead of shouting "You heatens turn from your sins and believe the Gospel" he instead used the proper timing to introduce in a 'Christian' manner the introduction of the 'Good News' in a orderly fashion.

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