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September 19, 2006


Christopher Fotos

Just above the Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex note (I can't tell who is saying this), Manuel is paraphrased misleadingly: Some think that Benedict was not as judicious as he might have been in quoting a medieval emperor of the East who, faced by Islamic conquest that succeeded in turning Christian Constantinople into Islamic Istanbul, declared that Islam has produced only inhumanity and evil.

This is gaining traction, unfortunately. What he actually said (as most here know):

Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached".

Jack Bennett

I'm sure B16 deplores the death of Sr.Leonella and the burning of churches, etc. but having read some of the writings of then-Card. Ratzinger (especially about recovering European/Western identity) and having witnesses the response of thinking people (which excludes the NY "Appeasers R Us" Times) - the more I'm sure that he knew exactly what he was doing when he put those quotes of Manuel II in his speech and it wasn't a "blunder" as some people are putting it.

Clare Krishan

The medical-student-worshipper at Westminster Cathedral
who took the photo Fr. Araujo refers to

     "I ponder a recent news photograph that was taken in London at a demonstration against the Pope: this picture shows a woman was holding a sign that reads Islam Will Conquer Rome."

was not a journalist... this citizen blogger informed us better than those who earn a living claiming to do the same:
      "These 2 above are taken from the tower at Westminster Cathedral where I prayed the rosary for them before taking some photos from that height."
How do you "dialog" with Jesus is the slave of Allah?


Martin Peretz, like many in the Western press, takes the position that the past bad behavoir of Catholics disqualifies the Pope from discussing the relationship between faith and reason:

"Actually, I am not sure that the Holy Father is the ideal person to grade other religions with regard to their violent habits."

This in some ways is not different in nature than the Muslim reaction in that it is an a priori rejection of even engaging in the discussion of the issue the Pope intended to raise.


One thing worth pointing out in response to Fr. Fessio:

All Christians--at least orthodox ones--admit that they believe there is multiplicity in God and that Jesus is Divine.

But many Muslims do not admit that they believe in spreading the faith by the sword or through compulsion.

Even if we do not accept their self-characterization as valid, we have to admit that there is a difference between making an evaluation on the basis of a characteristic that both sides admit to be true and doing so on a disputed point.

No Christian is insulted if you call him a Trinitarian or a worshipper of Jesus. Many Muslims regard it as slander if you accuse their religion as being essentially violent and compulsive...


Many Muslims regard it as slander if you accuse their religion as being essentially violent and compulsive...

Well, no kidding. Maybe because Islam is a violent and compulsive religion, you think?

Catholicism is by no means spotless, but can in nowise compare to the enormity of evil wrought in the name of Islam.

I tend to agree with an undergraduate professor I had in the 70's (a Jesuit!) who characterized Islam as a false religion emenating from the bowels of hell, infused with death, violence and oppression.

Chris Sullivan

I don't always agree with Fr. Neuhaus, but he's exactly right that the Holy Father has not actually apologized. He needs to.

How do you "dialog" with "Jesus is the slave of Allah"?

You find something in common with the Muslim brother or sister and build on that. I'd suggest :-

I am the handmaid (slave) of the Lord

as a good starting point. The idea of a slave of God can also be found in Catholicism. Mary is an essential companion in the dialogue with Muslims.

God Bless

Ed the Roman

Yes, but if through Jesus we are adopted sons and not slaves, how is that the begotten SOn is a slave?

The Muslims are not saying "both/and" here, a la Tom at Disputations. They are very much "either/or" on this.

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