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September 27, 2006


Clare Krishan

The Jesuit emblem Cordis Humiliatio from Benedict van Haeften's 1629 book of Latin epigrams "Schola cordis" based on bible verses accompanied by spiritual direction in verse is a charming example of the re-hellenization of education in the early 17th C.

While seemingly counterintuitive that a Catholic form of piety would be popular in England, in 1647 Christopher Harvey published an English adaption of van Haeften's work as The School of the Heart or "The heart of it self gone away from God, brought back again to him, and instructed by him, in 47 emblems" heralding in the demise of the Divine Right of Kings and became popular in German also.

N.B. English version online at Penn State Library Rare Books and Special Collections dedicated to opening to a wider audience books which
       "... seem to be an unfamiliar textual form. An emblem book represents a particular kind of reading. Unlike today, the eye is not intended to move rapidly from page to page. The emblem arrests the sense, leads into the text, both image and word, to the richness of its associations. An emblem is something like a riddle, a "hieroglyph" in the Renaissance vocabulary -- what many readers considered to be a form of natural language."
re-hellenizing in other words! How great would it be if some Catholic (heck - Jesuit) University would do the same for a copy of van Haeften's spanish version of "Camino real de la Cruz" [Regia via Crucis] -- a work said to have inspired Rubens Road to Calvary altarpiece commissioned for Benedictus's Allfligem monastery, composed in zig-zag fashion with Veronica midway like the Subirachs sculpture at Sagrada Familia -- for us to delight in?


Jesuits, at least once upon a time, seemed to believe that boys will be boys, and that that is a good thing.


nicole schiavolin

seems like a good reason for single-sex education...for the sake of the girls!


These people are stoopider than us because (1) we have computers and (2) they lived in old-timey days. They are also racists for having single-sex education. (If you don't understand what that has to do with race, you're a racist, too.)

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