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September 20, 2006


Tim Ferguson

"We piped Benedict XVI a tune and he would not dance, we sang John Paul II a dirge and he would not wail."

Patrick O'Mallon

To the last paragraph of this article I have a short comment which is "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING !!!!"


"I knew John Paul II, and you sir are no John Paul II."


Yeah, anyone who goes to Thomas Reese for a comment on Pope Benedict already knows what they'll get. I mean, Reese was fired from America (so one version goes) at the behest of Cardinal Ratzinger. And Reese simply can't understand that because Thomas Reese is the smartest person Thomas Reese knows.


Ok, that first one cracked me up, Amy.


To quote my dearly departed father, "Opinions are like ass..... and everyone's got one."

Grant Gallicho

Gratuitous swipe at America magazine does not a flawless dissection make.

Carl E. Olson

It wasn't a gratuitous swipe. Just a simple, old-fashioned, "give me a break!" swipe.

Thanks, Amy, for linking.


Then edit out all of the gratuitous swipes at...lots of people...that fill the posts of the Commonweal Blog, Mr. Gallicho. They make what began as an interesting experiment an unreadable equivalent of the Daily Kos - except for Peter Nixon and one or two others.

amy welborn

Topic! Topic!

Before we get derailed. Go talk about dotCommonweal at...dotCommonweal!)


"Whether this is due to excessive stupidity or humility is not clear."

Love this ethnic swipe at Germans, since I am one.

Herzlichen Dank !!

Carl Olson

Love this ethnic swipe at Germans, since I am one.

Really wasn't an "ethnic swipe," but simple sarcasm — aimed at critics of Benedict. Besides, I'm half German myself. (And a quarter Irish and a quarter Swede, just in case it matters. Which is doesn't.)


Christine - go read the Sun article. It's B16's critics who suggest that his cluelessness is somehow related to being a "German academic." Write to Fr. Reese!


Sorry, Carl, I took that out of context. I thought that was the position of the Baltimore Sun. That'll teach me to read the entire scope of an article. Mea culpa !!


I also find it interesting that Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, who cannot unequivocally disavow violence in the name of Islam, is criticizing the Pope.

The link among all of these "experts" is their belief that one must assuage Islam rather than speaking out forcefully (or in measured tones as the Pope did) against its inherent, scripturally-based ethic of violence in the name of God. The multiculturalist ideal that "we must understand" is an attitude all of them share, in addition to the fact that the Pope must realize that he is Pope and therefore should just nod and smile at people, without making any critical remarks about their worldviews. Well if they think Benedict XVI was critical is Islam, and he was, they should go back and read some of the things he has said about some Roman Catholics.

Carl Olson

Christine: My Swedish side has joined with my Irish side and has decided to forgive you. My German side is still muttering and whining. ;-)


"My German side is still muttering and whining."

Well -- that's certainly no surprise to ME !!

:) :)


Peggy, I wasn't sure why there were quotation marks around your comment. Can you please elaborate?


Rose, I think Peggy is making a play on that somewhat famous quote by Lloyd Bentsen (sp?) during a vice-presidential debate who said, "I knew John F. Kennedy, and you, sir, are no John F. Kennedy."


Thanks Nerina, You got my intent. Okay, now, Rose?


There are some legitimate questions about Benedict's actions as pope.



Sorry, not buying it. Remember the pope is Catholic.

Matt Collins

Sometimes it's a heavy burden living in Baltimore....

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